"I'll be alright Hemmings"

"I'll be alright Hemmings", is a story full shut-up's and I love you's


1. Chapter 1

"Mileyyyyyyyyyy" my mom screamed

"Ugh leave me alone" I grunted but quietly so I wouldn't get in trouble.

Screaming my name was my mom's new way of waking me up, and so far it was working. I laid in bed for a couple more minutes letting my body again all the strength it needed to get me out of bed. I looked at my clock, 6:30 am and the sun is already shining and the birds are already chirping. As I walked to the bathroom I thought to myself that is was way too early for anyone or anything to be happy and full of life.

"Miley come on keep moving don't want to be late!" My mom said trying to move my snail pace a little faster

"I'm going, I'm going" I said moving my pace a little faster but not really making any difference.

After brushing my teeth I went to go put on some clothes. I figured skinny jeans and t-shirt would be good so I put them on. I checked myself one more time in the mirror before heading downstairs to grab some breakfast.

"Hey hun, excited?" My mom said trying to be as cheery as she possibly could.

"For school? no, I hate it." I said grunting.

"Oh no you don't.".

I was going to disagree with her but she was right school wasn't all that bad. While most kids hate school I never really ever minded it. The only really bad things about school was waking up early, homework, and some annoying kids.

After eating a bowl of cereal I heard the bus trudging down the street. So I grabbed my bag gave my mom a kiss on the cheek and walked outside. As I waited for the bus to come to a stop I could already here the loud noises of high school kids. Like guys talking about football or some other sport and girls complaining about there parents being to selfish by not getting them the new Justin beiber fragrance. When I finally got on the bus I went straight to the middle where I knew I would my bestfriend, Michael Cliford.

"Haven't seen you in while" Michael said as I sat down next to him.

"Well you would see my more often if you didn't go to stupid theater camp over the summer." I said laughing so I wouldn't sound so mean but still Michael turned to me and frowned. People were always making fun of him being so into theater, and I was the only one who really didn't give two craps about what he did in his spare time.

"I'm just joking!" I said trying to stop him from making that look before I started feeling guilty.

"I know, I saw the guilt creep on your face so I used it against you!" Michael laughed.

"Not cool!" I said before punching his shoulder. Michael was always like this, he was always playing games on people and making jokes. I guess that's why I like him so much because of his lets-do-whatever life style.

"So are you ready for another year of highschool?" Michael said raising his eyebrow.

"Three down, one more to go." I said

"Well, with you it could be a couple more years." Michael said laughing a little bit afterwards. It took my a minute to process then I got it.

"Michael stop being so mean!" I said making a pouty face.

"Aw is little Miley sad?" Michael asked in a baby voice, which made me laugh because he's like 7ft tall and could grow a beard in a day (okay that was a little exaggerated but you get the point).

"Shut-up" I laughed punching him in the arm again.

A few minutes later the bus was pulling into stop right in front of the school. It was only 7:30 and kids were already filing into the school. Before I walked into the doors me and Michael looked at each other and grunted before taking a step into the building.

"I'll see you later Miley I gotta find my locker" Michael said and was off without a simple goodbye.

"Well, goodbye to you too" I whispered to myself so no one would think I was some weirdo that talked to themselves.

Once I found my locker, which was in the perfect spot with only one locker next to mine. That person next to me was one of my "friends" her name is Sam. I put friends in quotes because Sam is one of those people that you talk to when all of your real friends aren't around. Sam is that person that's just kind of there, where I'm not close with but still don't hate them. Anyways so far school was okay. After I got my stuff I decided to go right to homeroom which I never did but today I didn't feel like being social.

In my homeroom there was a bunch of randoms, a.k.a people that I don't know and don't have the energy to get to know them. I sat next to Solomon, who I used to talk to back in middle school like a lot. In middle school we were really close, but then in high school our lives got too different and I moved on and so did he. It's actually kinda sad when you think about, it's almost like another form of friends dumping.

Homeroom went by without me really realizing, I was in a daze and the bell knocked my out of it. Time for 1st period I had English which was all the way downstairs. When I got inside I said hi to the teacher and them turned to desks with students filling them one by one. I looked around until I spotted someone and stop dead in my tracks, without moving I stared at him and whispered to myself

"Luke hemmings"

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