My changing life

It's about a girl that is going through some changes in her life and how she dealt with the changes.


3. The Funeral that happened

Dear Anna,

Today is the funeral of my brother and I don't feel like going. I know that I have to go because he's my brother but things are not going to be the same without him. Jesse and I were so close that we bonded with each other. He was my best brother and favorite. He understood me better than anybody even better than my other two brothers. My other two brothers can care less about me. I feel so lost without my brother around. especially now that my parents are dazed and doing nothing. I can't blame them but still when I need them the most they seem like they are in a different world. I wish I could at least talk to them but when I try to talk to them they yell at me and tell me to get away. Things are not the same as they were. Why can't the killers kill somebody else or don't kill anyone? Why can we have a world without pain and suffering. Why can we have a world without killers. Jesse was the one that encouraged me to go to Julliard but now I don't know if I should go when he's gone. During the funeral I was crying a lot and holding Josephs hand. After the funeral we went through my brothers will. Later Jesses attorney told me to stay behind for a bit. When everyone else left the attorney gave me a letter that Jesse wrote to me. Then he read the other part of the will that was meant for me. After he read the will I was shocked because Jesse left me all of his savings and the money that he got from the car accident that he was in. Which brought up to 2 million dollars. The attorney told me that the letter will tell me why he's giving me the money. When I got home I read the letter and cried. The letter said that the reason why Jesse gave me the money was that he wanted to pay for my education and for my first house I would own. I realized that Jesse will always be with me even if he wasn't alive. I decided to do as he wished and let him pay for my education. Then after I'm done with my education I will buy a house of my own. Well, I'm going to bed now. Goodnight.




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