Alphonse Elric x Reader♥

Alphonse is, Sober+, and comes over to your house. Stuff goes down, and things work out♥


1. Alphonse Elric x Reader♥

Alphonse x Reader ~Drunken' Lemon❤️~


(Normal POV)


Just as you were going to bed, you heard a knock on the door. You got up and walked over to see who it was... And by the looks of it, it was Alphonse?


"What are you doing here?" "I... I came to see you babe!" He had a grin on his face. "What? You drunk or something?" "N-no... I'm just Sober+!" He started laughing so hard, that he almost fell over. "Come here!" You grabbed him by the arm, and led him in.


He started laughing again, so you turned to face him, and he put a piece of your hair behind your ear, having lust fill his eyes. You looked up at him, and he smashed his lips against yours. You were so shocked, that you gasped, which made it easier for him to get in your mouth. You moaned, and put your hands on his face, pushing yourself closer to him, he loved that.


You made out for about, 5 minutes, then broke the kiss for air, and Alphonse picked you up bridal style, and brought the two of you to your bedroom. Once he got there, he threw you on the bed, and got on top of you, kissing your body all over, and you finally remembered that he was drunk, and it was your first time, and you wanted it to be special.


"A-Alphonse? I... Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, you are drunk, and it's just lust taking over..." "*Sighs* Actually, I'm not drunk anymore, I was only for an hour or so, until you started kissing me back, which I knew you liked me back, so I could do this. But only if-" you had enough of him talking, and kissed him again, he broke the kiss, and started to strip, "Equivalent exchange M'lady." He smirked, and you obeyed the rule, and stripped as well.


When you were both naked, he kissed you one last time. "Are you ready sweetheart?" You nodded, and he slowly slid his hard member inside you, you scream out from the pain. "It's okay." He tells you, kissing your forming tears away. You wait a minute or so, and you nod, telling him to go. He obeys, and starts pumping in and out, you, moaning from the great pleasure he was giving you. "Fa-faster... Harder!" You moaned out, he listened and granted your wish. You both were close to climaxing, when he cooed in your ear, "Ready whenever you are sweetheat!" And with his huskily voice stuck inside your head, you climaxed, and when he realized you did, he did the same.

The both of you were huffing, and he laid down on top of your chest, both if your faces flushed. "I- I love you Al!" "I love you too (Name)!" And with that, you both fell asleep in each other's arms, smiling.

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