Beside You (Luke Hemmings Fanfiction)


3. Movies

Iris's P.O.V

I awoke to what sounded like my phone ringing. I sighed as I grabbed my phone and pressed answer. "Hello?" I asked, rubbing my eyes. "Good morning, Iris. It's Luke." I quickly sat up and smiled. "God damn, your sleepy voice sounds gorgeous." I thought. Or at least I think I said that in my head.

"Thanks." He replied. "Please tell me I did not say that out loud." I murmured, feeling my cheeks getting warm. "I would be lying." He giggled. I cursed at myself and laughed. "Your sleepy voice is quite beautiful as well, if I say so myself." He added. I couldn't stop smiling.

"Thanks Luke." I said. "My pleasure, babe." He replied. "So did you call because the early bird gets the worm?" I asked, laughing. "You got me." He answered, laughing. "I actually called because since we have detention together, what's the point of taking two cars? I was thinking, if it's okay with you and your parents, we should go in my car. So I wanted to ask if you wanted me to pick you up and drop you off." He explained. "Sounds good." I smiled. My brother, Troy opened the door and smiled at me. "Is that a guy you like?" He asked, with a flirty smile. "GET OUT TROY!" I yelled, running towards him and closing the door. "Sorry, my brother is nosy." I added.

"I get it." He laughed. "So I'll pick you up in a few." He added. "Great, thanks." I replied. "Can't wait to see you soon." He said. The call ended and I smiled. I jumped up from my bed and took a quick shower.

I put on a green day shirt, a flannel, and acid washed high waisted shorts. I fixed my hair, leaving it down in a waterfall braid. As I started doing my make up, I heard a knock on my door. "Shit is he already here?" I murmured to myself. I ran downstairs, and opened the door. "Hey Justice." I said. She gave me a hug and walked in. "Luke said that he was picking you up and said that I could go to your house if I wanted to go with you guys." She explained. I walked upstairs and she followed.

"Yeah, of course. Does he have my address?" I asked. "I gave it to him." She answered. I continued with my make up as we made small talk and talked about random things. As I finished, I asked her how I looked.

"You truly look fantastic. Who are you looking so astonishing for?" She replied. "Myself. But it would be nice to get a boyfriend as well, you know?" I explained.

I grabbed my phone and scrolled through my texts. I got a whole bunch from Luke. "Justice is already here, thanks so much for picking us up." I texted him, answering his two questions, which were: "Would you mind if Justice came along?" and "Is she there?" I smiled as he quickly replied. "Great. And it's a pleasure, honestly." "Did you ask your parents?" Justice asked. "Shit, no." I answered. I ran downstairs and greeted my parents. "Hey guys, so my friend, Luke, offered to pick me up." I explained.

"Can't you drive?" My dad asked. Someone knocked on the door and I opened it. "Hey Luke." I smiled. He brung me into a hug.

"Uh, Luke, you're going to be meeting my parents right now." I whispered. I got down from my tippy toes and introduced everyone. "Mom, Dad, this is Luke Hemmings." "Great to meet you guys." He smiled, shaking their hands. "What a handsome boy." My mom said. "Thanks." He blushed. "So why exactly are you picking and dropping off my daughter?" My dad asked, getting a bit overprotective. "Well, ya see sir, we both got d-" He almost explained until I grasped his arm tight. "Uh, Iris and I are going to the movies after school, so I figured instead of wasting gas, I could just take her and drop her off." He said.

"Sounds great, thanks for being such a gentleman." My mom replied. "Yeah, you guys have fun. Are you taking Justice?" My dad asked. "Yeah, she'll meet us in the car." I answered, leaving with Luke, sitting in the back. "You can sit in the front if you'd like." He said.

"No, it's okay, Justice should sit there." I replied. "Sorry about my dad, he's pretty overprotective." I added. "It's totally fine, it was nice to meet them." He smiled. I checked my phone and got a text from my mom. "Nice job with Luke." It read. I laughed. "My mom likes you." I said. He smiled. "Thank god." He said. I looked at him from his front mirror and smiled at his smile. He caught me and his smile got bigger. "Hey guys!" Justice said, sitting in the front, interrupting our moment.

