The X-Factor

When 18 year old Cara Bolt try's out for The X-Factor and travels to her coach Simon Cowell's house she might just meet the biggest boy band in the world but then what??

(Sorry I'm bad at blurbs. Who's the biggest boy band in the world??? ;) Thanks for reading. Love y'all.) Bye little loves!!


9. Truth Or Dare

Niall's POV

After about a week of living with the boys I was pretty comfortable. We were all sitting around playing truth or dare.

"Okay Liam I know your the sensible one but come have a little fun and get better dares." Cara laughed.

"Okay okay!! Cara truth or dare?" Liam asked.

"Dare me Payno!!" She snickered.

"Okay I dare you and Niall to go make out in the closest." Both of our eyes went wide.

"Um I uh okay!" She replied. I looked at her and winked. We walked into the closest and started kissing.

"Niall lets have fun with this." She whispered. I smiled and winked. "O Niall ugh Niall Niall!!" She laughed and I snickered.

"Cara Cara AHHHHH harder." We messed up each other's hair and walked out of the closet.

" that was um." Zayn stuttered.

"Haha they fell for it." I laughed so hard. Cara was holding her stomach.

"OMG guys really we just kissed and made noises. LOL OMG!!" Cara laughed really cutely.

"OMG. You guys are so mean. Don't do that again." Liam said sternly.

"Okay grumpy pants. Let's go to bed tomorrow we shall go to dinner and a club."

"Yep!" They all replied as Cara and I walked upstairs. We got to my room and Cara went to shower. She walked out in only a towel a few minutes later.

"Babe loving the outfit."

"Niall James Horan!!!" I walked over to her and kissed her making her drop the towel on the floor. "Stop it Niall!!"

"Okay I'm sorry." I covered my eyes as she walked back to the bathroom.

"Hey I have a game." She suggested.


Cliffhanger what will the game be. Haha I love torturing you guys. Haha!!!

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