The X-Factor

When 18 year old Cara Bolt try's out for The X-Factor and travels to her coach Simon Cowell's house she might just meet the biggest boy band in the world but then what??

(Sorry I'm bad at blurbs. Who's the biggest boy band in the world??? ;) Thanks for reading. Love y'all.) Bye little loves!!


14. The Ex

Cara's POV

*Ding Dong*

*Ding Dong*

"I'm coming." I yelled. Releasing I only in my bikini I went upstairs and put on one of Niall's shirts and walked to the door. "Can I help you?" I asked rubbing my eyes.

"I think you know why I'm here love."

"Somebody call the cops!!" I yelled as I slammed he door and woke them up.

"Why wrong Cara?" Louis asked concerned.

"My ex. He's he's gonna kill me!" I started bawling.

Niall's POV

"My ex. He's he's gonna kill me! Cara started bawling.

"What do you mean he's gonna kill you??" I asked rubbing her back to try and calm her.

"He...he. When we dated he abused me and cut me!" She cried. "He said if I ever broke up with him he'd find me and kill me. Then one day he cut me and raped me and my neighbors heard as called the cops. He must have gotten bailed out or something."

"OMG Cara babe! It's ok calm down." I was almost crying. My princess was hurt by this awful person. The boys rushed downstairs. "Cara go upstairs and lock yourself on my bathroom. We'll come get you when the cops get here."

"Okay." She cried before sprinting up the stairs.

Cara's POV

I sprinted up the stairs and locked Niall's bathroom door. I thought of all the things he used to tell me. You're worthless. Nobody cares about you. You're never going to find love. The thoughts raced through my mind. I picked up the blade I had stashed in the cabinet. I cut deep down 3 times on my thigh before banging on he door started.

"Open the door! Cara it's Harry and Zayn!" I slowly opened te door and they closed and locked it. "Cara are you cutting yourself?" Harry asked seeing the blood running down my thigh.

"I'm so sorry!!" I sobbed. "This was my escape and I told Niall I wouldn't and AHHHHH!!"

"Love it's okay. Niall had the police come on." Zayn said calmly. We walked downstairs and there he was Damien staring me right the the eyes. I walked up to him and the cops.

"Here's the money for the ticket." I said slowly.

"Why?" The first cop asked. I just punched Damien straight in the face. Niall and Harry rushing over to stop me.

"Okay we'll just take him now." The second cop said. They walked out and I fell on the floor balling. They took me to the couches and sat around me like a barrier.

"We won't ever let anything happen to you." They said. We then all fell asleep me crying on the floor.

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