Thoughts in the rain

Just some depressing poems about why people prefer to cry in the rain.


4. Lonely Cloud


I have been a lonely cloud,

Floating around at one place,
Looking down at the solitude ground,
Looking for a familiar face.

All countenances for me are strange
Leave me here and all I do is stare
All the bare ground is filled up with remorseful beings
And I am one of them floating up in the air
I am one of them but lonely and shy

I blush saffron when the sun embraces me with its beams
I rain when my emotions are stored so much in me
That once in a while I have to let it all out.

I am so far away and beyond everyone's reach,
Just like the core of the earth they walk on
I am no different from it,
It's just that they don't look up at me.

I am a lonely cloud
And I want to stay away
I want to follow the winds
I want to travel and sway
I want to be a part of another world
Where there's anywhere to stay
A place where I'll have my say.

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