Beside You (Luke Hemmings Fanfiction)


8. The Park By Your House

Iris's P.O.V.

*two weeks later*

It's been exactly two weeks since Luke and I have spoken. He's been trying to reach me but I've been ignoring him because I'm still mad at him. I grabbed my phone and sighed, getting out of bed because Michael is here. I walked to the door and opened it. "Hey." I flashed a smile. "Hi." He replied. I got on my tiptoes and gave him a hug. "So what made you come?" I asked. "I haven't seen you in like 4 days, and Luke keeps talking about you so I decided to see if you're alright and say hi." He answered. 

"Well I appreciate it, Mikey, I'm alright." I said. I closed the door behind him and walked to my room. "Wanna watch movies with me?" I asked. He nodded and climbed in the bed with me. "Forest Gump." He suggested. 

"I love that movie, of course we can watch." I smiled. I noticed his phone kept on going off. He kept on checking it and then looking at me. "What is Luke saying?" I questioned. "He's been really down and he's really sorry for being a huge douche during practice." He murmured before giving me his phone. I read, "I really miss her, man. I'm so fucking stupid for being like that. I did insist on her dating Matt, I just didn't know I'd feel so entirely jealous about it." I smiled and gave him the phone. I snuggled into his chest and he put his arm around me. "Would you talk to him about it please?" He asked. I looked at him and sighed. "Yeah, yeah." I answered, smiling. "Yay! You guys are honestly absolutely cute friends, and it would be a shame if you guys ended because of a stupid small fight." He explained. I nodded. "What would I do without you?" I asked laughing. "The world may never know." He answered in a dramatic tone. "Such a dork." I said. We sat quietly, actually watching the movie and I couldn't stop thinking about how my feeling's for Luke have grown so much. "Hey, you know I'd never tell anyone anything, right?" He asked. I nodded. "Do you actually like Luke more than a friend?" He asked. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and nodded, biting my lip. "Yeah." I opened them. "And that's why you are sorta mad with Justice." He said. "Yup." I replied. "It's also why you didn't want to date Matt first, and its why you're dating him, to make Luke jealous." He added. "Yup and the last one is not entirely. I just think its my turn to be in a cool relationship with someone, and make out and stuff." I explained. "You know Luke likes you too." He muttered. "No he doesn't. He doesn't. He likes Justice, he put his dick inside of her, not me, he does not like me. If he did, he wouldn't have had sex with her already." I said. 

"Hey, hey don't cry, I don't mean to push you to tell me anything. I'm always here for you okay." He replied, wiping away the tears on my cheeks and looking at me right in the eye. "Yeah, I know, I'm sorry." I laughed. In a few hours the movie ended and Michael decided to go home. "Keep in touch with me, alright?" He asked. "Of course, Michael." I answered, smiling. "And be happy, you're absolutely gorgeous." He said. "Not as gorgeous as you though." I replied. "True, true, not quite there but you're still gorgeous." Michael laughed. 

I hugged him and he walked out the door. Locking the door behind him, I read Luke's recent text. "Meet me by the park near your house? Please? x" It read.

I sighed and looked at what I was wearing. A tank top and gray yoga pants. I took my current clothes off and threw on a red knit sweater of mine, and black leggings. I put on my Doc Martens and put my hair in a messy bun. I started walking to the park near my house, and in a few minutes, I saw Luke sitting on a swing. He looked up and his eyes glistened. "You came." He smiled. "Yeah, I did." I replied. "It's so good to see you." He said. "You've been crying." I murmured, approaching him. "Do you expect me to be all happy and fine when I was being ignored by the girl I care about the most?" He asked. "The boys are blaming me for you ignoring me, which is very true, but I've grown close to you, and I need you in my life." He started, sniffling. "Luke, stop." I said. "I'm not finished, I'm not finished. So I figured that the boys probably thought I had sex with Justice and you called. But we didn't, I swear. We were watching a movie that included some scenes of.. sexual intercourse... but I didn't have sex with her." He explained. "I was jealous, and I know I suggested you guys to date, but I didn't like seeing or hearing about the date." He added. "I'm so sorry." He let out, letting out a tear as well. "Luke." My heart broke.

