This is my first movella hope you like it it's about 2 girls ally and Elena and one direction (Harry and Niall) if u like it please tell people about it and like or comment plz!?


7. the big surprise

Ally's P.O.V

After we got back from my grandmas house ,it was so late so we want to sleep,, in the morning my dad gave us our gift it was "1D Tickets concert" I was so happy I could fly from the happiness.

At school I told all my friends that me & my sister going to 1D concert. Melissa was going to the concert too so we were gonna meet up there

In the concert

This is the best thing ever to see your ideals so we just a lot of there with all the fan girls we have backstage ticket so after the concert we took some pictures with the boys it was the best felling in the world

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