Beside You (Luke Hemmings Fanfiction)


5. Pool Party

Iris's P.O.V.

I was at Luke's house, in the pool. It was just the two of us and Luke was being himself. Splashing water kept on hitting me and I couldn't help but laugh. "Luke! Stop!" I yelled, splashing back with a huge smile on my face. "Make me." He winked, cornering me. "Well that's not fair." I murmured, my heart beating faster and faster. He hovered over me and he leaned in, our lips touching each other.

He started out with slow pecks, and I kissed back. The slow pecks turned into a hot make out session in only a few seconds. His lips went to my neck and my head went back; me letting a moan escape my lips.

I awoke from my dream about Luke and ran my hands through my hair. "Fuck." I let out.

"I don't like Luke like that." I kept repeating to myself. I got out of my bed and grabbed my phone. I checked my text messages and a smile started to spread across my face as I saw Luke's good morning text. It read:

"Good morning! I hope you had a great sleep, just like I did. Although I would be the one to be sleeping right now, I had to wake up to get ready for the party that you WILL be attending so dont forget to get that pretty little self of yours ready. A whole bunch of food and lame people will be here so it'll be your kind of party haha. Can't wait to see you and that beautiful smile of yours (i hope you have one on your face from this). xox"

I looked at the clock and sighed as it was already 12 PM. The party starts at 1. I took a quick shower and grabbed my bikini. The top was black, and the bottom was a light blue. I left my hair down and brushed it. I fixed my belly button piercing and made sure I looked decent.

I put on my high waisted shorts and grabbed a beach bag, throwing in a sunscreen bottle and a few things I might need.

"Guys, I'm leaving." I screamed, walking out the door.

I put down my penny board and started riding to Luke's house. I was listening to All Time Low and jamming. When I arrived to his house, I saw a lot of cars in front and heard Green Day coming from the back. I walked in and looked for Luke. "Hey Iris!" Michael exclaimed. "Hey Mike." I smiled. "I'm glad you can come. Looking for Luke?" He asked. "Um, kinda." I answered laughing.

"He's with that girlfriend of his in the pool, probably making out." He said. "Oh, well I'm just going to hang with you. Unless you mind." I replied. "I don't mind at all! Want a drink?" He asked. "I'd love one." I smiled. He made me a drink an we clinked glasses. "Cheers!" I said.

"Cheers." He replied, with a smile. "When do you guys perform?" I asked, after taking a few sips of my beverage. "Thats for later. You're going to be surprised at how talented we are." Michael explained. "I'm sure I won't be surprised. I believe that you guys are extremely talented." I winked at him.

"Justice thinks we're some boy band wannabes." Ash said, coming behind him.

"Justice is a dumbass." I laughed. "She hates Green Day." I added. "Oh my god, what is wrong with Luke." Michael shook his head, laughing. "Maybe she gives him good head." I suggested. Ashton choked on his drink and I laughed. "It seems like Luke's more into you than Justice, to be honest." Michael replied. "You guys talk more and are closer. Plus, the way he looks at you and talks about you gives it away." Ashton explained. "Yeah, no. Luke doesn't like me like that." I laughed. We stood quiet for a few seconds until someone hugged me from behind. "There's that beautiful smile I was talking about in the text!" Luke exclaimed.

"Hey Luke!" I smiled, turning around and hugging him properly. "I see my mates already have you drinking." He laughed. "We mean no harm, Luke." Michael smirked. "Michael and Ash would never try to get me drunk on purpose," I said, wrapping my arms around them both.

"they know that I would rip off their dicks if they even attempted." I added.

"Is that a challenge?" Michael asked. "Do you want to try me?" I replied, raising an eyebrow. "I like her." Ash and Michael laughed. "She's a keeper alright." Luke smiled. "Care to go for a swim?" He asked. "Sure. Wait where's Justice, I want to say hi first." I answered. "She's in the bathroom." Luke said. We walked to the pool area and I took off my shorts. "Stripping for me already?" He asked, winking. "You wish." I blushed. "Well you were right, I'm not disappointed." He laughed. "Neither am I." I replied, eying him and his body. I jumped in the pool and swam to the surface. Luke jumped in and smiled at me. "This is a nice party you've got here." I smiled. "Thanks! I'm really excited to play in a few hours. Sorta nervous." He replied. "I know exactly how you feel. When I started my YouTube account, I was extremely nervous. But I just laughed it out and made a video because why the fuck not. I've been in plays and stuff and I have social anxiety, so whenever I present class reports or projects I have so many panic attacks and shit. But in the end, it helps you in life, and you just gotta do it." I explained. "Positive thoughts always help." I smiled.

"Thank you. You're the best." He hugged me. "My pleasure. You guys are going to do amazing! You'll be famous one day and you'll forget me, but I'll never forget you." I said.

"I don't think anyone can forget you, darling." He laughed.

"Why?" I asked. "Because you go for it, you're care free and adventurous and you live life even if something is trying to stop you. You're you and you're amazing." He answered. "Fuck." I muttered. "I thi-" I started before getting interrupted by Matt and Justice.

"Oh hey guys!" Luke smiled.

