My changing life

It's about a girl that is going through some changes in her life and how she dealt with the changes.


2. The death of my brother

Dear Anne,

Today was not so great. I got a phone call from the police and they told me that my brother Jesse was killed in an alley way and that they are continuing the investigation on who did this. I cried a lot after I got off the phone and when I calmed down I called my other brothers and let them know of what happened to Jesse. I also let them that the investigation is ongoing and that they'll never stop looking until they find the killer. They were shocked that Jesse was dead but pleased that the police is looking for the killer. After I went back to bed and slept for a few hours. When I woke up I left to go to see my two older brothers. We all hung out with each other at Matthews house and talked about what we should do about Jesses body. We decided to call the police and see when we can take the body from them and bury him. The police told us that we can take him tomorrow because they need to find some clues about who killed him. When I got off the phone we started making plans for the funeral. As we were planning the funeral we heard a knock at the door. I opened the door and saw Laura and the two kids. They asked if they could help with the planning of the funeral. We all agreed and they helped. I hope things gets better from here. Talk to you later.



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