Thoughts in the rain

Just some depressing poems about why people prefer to cry in the rain.


6. Drizzling rain

The reign of drizzle 
The day to dance
With the prancing winds
Converging in trance.

he covert feelings, 
Bursting out in vain
All mouths wide open
Gulping all the rain.

The smile of a poor, 
Brightening the night
His tear drops merging
With the cold rain
He is at last at peace
For the rain pours on all the grains,
Sown for his family
And on his only land

The rain is drizzling,

A beauty

It sure is grizzling

To the spiritless louts

Like me who stands 

With all the pointless doubts


The silvery breaks,

The song of rain

The ground is bopping 

With all the heaven's tears

Falling like a miracle,

Falling so we could hear.

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