I sat on his lap, his arms wrapped tightly around me. "The past two weeks have made me struggle, I don't like not talking to you, and I couldn't even imagine you not in my life." He said against my sweater. "Please tell me you forgive me." He added. "I forgive you, I forgive you." I let out, crying as well. "You said the girl I care about the most, correct?" I clarified. "Yeah." He answered. "Justice is my girlfriend for now, but now isn't a long time, and things end." He added. "Friendships have the ability to last forever." He murmured. 

I hugged him even tighter. "I missed you so much, Luke." I smiled. He wiped my tears and I wiped his.

"I missed you too." He replied. My phone rang and I picked up. "Hello." Matt said. "Hey Matt." I replied, forgetting all about him. "Wanna do something later?" He asked. "Like what?" I answered. "We can go to the fair." He said. "I'd love to but I think I'd rather hang out with my best friend for today." I replied. "Justice?" He asked. "No. Luke." I smiled, hanging up. 

"Let's go to your house." I suggested. "Yes, yes, lets go." He smiled. "Gotta get used to it since you're staying there in a month and a few weeks." He added. "I'm extremely excited." I admitted. "Me too. We're going to have so much fun." He said.

We were walking to his house and everything felt just as they were meant to be. No more crying, no more ignoring, no more pain (besides when I have to see Justice and Luke kiss), no more sadness. When we're together, it feels as if I'm the only girl he loves, but I clearly know that's not true. We arrived at his loft and I threw myself on his couch. "Want to order pizza?" He asked. "Is that even a question?" I answered, laughing. "You've been hanging out with Michael too much." He murmured. I threw a pillow at him and smiled. "He's really understanding, I like him." I said. "I knew you'd get along." Luke replied. "Where's your mom? I still haven't met her." I said. "You'll meet her tomorrow morning if you'd like to stay over." He replied. "Does your mom allow you to have girls stay over?" I asked, laughing. "I think she'll like you better than she likes Justice so yeah." He answers. We walked to his room and I smiled. I noticed his computer was still on and I moved the mouse. It was on my YouTube channel. "You were watching these while I was ignoring you?" I asked. He nodded. "I missed your laugh and smile and voice and your funny outgoing self." He explained. I want to kiss him, but I can't and that made me really sad. "I think we might be able to make a video today, you'll be in it." I said. "Really?" He asked. "Of course." I smiled. "I'll have my brother bring my camera." I said. "My mom has a really good camera, you can just use that." He insisted. He got it for me and we sat down on his bed. I put the camera to play in 3 seconds, and I counted in my head. "Hey guys, it's me, and today I have my absolute best friend, Luke Hemmings here with me." I said. "Do I say something?" He asked. "You are so stupid." I laughed. "Hellooooo." Luke said, smiling. I laughed. "Today, we're doing the best friend tag." I explained. "Are you ready, Luke?" I asked. "No. Quite terrified if you ask me." He answered, giggling.

"Don't be, it's not that hard." I said. "I know but I just wanted to make up an excuse to hold your hand." He winked. My jaw dropped and I laughed. "That's the charmingly stupid Luke Hemmings, that I know and love." I murmured. "Okay, first question." I started. "How and when did we meet?" I asked. "We meet on the fourth week of school, it was a Tuesday." Luke answered. "My pals and I were chasing a ball and I accidentally bumped into her and she told me to watch where I was going." He added. "He said sorry for hitting me and then I said it was fine and he checked if I was okay, and I said I was. Then he smiled and I screamed because he was dimples and you know about my dimple fetish, and then he called me cute under his breath." I smirked. 

"I did, I did. So I introduced myself and she introduced herself and then I said see you around andddd I went the wrong way and we ended up having the same class." He finished. We looked at each other and laughed. "So um, next question. What's our favorite memory together?" I said.

