Beside You (Luke Hemmings Fanfiction)


6. Matt

Iris's P.O.V.

I awoke to the smell of breakfast, and ran downstairs. "Good morning." My mom said. "It is a good morning indeed." I smiled, looking at the food. She put 3 pancakes on my plate and placed it in front of me. "Eat up."

I started to eat and my tongue was fascinated with the taste of pancakes and syrup and a hint of vanilla. "Ugh, mom, I love your food. You should cook more." I murmured. "Thanks sweetie. So uh... Your dad and I are leaving on a trip in two months and you'll be here alone with your brother. He's staying with his friends so you can stay over a friend's if you'd like. We're going away for a month." She explained. I raised my eyebrow and looked at her. "Oh and I prefer not to leave you with Justice because her parents are barely there so what's the point." She added. My first thought was Luke. "How about Luke?" My mom suggested. "Are you reading my mind or something?" I asked. She laughed.

"And do you trust your daughter with a handsome guy who is the perfect person and gets me?" I asked, smiling.

"I do, actually. And so does your dad." She answered. "We can call and ask his parents for you." My dad said, walking down the stairs. "Sure. But I'm going to ask Luke if its okay to raid as well." I replied. I finished eating and grabbed my phone. I got a miss call from Luke. I ran upstairs and jumped on my bed, calling him back. "Good morning!" He said through the phone. "Hello, Mr. Luke Hemmings." I replied. "I finally watched your YouTube videos. All of them actually, and I must say, you are a great YouTuber." He informed me through the phone, with a hint of smile in his voice. "You think?" I asked. "Yeah totally. Your videos are awesomesauce." He answered. "Just like 5sos." I replied. "OH MY GOD 5 SAUCE, NOT 5 ES OH ES, THATS PERFECT!" He excitedly yelled through the phone. "You're welcome." I smiled. "I owe you. Thank you so much!" He said. "Speaking of owing me, my parents are leaving me alone for a month or two and they suggested for me to stay at a friend's house an-" I started. "COME HERE! STAY WITH ME! WE'LL HAVE SO MUCH FUN." He loudly said, sounding excited. "That was sorta the plan." I giggled. "Is it okay, though? I don't want to be unwanted or something." I added. "Yeah, yeah, of course its okay." He said. "By the way, why did you leave early yesterday?" He asked. I had to think for a moment. "I was, uh, feeling a bit sick." I answered. "Oh, well I hope you're feeling well soon. And add another video already!" He said. "Thanks, Luke. And I will, just for you." I replied. "See ya." I said. "Hopefully soon." He replied. "Sure. See ya soon." I smiled. "Right back at ya." He said. I hung up and smiled.

I got another call, this time it was from Matt. "Hello." I said. "Hi." He replied. "Why are you so persistent?" I asked. "I'm willing to work for something I want." He answered. I laughed. "Called to confirm our date today?" I questioned, raising an eyebrow. 

"Yes, I did." He said. "When's the movie and what movie are we watching?" I asked. "How about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 2, it starts in 2 hours." He suggested. "Yes, yes, yes yes, I read all of the books, yes." I smiled. "Great, I can't wait to see you." Matt said. "See you soon." I replied, because the truth is, I was excited to see him but I was more excited to see Harry Potter. I got off my bed and took a quick shower. Once I was finished, I put on underwear and a bra, and grabbed black ripped skinny jeans, and a proud supporter of messy hair and sweatpants grey sweater. 

I put the two items on, and put my hair up in a messy bun. After quickly finishing my hair, I did a perfect winged eyeliner, and I put on nude lips. Finishing up, I knew I had some time to spare, so I painted my nails black. Once I was perfectly done, I put on a necklace that had the word "internet" on it, and I walked to the mirror to see if I looked somewhat attractive. Troy knocked on my door. "Come in." I said. He walked in and smiled. "You look pretty. Seeing Luke?" He asked. I laughed. "Luke is dating my best friend, Troy." I answered. "So you're going to see...?" He questioned. "This really attractive guy named Matt. He's really trying to get me; I'm playing hard to get." I explained. "Oh well, have fun. I'm going to a party, cover up for me?" He asked. I rolled my eyes and laughed. "Just because you're attractive and popular and you get invited to parties doesn't mean that I want to cover up for you." I smirked. "But you will, because you're the chill, beautiful person that everyone loves." He said. "Bye, love you." He added, leaving. I shook my head and laughed.