Justice jumped on Luke and made out with him. "Well, looks like its just you and me." Matt laughed. "Yup. How's your day?" I asked. "Its going great, especially now that you're here." He answered. "Were you looking for me?" I asked, smirking. "If I say yes would that be weird?" He answered with a question. "Not at all. It would be cute actually." I winked. "Good because the answer was a yes." He laughed. "Hey, do you go to our school? I don't see you around." I questioned. "I do, actually. I'm just usually busy doing activities and between classes." He replied. "Why haven't you approached me before?!" I exclaimed, smiling. "Because I was nervous, plus Justice and I started hanging out yesterday so I didn't even know your name until now." He explained. "Well aren't you a catch." I blushed. "Why don't you find out by going out with me?" He grabbed my hand and smiled. "Hmm, that sounds fascinating, but I don't want to put you through the torture of having me as your girlfriend." I laughed. "What happened? You and your ex ended badly?" He asked. "Nice guess. Yeah, actually. My ex was a bitch. He was my best friend and I had a crush on him for like a few months, and he was the type of guy who had a lot of girls throwing themselves at him. So one day he asked me out and me, what an idiot I was, said yes because I thought I "loved" him and I thought he would never hurt me because I thought that he would've not only value our relationship but he'd also value our friendship. My mistake. We dated for a few months and then he threw it down the drain when his lips touched, not one, but two other girl's lips. So yeah. Ended badly." I answered.

"Well shit." He replied. "That's exactly what I said when he told me about him cheating." I laughed. "How did you end it with him." He asked. "I said sorry for believing he'd actually cared for me and then I said 'fuck you, see ya fam.'" I smiled. "You're the type of girl no one should fuck with, I love that." He smirked. "Yeah, so do I. But anyways, I'm not really into that love crap anymore because I'm like 100000000% sure that it doesn't exist so I don't want to waste your time." I explained. "It wouldn't be a waste. It would be friendship with kissing and cuddling and really cute dates and the title as boyfriend and girlfriend and I would go out of my way to do stuff for you." He said.

"Wow, first time a guy has tried this hard to get me." I smirked.

He splashed me and laughed. "Stop teasing! I really like you, what do you say?" He asked. I thought about it for a second and looked at Luke and Justice who were still making out. "I'll think about it." I laughed. "If you like someone else, I totally get it." He sighed. "I don't, I don't. I just need time to think. You're a great guy and extremely attractive. Maybe we should go out sometime before we officially become boyfriend and girlfriend." I explained. "How about tomorrow? Are you down for the movies?" He asked. "Sure." I smiled. Justice and Luke came up behind me and Justice hugged me. "How's it going over here?" She asked. "Great." I answered. "She's hard to get." Matt added. "Is she?" Luke asked, laughing. "Why are you laughing, punk?" I playfully punched him. "Oh, you wanna be like that now, huh?" He picked me up. I was too busy laughing to say anything. "Put me down." I demanded once I caught my breath. "Whatever you say, princess." He smirked, dropping me underwater. "Fuck you." I spit out once I was above the water again. "You love me." He smiled. "Do I?" I asked. "Totally." He said with confidence.

"Whatever, Hemmings. By the way, it's queen, not princess." I informed him. "My apologies, my lady." He bowed. "Well wasn't that something." Matt laughed. "We're really close." I said. "We're besties." Luke added.

"That explains your phone screens." Calum laughed.

"Hey, we're extremely cute." I replied. "Uh, anyways, when do you guys perform?" Justice asked. "Soon, actually." Cal answered. "Awh Calum come here and give me a hug. I didn't see you when I walked in." I laughed. He gave me a hug and smiled. "You're lucky you're cool and cute." Calum whispered. "Everyone loves me. Even if you hate me, you kinda love me." I said. "Thats true, it is hard to hate you." Calum agreed, laughing. "Plus there's no reason. I'm flawless and I make parties even more fun then it is." I replied. "Right everyone?! Lets cheers to Iris!" I heard Michael scream. "Let's cheers to Iris!" Everyone yelled. "Well my point is proven." I laughed. "Thanks Mikey!" I yelled. Luke looked and me and my eyes met his. He smiled and looked away. "Its time to perform." Cal said. Luke and Calum got out of the pool and they dried up, walking to the stage they have.

"Hey guys! We're 5 Seconds of Summer and we are extremely glad to play for you guys today." Luke said into the microphone. "We're going to play a cover of American Idiot by Green Day." Michael said into his microphone. "God, why Green Day." I heard Justice murmur.

"Green Day is amazing Justice, like honestly every sort of music takes talent, just listen and be happy that you have an attractive boyfriend that's talented and passionate about music." I said to her. They started playing music and I smiled. Watching them bounce around and sing onstage with amazing sounds coming out of their instruments and body made me extremely happy. I started singing along and throwing around a beach ball. They were honestly so fucking amazing. I looked around at everyone and saw their faces, looking so amazed. They were all jumping and singing along and it was like a real concert. I could just imagine it. "5 Seconds of Summer on Tour"

They played a few songs they wrote and then slowed it down a little. "We're going to slow it down, with a song our Luke wrote for a very special someone." Ashton said. I looked at Justice and she smiled, looking down and then looking back up at Luke. She blew him a kiss and he smiled at her. The song began and I got out of the pool, going inside. I made myself a drink and started walking home. "Where are you going?" Matt yelled, running after me. "I have no idea." I laughed. Almost tripping. "Woah, I'm walking you home." He said. "I don't need a guy trying to protect me." I replied. "Well, sucks to suck." He laughed.

"It honestly fucking does." I said. "Wanna tell me why you seem down?" He asked. "Not really." I answered.

"Is it because of Luke?" He asked. I stopped in my tracks and laughed. "Why would you think that?" I answered. "I see the way you look at each other." He replied. "Why does everyone keep on saying that, we're just friends." I explained. "Really?" He asked. I realized the only way to shut him up and convince myself that I was right was to kiss him; so I did. He kissed me back, one of his hands on my cheek, the other on my lower back. Our lips moved together, sloppily but it felt nice. He broke the kiss and smiled. "Really." I answered, smirking. "You're a really good kisser." He said. "So I've been told." I laughed. "You're not so bad yourself." I added. "Does this mean we're-" He started. "Dating? Nope. We do have a date tomorrow though." I winked, running off to my house.

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