"Mine, personally is when we had detention together and Luke took a whole bunch of selfies on my phone and put it as my lockscreen, and we had chips and soda and I read some of his songs." I answered the question. "That was a good memory. Mine has to be when we were watching Mean Girls and we had a popcorn fight and then she grabbed a popcorn that was inside my jeans, and I grabbed one that was on her boobs. She fell asleep so cute in my arms during the movie, after we cleaned up." He explained. "Who takes longer in the morning?" I said. We looked at each other and I smiled. "Definitely her." He answered. "Yeah." I laughed. "Favorite animal?" I let out. "Luke's is a penguin, I believe." I smiled. He nodded. "Iris's is a turtle." Luke said. "Do we have anything matching? Um, we have matching leather jackets." I muttered. "Yeah, we do. We're obviously punk rock." He laughed. "What's our favorite feature about each other. I think my favorite feature of Iris is that she has the cutest eyes and her personality is quite fantastic." He explained. "My favorite feature of Luke... hmm. Probably his voice and his smile; it can melt any girl's heart." I admitted. "If your best friend could meet anyone right now, who'd it be?" I murmured. "It's quite obvious the answer to this is Green Day." I answered. "Anddd she'd probably like to meet either One Direction or Of Mice & Men." Luke replied. 

"The fact that we can easily answer these and we haven't known each other for a long time is signs of true friendship." Luke said. "Damn right, love." I replied, kissing his cheek. "Well that is all for today, thanks for watching. Oh! And Luke here is in a band called 5 Seconds of Summer so I'm leaving a link to their YouTube account so you can go and fall in love with their sound. Love you!" I smiled. "Hope to see you guys again soon" Luke added. I ended the video and uploaded it to his computer. We watched it all and laughed. "We're hot." I smiled. "Absolutely." He agreed.

I edited the video, and then posted it to the channel. "Thanks for letting me use your mom's camera." I said. He put it back where it was and I jumped on his bed. "The pizza guy is taking awfully long." He muttered. "I AGREE SO MUCH." I almost screamed. "Ugh what do we do while waiting." I murmured, thinking. "Wanna play Mario Kart?" He asked. "Are you ready to lose?" I questioned. He laughed. "Oh please, no one beats Luke Hemmings on Mario Kart." He answered, smirking. I got out my DSi and he got out his. We put in the same game and connected to each other's device. "Prepared to lose." I said. "Never." He replied. We started the game, and he was winning at first, but I had a very good strategy. On the last lap, I started catching up, and Luke was trying to close my DSi but I got ahead. I hit the finish line first and Luke looked at me and turned off his game. "I won!" I yelled, getting up and dancing. I shook my butt in his face and turned around, pointing at him several times while saying "hahaha, you lost." Once my victory dance was done, I sat down next to him and hugged him. "What do you have to say for yourself?" I asked. "Fuck you." He answered. "Aye, when?" I winked. "Right now, right here." He murmured, looking at me right in the eye. I saw his eyes look down at my lips and I was about to jump on him, honestly, but someone -- I'm guessing it was either the pizza guy or Justice -- knocked on his door. "You should go get that." I whispered, his face and lips only a few centimeters away from mine. "I should." He agreed, getting up and getting the door. I texted this new girl that goes to my school, because I thought she was cool and she liked the same stuff as me. We already knew so much about each other in less than a few weeks. I sent: "I almost made out with Luke, shit I almost jumped on him and ripped off his god damn clothes. HELP ME."

She immediately read it, and I felt as if she was laughing at me because it took her a few seconds to start typing. "Oh my god, Justice is a shit friend, make out with his ass already, he's a lot better to you than Matt." She replied. Truth is, he was. Whenever I talk to Matt when he's on the phone, he tells me to shut the fuck up, and adds a beautiful at the end to sound nicer. But other than that, he's a really good boyfriend I guess. "I know, but just because she's a shit friend doesn't mean I should be one." I sighed, sending it. "Pizza is here and paid for, love." Luke said, at the doorway to his room. I stood up and smiled. "Let's eat." I smiled. I checked my phone and she replied. It read, "true, true, but I have a gut feeling that she's probably cheating on him. Plus, you guys are clearly meant for each other, he likes you, I know it."

