Grace & Connie Beauchamp


1. 'Sorry.. Grace who?'

A young girl came walking into the ED, she was tall, thin and looked very smart in her uniform, she attended a private school nearby. She had long brown hair with big brown eyes.

‘Excuse me, could you tell me where I can find Mrs Beauchamp please’ A young girl said to Dr Knight

Cal laughed a little ‘and you are?’

‘I’m Grace’ she said nodding her head

‘And will she know who you are, Grace?’ Cal said while putting paper work in a folder

‘Well she should do… I am her daughter’ Grace said

‘Sorry, your telling me, that your Mrs Beauchamp’s daughter?’ Cal said in a shocked voice

‘Yes, and?’ Grace replied

‘Wow, I didn’t know Connie had a daughter’

‘So I’m guessing your Cal, my mum likes to be called Mrs Beauchamp from senior doctors, anyway where is my mum?’

Cal laughed a little knowing that he should be calling Connie Mrs Beauchamp ‘If you just wait here, I’ll go and get her’

Cal wondered of to Connie’s office and knocked before entering

‘Mrs Beauchamp, you have a visitor’

‘And who might that be’

‘Grace, Mrs Beauchamp, your daughter’

‘Yes thank you Dr Knight I know who Grace is’ Connie said while standing up feeling slightly embarrassed as no one knew about Grace, she wondered of to the desk of the ED to find Grace standing there

‘Grace, what are you doing here, it 1pm, why aren’t you at school?’

‘I’m so sorry mum, I’ve been excluded’

‘Again? Grace! What’s wrong with you, why can’t you be a normal child?’

Tess came walking up to Connie

‘Connie can I borrow you please, we’ve got a young woman in cubicles, I think her partner might be abusing her

‘Here, go and wait in my office Grace, I’ll be with you as soon as I can’

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