This is my first movella hope you like it it's about 2 girls ally and Elena and one direction (Harry and Niall) if u like it please tell people about it and like or comment plz!?


6. what!

Elena's P.O.V

After 2 weeks

It was the last day of the school for this week than we have weekend and it's was our sweet sixteen birthday party I was so exited. Than suddenly my dad shout our names to come down stairs. So we run to him than ally asked him" why did you shout" than he said" you're grandmother is very sick and we need to go to her now so pack some clothes cuz we gonna stay at her house maybe for 3 or 4 days" but dad our birthday party is Tomorrow. Than dad said " sorry girls but you have to cancel it"

after two hours,, now we are in our way to Wales. I was so sad because we had to cancel the party . All the way I was listening to 1D songs and ally was playing in her I pad. So we arrived at 8:00 pm. First thing I did I want to any room in the house and I un pack my stuff me and ally was sharing that room. I was gonna go to my grandma but she was sleep,, my dad order a pizza. Than we ate it I watched some tv and went to sleep.

In the morning,, I woke up the first than I want to my grandmas room she was reading a book so I say to her hello than she said to my " come and sat next to me" so I asked her "how are u feeling" she told me she's felling little better than yesterday. So I told her I'm gonna make some breakfast to us . Than I want to the kitchen I made some eggs and bacon and some pancake than ally woke up and she helped me to sat the table than dad ask "what us that nice smell" than ally said "Elena cook the breakfast today" than we all sat at the table and ate the breakfast.

Ally's P.O.V

At the afternoon I was so bored so I told my dad than he said how about going to the park it's not very far from the house so I told elena than we want there it was fun we mat a girl her name is Olivia how liv next door to our grandma house so we sat with her and talked about school and 1D and I took her number.

After 3 days gramma was felling better than she asked me "isn't your birthday was earlier this week " I said "yes but we had to cancel the party cuz we had to came here" she told me and Elena that she have a gift for us . The gift was a Car we were so happy than my dad said " first you have to get you're License" than we pick our staff than we said good bay to gramma" and now we are in our way to Birmingham .

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