I laughed and rolled my eyes. "Who's that?" He asked. "It's not Matt, if that's what you mean. Or Justice either." I answered. "Is it one of the boys?" He asked. "No, it's my friend Aliyah." I answered. "Oh the new, pretty one that's in our 1st period now?" He asked. I nodded. "I saw you guys talking. She makes you smile, I love seeing you smile more." He murmured.

I took a slice of pizza and asked for a plate.

He showed me where the plates were and I jumped, trying to get it. "God dammit, you 6'4 giant, get it for me." I said. "I like seeing you try so hard to get plates." He laughed. "I swear to god." I murmured. "Plus, your ass looks nice in those leggings and it's a good view." He added. "I should slap you with my pizza." I replied. He got me my plate so easily, because he could actually reach it, and I put 4 slices on the plate. "That literally explains my life." He said. "I bet you eat a whole pizza pie by yourself." I let out. "I do when I'm in the mood." He admitted. "Me too, so it's all good here." I laughed. We ate the pizza and I texted my friend back. "I don't think she'd be so selfish to cheat on a guy like Luke, he only comes once in a lifetime and god damn is he all I ever want. And I don't think he likes me." I typed, pressing send.

"Oh please, she is so fucking selfish and she's probably jealous of you because she knows Luke likes you more than he likes her. And he can literally go up to you and say "I like you" and you'd be like "aha no you don't." She said. I laughed. "I'll text ya later, Luke's strumming his guitar in a nice rhythm and I wanna see where he'll go with it."

I washed the dishes and didn't bother putting them where they're supposed to be. I walked to wear Luke was, and sat next to him. I noticed what he was playing, and it was the guitar part in Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran. He started singing and he looked down while singing. I joined him on the second half of the song, and he looked at me. Our eyes didn't leave each other's until he was blushing, and I was smiling with tears running down my eyes, and the song finished. "That was beautiful." I laughed. He looked at me, biting his lip and looking down. "You're beautiful." He said. "Damn right." I replied, smiling. He smiled and wiped the tears off of my cheeks. "After that song, I think I just want to lay in your arms and talk about shit. Do you mind?" I asked. "Not at all." He answered. We walked to his room, and I sat on his bed. "Mind if I strip in front of you? You won't see me naked or anything." I laughed. "Go ahead." He said. I took off my sweater and leggings, left in my tank top, which I also took off. "Can I borrow something to wear to sleep?" I asked. He was staring and I snapped my fingers. "Up here, babe." I laughed. He bit his lip and nodded. "Yeah, yeah, you can wear my you compete me tank, I think it'd look really cute on you." He gave it to me. "Take a last look before I put on something that covers these goodies." I laughed, putting on the tank. He took off his shirt and his jeans, and I looked at him but not staring. "I see you eying." He said. "Hey, hey, shh." I replied. He got in front of me and my eyes met his torso. "Well I figured you would have a body like this." I murmured, looking up at his face now. "I figured you'd have one like that too." He laughed. "Let's get in the bedddddd, we're wasting precious time." I said, jumping on the bed.

He climbed in with me and we got under the covers. I put one leg up on him, and placed my head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and I smiled. "Do you ever wonder what and who your future's going to hold?" He asked. "Yeah. I just hope you're in my future, and I'm doing something I love." I answered. He nodded, smiling. "Would you marry Justice?" I asked. He thought about it for a little bit and laughed. "Honestly no." He answered. "I just don't think she has her priorities straight, and I don't know, she isn't the girl of my dreams, y'know." He added. "What is the girl of your dreams?" I asked. "That's a conversation for later." He smiled. "Would you marry Matt?" He asked. "He's attractive and all but god no. He doesn't even know me and I don't think he likes me for who I am." I explained. We both started falling asleep. "Thanks for forgiving me." He murmured. "Thanks for apologizing and being charming." I replied.

I drifted asleep in a few minutes, dreaming about what it would be like to have Luke Hemmings as mine.

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