Ravens and cats don't go together

What if I told you that both Sherlock Holmes the worlds greatest detective and his number one enemy Jim Moriarty are taking care of adopted children? the idea is absurd I know but it's actually the truth.
These two girls are as different as possible- One is raised to murder and the other to prevent just that.
So when Moriarty's daughter is send to spy on Sherlock a real friendship between the girls seems impossible.
But does that word even hold meaning to these people?


4. Chapter 2 (Raven)

Cat was staring to worry me. Mostly because all the things I saw, all the clues I picked up about her, they didn't seem to fit together. At all. I had a pretty good feeling, that she was lying about most anything.

But I couldn't make out what se didn't tell me just yet, and she seemed fun, and besides she seemed just as much as a sociopath as me. I only had one friend, Jared. I lived on my own and never understood people, didn't care shit about rules, and did not care about what people exspected of me. They only one who understood me was Jared. I could use a friend more and she seemed alike, at least on a bit more than everyone else.

So I had agreeded to let her come with me home, however insane that was. But I never said I was sane, did I? I think not.

When we reached Baker Street 221, I knocked on the door, not even bothering to find my key. Mrs. Hudson would be home, and if I was lucky, she might even make us hot chocolate! She opened the door exactly twentyeight seconds after I knocked, three seconds faster than yesterday, and smiled as she saw me. Then her expression changed to confusion. She was used to Jared being around, goodness he'd been here every day for the last sixteen years or so, but me bringing two, yes I said that, two, friends home, that was as likely as the earth suddenly deciding to stop spinning and just...Well it's not exactly called stand still, when you are floating in the space, is it??

"Raven! How good to see you!" Mrs. Hudson gave me a hug before dragging me inside. "And Jared! You look like you've grown, though I saw you yesterday, boys...But it's good you're getting taller, we shouldn't have you look like a hobbit just like your father, should we? You're taller than Raven now!" Jared looked down and mumbled an answer. I looked curious at him. Was he blushing? Why?

Finally Mrs. Hudson turned towards Cat.

"Hello dear, are you a friend of Ravens?" I smiled at her.

"Yes, this is Cat...umh Howell. Cat this is Mrs. Hudson, my father and I's very dear landlady, and my dear gran." Mrs. Hudson smiled back at me, she loved it when I called her gran.

"Pleasure to met you Cat," she said, but I had grabbed Cat's arm, so she couldn't attack her, as she attacked Jared.

"You too, Mrs. Hudson," Cat said sliding her hand into mine. I froze, and shook it of her. I didn't bother to call out and tell my dad I was home. He had already heard us, I was sure of that.

"Do you want anything, dear?" asked Mrs. Hudson. Jared got a heavenly expression on his face. He loved Mrs. Hudson's cooking.

"Oh, that would be so nice! Thank you!" I walked past her and upstairs. Cat and Jared followed. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the way Cat looked very carefully at everything. Almost as if she was making a mental map of the place.
"Raven!" my dad yelled as soon as I stepped foot in the livingroom. "I'm booored, wanna find a murder to solve?" He was laying upside down in couch in his pyjamas and he was holding a gun.

"Dad! I brought guest home! Honestly!" I walked over and took the gun of his hands. That made him wake a bit up, and he fell down on the floor to look up at me, angrily.

"Why would you do that?" he asked. I smiled and turned the gun towards the smiley face on the wall and pulled the tricker. The bullet hit the exact spot of the right eye.

"That's why. I wanted to pull it. But seriously?" I looked at him. He hadn't had a crime to solve for a day now. He was going even more mad than he used to be. I myself was kinda addicted to crimesolving. But he still ruined my atempt to seem normal. I turned around to look at Cat and Jared, figuring that this little act might be...weird.

Jared shook his head and smiled. He was used to this. Cat on the other hand. A giant smile cracked her face in two. See that was a surprice. And it gave me quite a big of a piece in the puzzle I was making, trying to figure out who she was. Few people would be so calm. Not even Mrs. Hudson.

"Sherlock!" she yelled.

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