The X-Factor

When 18 year old Cara Bolt try's out for The X-Factor and travels to her coach Simon Cowell's house she might just meet the biggest boy band in the world but then what??

(Sorry I'm bad at blurbs. Who's the biggest boy band in the world??? ;) Thanks for reading. Love y'all.) Bye little loves!!


4. The House

Cara's POV

"OMG! This is amazing I love your house." I said.

"Calm down its just a mansion!"

"But it's awesome." I laughed.

"Well you can sleep in Niall's room since we don't have a guest bedroom." Louis said as winked at me.

"Louis stop it." Harry said.

"Me and Cara will go put her stuff up and you get a movie ad food. Okay guys?" Niall said aggravated.

"Okay Nialler!!" They said mimicking me.

We walked up stairs to Niall's room and he let me in. I ran and jumped onto the kind size bed.

"This is amazing!!" I screamed into the pillows.

We walked downstairs hand in hand and sat on the pillows as we started the movie.

~Later In The Movie~

"Ahh!!" I started crying.

"Babe what's wrong."

"Th...the movie."

"What do you mean."

"When he girl got stabbed it just brought back memories." He looked at me confused. "My dad was an alcoholic and he came home drunk one night and stabbed me." I lifted my shirt and showed him my back. I started crying again. Then the boys woke up.

"What's wrong." Liam asked while rubbing my arm.

Niall answered for me. "Um the movie she um.." He looked at me for approval.

"Niall just tell them." I managed to sniffle out.

He told them and they all group hugged me and then before we knew it we all woke up together all of them around me like they were protecting me.

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