My changing life

It's about a girl that is going through some changes in her life and how she dealt with the changes.


1. The audition and family!

Dear Anne,

Today is the day. I can feel it because I'm auditioning to go to Julliard. I always wanted to go to Julliard to become a singer. I always wanted to be a singer ever since I was a little girl. I have three older brothers Jesse, Matthew and Joseph. Jesse is the oldest out of the three then it's Mathew and the youngest is Joseph. Jesse is married to a nice girl named Laura and they have two children a girl and a boy. Their names are Katie and peter and they are in second grade. They are also fertile twins. They have black hair like my brother, blue eyes like their mothers and the same mouth as my brother which is big. Jesse works as a bar tender at a club called steps. Matthew is working at a law firm as a lawyer and Joseph is a teacher. He teaches 12th grade English. He's dating his high school sweetheart and her name is Gerdie. I'm not dating anyone yet. All of my school career I just focused on my grades so I can get into Julliard. Maybe I'll meet prince charming at Julliard. After the audition I went to the club steps and celebrated of how the audition went. Jesse was the bartender today and he gives me my favorite drink which is a Shirley temple. He also gave me extra cherries for my drink. When I was done I went home and had dinner which was meatloaf. Then I watched a movie called far and away. I got ready for bed and tjhen I started writing to you. Well, good night, Anne.




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