The X-Factor

When 18 year old Cara Bolt try's out for The X-Factor and travels to her coach Simon Cowell's house she might just meet the biggest boy band in the world but then what??

(Sorry I'm bad at blurbs. Who's the biggest boy band in the world??? ;) Thanks for reading. Love y'all.) Bye little loves!!


5. Morning Sunshine

Niall's POV

"Morning babe!" I leaned down and kissed Cara.

"Hey no PDA!" They boys laughed.

"Oh shut up!" Cara snapped.

"Okay Miss Sassy Tired Pants." Louis sassed back.

"OMG! Guys it's only 4 am lets go to our rooms and sleep. Okay?" I asked and kinda demanded.

"Yep!" Cara said popping the 'p'. I picked Cara up bridal style and carried her upstairs. She walked into the bathroom and started taking her makeup off. I walked in and started brushing her teeth for her while she put her hair into a messy bun.

"Niall out I need to change." She demanded.

"Aw okay." I pouted but left anyways. She walked out a few minutes later in baggy sweats and an I <3 1D crop top. I checked her out. She gave me the death glare.

"What am I not aloud to check out my wonderful, beautiful, fit girlfriend. Rocking the top by the way babe." I laughed as she blushed. She hoped under the covers and snuggled into me.

"Do I get a kiss?" I asked.

"Course you do Nialler!!"

She turned over and smiled before leaning in and kissing me. She put her hands on my neck and played with my hair while my hands rested on her hips. She pulled away and smiled then turned over and started to fall asleep in my arms. "I love you!" I whispered.

"I love you too Niall!!" She said then went back to sleep. I just smiled like an idiot.

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