This is my first movella hope you like it it's about 2 girls ally and Elena and one direction (Harry and Niall) if u like it please tell people about it and like or comment plz!?


3. Shopping time

Ally P.O.V

So after school my dad came to take us home,, in the car me and Elena asked him if we could go to the mall withe our friends he said "ok but don't be late for dinner I'm cooking tonight" and than he give us some cash to buy the dresses cuz he want us to have the best birthday party.

(At the mall) first thing we did is buying coffee from Starbucks than we met up with jane, Melissa, and talya in Starbucks. So the first shop we want to is new shop called (twenty4) we really didn't find any thing nice from there,,so we kept looking for the dresses and finally we found some nice dresses so I bought a blue drees with sequins and Elena took a blue green dress with pearls and Melissa took a yellow drees with diamonds we all took the same dress but in different color then we went to buy high heels from the best shoe shop in the mall. It was a fun day.

Than when we got home my dad was already finish with the dinner it was pasta and it was delicious. My dad is a really good cooker. than after the dinner we watch some T.V and we didn't have any homework so I had an early night.

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