''Raw Talent''

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  • Published: 8 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 8 Oct 2014
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A modern witch who executes her black magic on local island people .


1. very good

The night is black
Without a moon
The air is thick and still
The vigilantes gather on
The lonely torchlit hill
          . . .
The righteous rise
With burning eyes
of hatred and ill-will
Madmen fed on fear and lies
To beat and burn and kill
                                          RUSH,''Witch Hunt''

 Nobody knew where Zolala arrive  from and because being too dubious and mysterious woman, the inhabitants on the small Manus island keep an eye on her because they don't trust foreigners and newcomers on their territory.
 Manus island is part of Papua New Guinea . People on this piece of land live plain and secluded-in huts and they go fishing in  Bismarck sea  for living. On the other hand, the women cultivated the fertile ground and from it they produced vegetables and fruits. Life on Manus island was peaceful until the day Zolala came from nowhere.
  Zolala was unhappy from her life. Her husband left her for another prettier and younger than Zolala woman. The thought of not giving birth to a child is still tormenting her and arriving on Manus island she was hoping that when settling this new place and do things for which to make the locals unhappy too, then she will be pleased watching others also suffering the way she suffered. Thus, her anguish and unhappiness will transform into satisfaction. So perverted, right?
 Even the thought for starting practicing malice, gives her strength to continue her evil job without hesitation or remorse.
  Zolala is part of a secret organization called''SalemNow'' whose purpose is to recruit more and more vulnerable women who to be able to practice black arts in a lot of parts of the world.
 Zolala jealously keeps this secret from the local inhabitants but with every passing day, the island people understood that this woman is on their island not haphazardly but with some kind of horrid purpose. A purpose to harm them in some way. The question was in which way.
 Despite living secluded and far away from any civilization, the people on Manus island weren't that dumb as Zolala thought.
                                                                       . . .

  It has been already a month since the arrival of the witch in disguise and the things on the island went worse. The fish catch grew smaller and sometimes the fishermen caught from Bismarck sea  only dead little fishes. The soil that women were taking care, became rough and dry from several weeks now. But the most strange event was that one of the villagers on the island mysteriously found death in his hut. He was strong and healthy but somehow he is dead now.
  This ''accidental'' death was the last drop of patience and tolerance toward Zolala from the island people. They wanted to stop that vicious sorcery and witchcraft and so they have decided somehow to eliminate the evil woman. They knew that it won't be an easy task to do. She can't be burned alive or hanged or even drowned. People wanted quick but also that cruel death equal to the misfortunes Zolala caused to the locals.
 This woman made it so to inflame the wrath and anger of the people for a raw revenge.
This quality of character of hers, she calls it'' RAW TALENT'' and believes that no one reigns the mind and negative emotions as well as her. But what goes around ,comes around.
   One more literate man proposed to eliminate Zolala through a method , called''Abacination''. It is a form of torture , in which the victim is blinded by corrosive acid which is in cups and these cups are strapped in place over the victim's eyes as he/she is bound in a chair. It was difficult for execution, but was undoubtedly  efficient and thus once and for all the island people will get rid of the modern witch.

                                                                                 . . .

  After completing her mission, Zolala was just packing her luggage and would secretly, with the mask of the night, leave the island  and to head herself toward foreign destination. But at this moment, for a first time , somebody knocked her door. She hid the half-ready luggage and opened the door without much thinking. When she pulled the door-handle, about five people dashed the room. One was holding a rope, other-vessel with corrosive acid which would eat up her eye-balls. The swiftly took a chair and pulled Zolala toward it.
-Now, you're gonna get what you deserve, you vicious witch-said sarcastically some women.
 Zolala was yelling and was tossing her hands. Together with these chaotic motions, she was probably cursing to some strange language. Her words could literary kill or at least sick people. It were the words of black magic.
-Hurry up,before she finishes us with her maledictions-people were talking nervously.
 The two men almost tied her to the chair but she managed to kick them  painfully and ran to a secret door only she knew. It was undeniable that the witchcraft makes her strong and powerful.
 Realizing that they will not be able to kill her, one island man threw  the acid from the vessel he was holding in her direction. It touched part of Zolala's skin and hair. She began immediately to feel pain but despite everything, the tough witch managed to escape the local  people.
  She wandered long time on the beach searching for shelter but couldn't find any. Then, she stood under a palm tree, very far from the huts of the villagers. She felt asleep. It was her last night on Earth. She didn't wake up the next morning. She didn't know that exposing to the sun, the acid will make an additional reaction with her flesh and will penetrate in her whole body.
 In the pitch-dark night she tried to wash away some of the acid, using sea water but this was invain.
 Zolala's corps remained many days under the palm tree. No one looked for her again. She died alone with so many sins in her souls.

 From this true story, I guess it is also true that those who makes evil things, life and destiny returns these evil actions to those who made them. That's why GOOD will always win over evil.

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