Thoughts in the rain

Just some depressing poems about why people prefer to cry in the rain.


5. Think of me as rain

Just think of rain as my tears
At first the sound of lightening
Is what you hear
Then the it starts drizzling
    Drop  by drop
The clouds turning black
Refraining from letting it out at first
Trying to remain intact
Far above in the sky.

The sobbing starts with a  roar
The lightening somethig I once adored
Now becoming a part of me
Something that I hate.

Then suddenly the clouds can't hold it in
It bursts all the pain it had within
Shedding down the rain of tears
Croaking to those who can hear
Some wear a raincoat 
And some a get an umbrella
Others run away 
But some drench themselves
In my own pain
And feel the tears on their own skins
They kiss the tears 
And quench their thursts
And when they do,
There's a cloud burst
The black sky turns blue again.



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