"Hey beautiful." Luke replied, kissing her. Justice smiled during the kiss, and I was just awkwardly there. "So are you guys actually going to the movies after detention?" She asked. Luke started driving to school as he answered "no."

The rest of the ride contained talk about the party tomorrow and talk about Halloween which wasn't that far. Once we arrived, Justice and Luke kissed goodbye and she hugged me. "Take care of my best friend in class, Luke." She said. I smiled. "Don't get another detention though." She added, laughing. "Of course, my lady." He smiled. Once she left, Luke turned to me. "We're going to the movies after detention, okay?" He said. "But you said that we weren't going." I replied. "Yeah, because I want to spend time just with my new friend, duh." He smiled. "Bros before hoes." I said. "Exactly." He laughed. "Let's go to class, Hemmings." I smiled.

*After School*

I walked to detention and sat in the back. I texted Luke, asking him where he was. In a few minutes, he walked in. "Right here." He smiled. He walked to where I was and gave me a hug. "Did I tell you that you look really fantastic today?" He asked. "Nope. But thank you. You look handsome, yourself." I answered, blushing. "So what movie should we watch after detention?" I asked.

"Any movie you want." He answered. "We should totally watch Mean Girls or Catching Fire. Or The Fault In Our Stars." I suggested. "Sounds good." He agreed. "Am I the only one who's hungry or are you too?" I asked, smiling. He smiled and nodded. "I'm pretty hungry. Wanna raid the vending machines?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "Race you there." I answered, smiling. I started running to the vending machine, hearing Luke's feet behind me. When I was almost there, he grabbed me and twirled me around. "Luke!" I screamed, laughing.

He placed me down as he got to the vending machine first. "That was not fair." I said, smiling. He made a funny face, sticking out his tongue. I laughed, making a funny face as well. "Selfie." I said, taking out my phone. I told Luke to take it since he is taller and could take it at a better angle.

Once we finished taking pictures, we looked at them and Luke smiled. "Those are grand pictures, mate." He murmured.

"I agree." I smiled. "Hold my phone while I get a bag of chips, please." I added. He nodded. I paid no attention to what he was doing as I got a bag of gummy bears, and a coke. He gave me back my phone when I finished. I smiled as soon as I got it, seeing my lock screen. My lock screen was a picture of us, thanks to Luke. When I unlocked it, he took so many selfies on my phone, setting one of them as his contact picture. "Luke." I said. "Yes?" He asked, turning around with a bag of chips in his hand, smiling.

"Do you like it?" He asked. "Which one? Your selfies or the lock screen?" I answered, blushing. "Both." He said. "I love it." I smiled. "You're so silly, Hemmings." I added. "So are you." He replied. "Which is why we're best friends already." He smiled.

"Let's go back before we get another detention." I said, looking at the time. Luke and I walked back, snacks in our hands. We sat down at the desks we were sitting at before and started eating. "Can I have some soda?" He asked. I nodded and he took a sip of my coke. I saw Luke writing in a book, and I was peeking at it a few times. "What's that?" I asked.

"Michael, Calum, Ashton, and I are in this band, and this is where we write the songs." He explained. "5 Seconds of Summer." I murmured, reading the band name. He nodded.

"Are you guys any good?" I asked. "I think we're pretty good, but that's for you to find out. We're playing at our party tomorrow so you'll be able to check us out." He answered. "You're the singer and guitarist?" I asked. He nodded. "I can't wait to hear your voice." I smiled. "I hope you'll like us." He replied. "I'm sure I will." I said. He smiled. I went on my phone and clicked Instagram, posting a pic of Luke and I.

"Detention with the best friend." was the caption and I tagged him. Being a YouTuber, I got likes pretty fast. "I almost forgot you were a YouTuber." Luke said. "You should totally watch my videos and subscribe." I replied.

