This is my first movella hope you like it it's about 2 girls ally and Elena and one direction (Harry and Niall) if u like it please tell people about it and like or comment plz!?


1. The start

Ally's P.O.V

Hi,,,my name is Ally and I'am 15 years and my twin sister Elena. We both love One Direction they are British Irish boy band. I love Niall Horan the blond one and Elena loves Harry styles the curly haired one. We live in Birmingham city it's so close to London. So we visit London once in while but we never met one direction cuz we r to young to go to there concert and no body want's to go with us. Next month is our birthday and daddy said that he has a very special surprise for us.

My hair is dirty blonde, wavy, medium lengthed, while my twin Elena has brown, straight, long hair . Our mother died in a car accident coming back from the Beatles concert. But they are never good as one direction.

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