The X-Factor

When 18 year old Cara Bolt try's out for The X-Factor and travels to her coach Simon Cowell's house she might just meet the biggest boy band in the world but then what??

(Sorry I'm bad at blurbs. Who's the biggest boy band in the world??? ;) Thanks for reading. Love y'all.) Bye little loves!!


2. Meeting Them

Cara's POV

I walked into Simon's house.

"Dear good gosh!! This is the biggest house ever."

"Haha yes I do. So for the X-Factor you will be staying at my house. Your room in upstairs last door on the right."

"Okay um thanks!" I replied. "Wow this is... AHHHHH!!!" I screamed.

"Sorry we didn't mean to scare you!" 5 adorable boys replied.

"No way! You guys are are are One Direction!" I whispered.

"Ya. Are you a fan?" Louis asked. Yes the Louis Tomlinson!

"Um yeah." I said embarrassed and looked down at my hands.

"Well it's nice to meet you!" Zayn said.

"Ok well I should probably go get ready for tonight. Bye guys." OMG I just met One Direction!!!! I totally am fangirling on the inside.


Okay this was a crappie chapter but in my defense I was having writers block and needed a way for Cara to meet them. Okay bye loves.

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