"Definitely." He smiled. Detention went pretty fast. I was reading some of the songs in his book, and smiled, wishing I was Justice. "These are really good." I murmured. "You think?" He gleamed with excitement. "Yeah. You guys are going to be big." I replied. "Just don't forget about me when you're headlining stadiums." I added. "How can anyone forget you?" He asked. "You're cute, Hemmings." I answered, blushing.

*After Detention*

Luke and I walked to his car, and I sat in the front this time. He started driving to his house, and I was using his phone. "Justice is asking if you two can go out later." I informed him. "Tell her that I'm busy with loads of homework." He replied. "I'll make it sound nicer." I said, laughing. "Thanks." He smiled. In a few minutes, we arrived at his house. "Welcome to my home." He said, opening my door. "It's nice." I replied.

We walked in, and I was anxious to meet his parents. "My parents aren't home so it's just us for a while." He informed me.

"Don't try anything." I smiled. We arrived in his room and I sat on his bed. "Damn, nice room." I said. "Thanks." He smiled. He jumped on the bed, right next to me. "Let's watch Mean Girls." He put in Mean Girls, and laid down on his bed. "Come here." He said, motioning his hand for me to come towards him. I crawled towards him on the bed, and he wrapped his arm around me as the previews played. He put a blanket on us and I couldn't stop smiling.

My head was buried in his neck, and our feet were entangled with each other. "I love cuddling." He whispered. "So do I." I replied. We pressed play and the movie started.

"Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies." He told me. "Ugh same." I agreed. I smiled, happy that I finally had that boy best friend I always wished for. "We should make popcorn." I said. He smiled and we both got up, running downstairs. He opened the cabinet where there was a box of popcorn, and grabbed one, putting it in the microwave and pressing the correct numbers so it would start.

"So what type of party is it tomorrow?" I asked. "Pool party." Luke answered. "You boys just want to see girls without full clothing." I murmured. Luke laughed and shook his head. "Not really, pool parties are pretty rad." He said. "True." I agreed.

"I am looking forward to see you and Justice without much clothing, though." He admitted, trying to make an innocent smile. "Knew it." I smirked. "You won't be disappointed then." I added. "Oh really?" He asked, smiling. The microwave beeped and I took out the popcorn. I put it in a bowl and walked upstairs.

"I bet you're looking at my bottom right now." I said, as he walked behind me. "You're making me!" Luke exclaimed.

I laughed and sat on the bed. Luke jumped on the bed, making the popcorn jump on me. "God dammit, Luke." I smiled, throwing popcorn at him. "This is my house, no throwing popcorn." He replied, throwing some at me. I threw a handful at him and his jaw dropped.

I laughed, throwing one right in his mouth. "And she makes the three!" I yelled, smiling. He dumped the bowl on me and put it in my head. "Luke. Hemmings." I let out. "Run." I added. I took off the bucket and Luke bolted. I ran after him, jumping on his back as soon as I caught up to him. "Y'know this would've been a really good video for my channel." I said as Luke sat on the couch, me still on his back. "Luke!" I yelled laughing. He got up and I smiled at his face. "I didn't do it." He said. "No, it was my nonexistent boyfriend." I replied. "Obviously." He agreed. I gently pushed him and sighed. "But seriously, we both need to clean up a bit." I laughed.

"I'll help you." He smiled. He took me to the bathroom and we both took popcorn out of our hair. "There's probably butter in my hair." I laughed. "I'm not sorry." Luke smiled. "Me either, I said, seeing popcorn hanging on his jeans.

I grabbed the popcorn from his jeans and ate it. "Still delicious." I said. He grabbed popcorn from inside my shirt and my jaw dropped. "I agree." He replied. I laughed and walked back to the room. "Let's just watch the movie before I slap you for going inside my boobs and getting popcorn." I yelled to him. He walked in and jumped on the bed once again. He hugged me from behind and I put the blanket on us. As the movie continued playing, I got sleepy, closing my eyes during parts. Eventually, I fell asleep there in Luke's arms.

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