Ravens and cats don't go together

What if I told you that both Sherlock Holmes the worlds greatest detective and his number one enemy Jim Moriarty are taking care of adopted children? the idea is absurd I know but it's actually the truth.
These two girls are as different as possible- One is raised to murder and the other to prevent just that.
So when Moriarty's daughter is send to spy on Sherlock a real friendship between the girls seems impossible.
But does that word even hold meaning to these people?


5. Chapter 3 (Cat)

"Oh gods no not an other Kitty Riley," Sherlock said as I hugged him. A bored expression was on his face, not unlike the one his daughter had worn pretty much the entire day.

"Not exactly no," I said smiling slightly. "I'm Cat by the way," I said breaking the hug and shaking his hand instead, while he plainly analyzed me. He wouldn't find anything as far as I knew. What he was looking for was so plain to see that a man as clever as he was, would not even think to look for it.

He opened his mouth to say something (most likely to ask me some complicated questions about my past and family) but was interrupted by Mrs Hudson walking in smiling carrying a tray of tea and what looked to be homemade  biscuit.

Jared happily clapped his hands before rushing to sit down by the table, where Mrs Hudson placed the tray. 

Raven soon followed him looking at me with a sort of weird look in her eyes before turning away.

I myself gave Sherlock one last lingering look before smiling widely and going to join my...new friends.

"I hope you like vanilla tea dear, I made it because it''s Jared favourite," the landlady said as she poured me a cup of the steaming fluid.

"What a coincidence it's my favourite too," I said looking Jared dead in the eye letting my lips curl into a smirk.

"These biscuits are really delicious gran," Raven said breaking the awkward tension.

"Thank you dear," Mrs Hudson said happily before vanishing dragging along a very annoyed Sherlock while saying something along the lines of "The young people need to be alone Sherlock."

"So Cat what does your family do for a living?" Jared said sounding a bit nervous...he must have been very clear on the fact that he wanted to break the silence.

He runs a criminal empire I thought chuckling to myself. 

"Oh my dad helps people with their problems and stuff a bit like a psychologist," I said...it could not have been less true but he seemed to buy the innocent way I said it. Poor little goodhearted Jared Watson. I did not know what ever Raven brought it or not though. Her face revealed nothing at the moment.

"That's really cool my dad is a doctor," Jared said, now seeming a bit less intimidated by me....a mistake darling a dire one.

I tilted my head looking at him with the innocence of baby seal.

"Then maybe you could play doctor with me...be careful I think I might need very special medicine to be alright again," I said voice nearly just a whisper, lips once again curling into a smirk but this time a much more seductive one.

Jared did apparently not fail to notice what I meant with that sentence and had now gone white as a bloodless corpse.

Raven coughed violently spitting out the tea she had taken a sip of earlier. Poor girl...I giggled.

"What's wrong doctoooor?  Am I too much for you to handle?" I asked pushing my chair backwards and standing up before walking over to Jared's chair with as much grace as the animal I was named after, then without saying a word I sat down onto his lap.

Immediately he pulled away with a violent jerk of his entire body which of course made the chair fall over.

Raven let out a gasp and Jared put his arms around me by instinct to save me from the pain of falling as we both landed on the floor. 

Well he landed on the floor I was on top of him so....

For a moment we just lay there faces so close that I could feel his warm breath. Then he seemed to realize how this must have looked and his cheeks got blood red.

"What's wrong darling....would you rather be on top of me? because that could be arranged but you see Raven is here to so unless you want both of us?" I snicked watching him blush even brighter with every word I spoke.

"I no...I...what?" he exclaimed horrified

"It's okay dear but don't you think it's a bit early for that? Also our eyes match," I said kissing his cheek softly leaving a bright pink mark from my lipstick before getting up and dusting myself off.         



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