This is my first movella hope you like it it's about 2 girls ally and Elena and one direction (Harry and Niall) if u like it please tell people about it and like or comment plz!?


2. school

Elena's P.O.V

I woke up at 6:00 am not wanting to go to school but I have to so I went to pick out some clothes. I took a pink short sleeve shirt and blue jeans then went to take a bath and change. When I got out I opened the window and it was freezing so I took out a leather jacket with a large 1D written on the back.

I went down stairs and found my sis eating some cereal so I went to the fridge and took out pancake mix and started cooking , my sis said "can I have one for school"and tried taking one but I slapped her hand before she took one and told her to make for herself but luckily I used the last of the mix so HA!

On our way to school the radio was playing fireproof and we were singing along.

Then we met up with our friends jane, Melissa, and talya near the lockers,,so we decided to go to the mall to buy dresses for our sweet sixteen cuz me and ally want to throw the biggest birthday party in Birmingham or at least the biggest birthday party at our school.

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