Blood and Water

So, this is the story i mumbled about - my first ever voluntary fiction. Marginally inspired by Rig Veda. It has a little kinks to work out, since it was originally written in first-person and now i'm making it third-person, so there'll be more up-coming soon. Hopefully. Enjoy what's given thus far though.


1. -

I'm sorry.


I'm sorry, my dear sister.
If you were not in so sound a slumber, I'd ask you to pinch me: to wake me from this nightmare, to stay my hands from what I am about to do -
That I must leave you, part with you, abandon you - still a mere child in my arms.
But our family runs after us - their souls empty vessels that can only be filled with your blood - and I cannot protect both of us from their wrath.


And so I must do what I have come to do.


I shall leave you amongst the humans - for you may pass as one of them, the wingless creature that you are.
But fear not, for we shall meet again, and the man I entrust you with is a just and kind man.


Never have my arms felt so heavy, but after leaving you - the burden upon my soul will only increase...

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