Grace & Connie Beauchamp


3. 'I'm not Connie's biggest fan, but no one deserves to loose a child'

It was around 4pm and Connie was still sat in her office doing paper work, Robyn barged into Connie’s office

‘Robyn? Ever heard of knocking?’ Connie said in a powerful voice to Robyn

‘Sorry, but your needed in resus, urgently Mrs Beauchamp’

Connie stood up quickly and grabbed her stethoscope

‘Okay, what have we got?’ Connie said in a professional sounding voice walking over to resus with Robyn

‘A 14 year old girl, by the looks of it she’s drank some bleach, quite a lot, she’s conscious but not really with it, says her names Grace’

Connie’s face dropped completely as she ran into resus

‘Grace?!’ Connie said running over to a young girl lying on a bed in resus, she looked in the young girls eyes in hope that it wasn’t her 14 year old daughter, all so named Grace, but Connie’s worst nightmare’s was just beginning.

‘Grace, darling’ can you hear me?’

‘M… Mum?’ Grace said in the weakest voice

‘Shh, come on don’t waste your energy’ Connie said to her seriously ill daughter

‘Wait, this is your daughter, Connie?’ Charlie said quickly

‘Yes’ said Connie to Charlie

‘Right, Rita get Zoe in here now, you cant treat Grace, Connie’

‘Yes, yes I can’ Said Connie is a stressed voice, her eyes all teary

‘No Connie, your to close’

‘Fine, fine but I’m staying with her’

Zoe walked into resus and straight over to Grace

‘Hello Grace, I’m Dr Hanna can you tell me what hurts?’

‘Oh for gods sake Zoe, her stomach of course!’ Said Connie wanting Zoe to just do something to help her daughter

‘Connie, I need to hear it from Grace’ Said Zoe sharply ‘Look I know this is hard and I know shes your daughter but let her do the talking, now Grace, tell me where it hurts please’

‘My stomach, and my head’

‘Right, do you know what it was that you drank Grace?’

‘B.. Bleach’ Said Grace in the faintest voice

‘Okay and how much?’ Zoe said while putting a canula in Grace’s hand

‘Half a bottle I think’ Said Grace

‘Right okay, were just putting a canula in your arm and then were going to hook you up to a drip, alright. Connie is Grace on any medication?’ Zoe said

‘Stemetil, its tablets for her dizziness, she has very low blood pressure’ Said Connie, trying her hardest not to cry in front of her colleges

‘What dosage Connie & how often does she take them?’ Zoe said writing notes down on a piece of paper

‘10mg & 3 times a day, look Zoe I know these questions need to be asked but please, just help Grace’ Said an overmeled Connie

‘We will’ Zoe said sympathetically to Connie

‘Okay Grace, because of how much you drank and because you have a headache, we are going to send you for a CT scan, just to make sure you haven’t done any damage to your brain, okay. Robyn, find Max and ask him to take Grace to CT and tell them I want the results immediately’

Max arrived in resus and walked over to Grace who was half awake and very sedated

‘Hi Grace I’m Max, I’m going to take you over to CT, okay?’ Max wheeled the bed Grace was on and pushed it out the door, Connie held her daughters hand the whole way to CT and back. As soon as Grace arrived back in resus the CT results were already there.

‘Good news Grace, there’s no sign of damage to the brain which were pleased about but we just need to sort your stomach…’

Before Zoe could finish her sentence Grace went unconscious, the monitors around her went beeping of and Connie stood up

‘Grace?! Grace?!’ Connie cried out

‘Connie, get out, we need space, I’ll come and find you as soon as I can’ Shouted Zoe

Connie ran out of resus and straight to her office, where she locked herself in and fell to the floor in tears. Meanwhile in resus Grace’s condition was getting a lot worst and very fast, Zoe was doing all she could to keep the young girl in a stable condition.

‘Grace don’t give up on me now, be big and tuff just liked your mum’ said Zoe

‘for someone who doesn’t like Mrs Beauchamp, you’re working very hard to keep her daughter with her, more than any other patient’ Said Lofty

‘Yes okay, I’m not Connie’s biggest fan but no one, I mean no one, deserves to loose there child, especially not Connie, Grace is all she’s got’

The monitors stopped to beep and Grace was stable, unconscious but stable and Zoe was happy with that.

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