Ravens and cats don't go together

What if I told you that both Sherlock Holmes the worlds greatest detective and his number one enemy Jim Moriarty are taking care of adopted children? the idea is absurd I know but it's actually the truth.
These two girls are as different as possible- One is raised to murder and the other to prevent just that.
So when Moriarty's daughter is send to spy on Sherlock a real friendship between the girls seems impossible.
But does that word even hold meaning to these people?


6. Chapter 4 (Raven)

I starred at them.

What in the world is happening? I thought slightly panicking. It seemed so...SO...wrong!

My stomach was a huge mess. I could feel the familiar urge to laugh, but too I felt like I was going to throw up. It was a very unpleasant feeling, and I wanted to push it away so badly. It scared me, that I did care. I never cared, I pretended to care, but it wasn't the same thing. I felt angry for some reason. I wanted to kick Cat out of there, so she'd leave Jared alone. I felt weird, him being beneath her...

No! Stop that! I dont want to think about it!

Every thought passing through my head made me more and more confused, and nothing made sense at all.  Thoughts that scared me... I felt so confused and useless, because I for once in my life could not find an explanation....

They are not supposed to role around the floor! At all!

I stood there frozen for several seconds, before Cat got up from Jared. Slowly Jared rose from the floor, blushing like a mad person. The pink lipstick mark was making me sick, but I quickly locked my feelings in. I didn't get them, and I hadn't got time to think them through.

"You done?" I said instead, putting up my least interested look and raising and eyebrow. Cat smiled wickedly but didn't reply. Jared looked about as confused as I felt, which was a lot. 

"Umh...yeah.." he mumled, running a hand through his hair. 

"Good. I you want more tea?" Cat shook her head. 

"No thank you. I better be going home, like I should really be reading some more Shakespeare..." That was a lie. But what she was up to I couldn't decide. I liked her but...there was something very very odd. I needed to research on her as much as possible...

"Oh yeah...that. I should do that too..." Jared looked from one to the other, like we were having some sort of secret conversation and was speaking elven or something else he did not get. I bet we could have actually done that. She was very smart. 

"Are you guys okay? I mean...homework. Rave, seriously? You never do homework!" I ignored him, but continued to lock eyes with Cat. A smile spred on her face and she broke the connection by looking at him. 

"We are perfectly fine, just very interested in the arts."

"Yes. Very interested," I replied my voice almost empty from feelings.

Jared starred. 

"Close your mouth Jared, you look like you just saw a dead cow play monopoli with a water fontane in pyjamases eating cheeseburgers," I told him. Cat burst out in laughter and fell down from the chair, she had just sit down in. She laughed and laughed, though I could not see the funny. I had just stated a fact. After a while she stopped and sat up. 

"I really should be going." She rose and ran to give me a hug. "It had been SO nice meeting you, I hope we can do it again some time! Maybe tommorow??!" She gave Jared another hug and he looked scared to death, which made me feel a bit better. Seeing him scared was quite funny, I had to admit. 

"Sure," I said. "Why not?" 

"Yay!" she exclaimed, attacked me with another hug, before leaving the living room. I could hear her catching Mrs Hudson and Sherlock im the hall and facepalmed myself mentally. 

"That was...weird," Jared said starring at the open door. 

"Yes." He was silent for a bit.

"No offense Rave, but your new friend is crazy. Like seriously, she need help." It took him exactly twentysix seconds to figure out what he had just said. "Oh...well, I guess you're a good match then. Are you really gonna do the homework?" 

"No," I said. "I need to think some things through. Do some research. If you want you could help me..." I didn't know why I said the last part. I mostly worked alone, because people frightened me. The were too normal. But Jared was different. 

He smiled a sweet half croaked smile at me. 

"I'd love to Rave, but I don't really have time to get murdered when I screw up and you kill me." He walked over and gave me a hug without any reason. 

"See you tommorow, and sleep! You turn into a bitch when you are lacking sleep!" 

"Oi, what about you??" 

"I'm just freaking fabulous." And then he turned around and left, waving as the closed the door behind him. 

I found my laptop, and began to search. It took me around two second to figure that there was no information about Cat anywhere to be found. I even stole acces to the people register, only my uncle could reach. The answer was clear. 

There is no result on "Cat Howell" 

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