Little Pieces of Love

Caden and Corbin are brothers. Caden is a baby and Corbin is 4. Their Mum and Dad are daring but not married. Whenever their Mum, Carter, and their Dad, Justice, get into an argument Cater goes to her best friend, Zayn Malik. Then Zayn comforts her and helps her with the boys for a night or two. Will But will the newest fight be the final straw? Or will Carter keep on fighting?


2. Chapter 2

Carter P.O.V.

When I wake up Corbin is gone but Caden still lays in my arms, sleeping. I stand up and put him in the middle of the bed, and place pillows around him so he won't fall off. When I walk out of the room Corbin is sitting with Zayn at the table, both with bowls of cereal.

"Hi Mommy!" Corbin exclaims, with food in his mouth.

"Honey, don't talk with your mouth full."

He swallows and says, "Okay. Where's CayCay?"

"He's still asleep." Corbin nods and shoves another mouthful of cereal into his mouth.

I sit down next to Zayn, and he whispers to me. "Are you gonna go back?"

I nod.

"Why? You guys never get along."

"He is Caden and Corbins dad."


"They need a Dad."

"Having no Dad is better than having their Dad." 

"Zayn, I wouldn't have anywhere to go if I left."

"You could move in with me. I have an enough room."

"I'm not going to move into your house"

"Why not? You're here every other day."

"Mommy? Caden is awake." I look over at Corbin.

"Okay honey."   I stand up and walk into the guest room and Zayn follows.

Caden lays there looking around. When he sees me and Zayn, he smiles.

"Come here baby." I pick Caden up  and make him a 2 ounce bottle and feed him.

"Are you sure you don't want to move in?"

"Yes, I'm very sure Zayn."

"Okay, well the offer still stands,if you ever do decide....."

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