Ravens and cats don't go together

What if I told you that both Sherlock Holmes the worlds greatest detective and his number one enemy Jim Moriarty are taking care of adopted children? the idea is absurd I know but it's actually the truth.
These two girls are as different as possible- One is raised to murder and the other to prevent just that.
So when Moriarty's daughter is send to spy on Sherlock a real friendship between the girls seems impossible.
But does that word even hold meaning to these people?


3. Chapter 1 (Cat)

I smiled lazily as I raised my hand...as one of the only ones in class. 

"Yes miss Howell?" the teacher said seaming excitement by the fact, that one of her students actually knew something. Don't make a habit out of expecting me to answer everything...if your lessons don't get more interesting...I just might lose interest as well I thought dully.

"It's from the play "Measure for Measure. It is believed written between 1603 and 1604. It is classified as a comedy," I stated calmly before leaning back in my chair almost making it fall the ground.

The teacher nodded before turning to the blackboard to write the facts I had just given her down.

Meanwhile I looked at the Holmes girl, who seemed close to falling asleep. For one who was the daughter of the world's greatest detective she seemed to have very very little confidence. Which was weird because she was both pretty and clearly intelligent...she didn't think so though...but I had realized that she was analyzing me, when she took my hand. She probably knew about as much of me as I knew of her.

The rest of the class I just sat looking at my classmates and occasionally trowing in a reply to the teacher's questions. Not really because any of it interested me, but to somehow fit in and seem a bit normal. Then there was lunch where I got her to tell me, that her name was Raven

After that lesson we had maths...and a test....which both Raven and I solved in what....five minutes and then we got to leave early...And when I say early I mean 1 pm early.

I skipped down the hallways following her while smiling. 

"Aren't you going to go home?" Raven asked me suspiciously.

"Well I was wondering if I could go with you? I'm home schooled so not very used to others and my dad wanted me to make friends," I said sending her my most reassuring and kind smile.

Raven stayed silent for a minute lost in thought.

"Alright then," she said with a disinterested shrug of her shoulder.

"Yay thanks Raven...we're going to be so great friends I can feel it!" I exclaimed giving her a hug she seemed to be rather uncomfortable with.

But it was better that she saw the happy weird girl that Cat Howell was, than if she saw the completely mad murderess that was Cat Moriarty...right now...I would play my part.

"I'll just...call Jared and see if he is off now," Raven said breaking the weird silence, freeing herself from the hug and then continuing to walk down the hall, whipping a mobile phone from her pocket.

Apparently Jared was of school because he was going to "pick us up," and then follow us home for what ever reason.

But oh well maybe this Jared guy could be of help to me at some point in the future.

We stood by the school gate for a couple of minutes until a boy with dirtyblond hair and green eyes walked up to us waving at Raven and sending me a confused smile.

It was clear by the way he walked that he was being raised in a nice home and had a good all though not very normal childhood. His eyes shone with kindness though it was clear that he was tired from being at school. He also looked at Raven in a funny way for a sixteen year old.

"Who is this Rave?" he asked gesturing towards me.

"Jared this is Cat...Howell...Cat this is...," she did not get to finish before I practically tackled Jared. 

"Hi...it's super nice to meet you, I'm Cat Howell Raven's friend. I'm going to be going home with you guys today," I said being at him, when I pulled myself away.

"He...Hello Cat...I'm Jared Watson," the very stunned boy said.


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