I heard my phone ring and I picked up. "Luke gave me your address, I'm almost there." He said. "Can't wait to see you." He added. "You cute boys with attractive accents and properness. You're killing me, honestly." I laughed. "You're the one with the accent here, as Luke says, Mrs All American." He replied. 

"That is true indeed." I smiled. "See you soon." I added. I ended the call and smiled. I'm not the type to play hard to get because most guys go for Justice instead of me, but I thought it would be fun. In a few minutes, I heard the doorbell ring. I called Luke and started to talk with him. "Hey Lukey." I smiled. "Iris, aren't you going on a date with Matt?" He asked. "Yeah, he's here now but I'm not his property or anything. I'm free, he can wait." I answered. He rung again and I slowly walked downstairs. "Well I hope your date goes well." He said. "Yeah." I replied opening the door. I flashed a smiled and kissed his cheek. "But I wanna see you soon, I mean I'm staying at your house in two weeks but how about we go do something after school tomorrow. Just you and I. And the boys as well, if you'd like." I suggested. "Sounds great. I'll see what we could do." He said. "Great. Love ya." I replied. "Love you too." He ended the call and I put down my phone. "Are those for me?" I asked, looking at the flowers he brought. "Yup." He answered. "Thank you!" I exclaimed and hugged him. "My pleasure. Are you ready?" He asked. I nodded. I grabbed my phone and made sure I had money in my pocket. I locked the door behind me and walked to his car, climbing in the passenger seat. "So Justice says that you've been single for almost a year now, how's that going?" He asked. "Honestly being single is being free, I don't need a guy to tell me what to do or what I can or can't do. No thanks, I'm fine being alone." I answered. "God, why are you so perfect for me but you're being all hard to get." He murmured. I looked at him. "I'm the type of person who makes things hard." I whispered, smirking at his reaction, him probably thinking about something dirty. 

We arrived at the cinema and I smiled. "I'm honestly so excited! Thanks for taking me." I smiled. "My pleasure." He replied. We got out of the car and he locked it, going up to get the ticket. I started getting out my wallet. "What are you doing?" He asked. "Paying for myself." I answered. He raised his eyebrow and laughed. "No, let me, you're my date." He said. "Plus I'm the guy." He added. "That last part was sexist. If a girl wants to pay for the guy or for herself, she can." I whispered, smiling. He looked at me and shook his head. "God you're something." He smirked. 

I nodded and laughed. He bought the tickets and we walked in. "Popcorn and candy?" He asked. I nodded. "Yeah, perfect." I answered.

We grabbed our items after paying, and sat down at our theater where Harry Potter starts playing in a few seconds. "So where did you live at before you moved to Australia?" He asked. "I was born in New York but I was raised in Florida." I explained. "Are those good places?" I've always wanted to travel to America." He said. "Luke too." I smiled. "Speaking of Luke, do you have anything going for him?" He asked. I paused and looked at him. "He's my best guy friend, that's it, why?" He asked. "Because I just want to make sure." He replied. "Y'know I'm not your girlfriend yet." I said. "Yet. That means that you can be some time soon, aye." He smirked. I laughed and shook my head. "So what do you think of Justice and Luke?" I asked. "Well they're uh, cute, but I think Luke likes you." He answered. "Why does everyone think that? No one likes me, I'm not even that cute." I sighed. "You're very cute, actually." He replied. "But what are your feelings on them?" He asked.

"Justice is my best friend, I respect her boyfriend and her. I just . I mean, I met Luke and we clicked, and that was before I found out he was dating her. Ash, Cal, and Mikey think we're cute together but its quite obvious that he has a girlfriend, and he doesn't like me. Plus, I'd never date my best friend's boyfriend." I explained. "Ignore the possibility that he doesn't like you, do you like him?" He asked.

"No." I murmured. 

The movie started and we both put our attention to the movie. The truth is, if he wasn't dating my best friend, I'd probably date him in half a second. 

*After the movie*

We got out of the movie theater and we walked to his car and talked about how we expected part 2 to be. "Thank you for taking me to watch it, I had a really fun time." I smiled. He brung me into an embrace and pecked my lips. As he pulled away, we made eye contact and I blushed. "I had fun too." He said, getting in the car. "So how about dinner?" He asked. "I'm really tired, maybe we can hang out some other time." I answered. "Sure, just call me whenever." He replied. In a few moments, we arrived at my house. I got out of the car and I walked to his side, him lowering down the window. "Thanks, again." I replied, smiling. I bent down and pecked his lips. I walked away and got my keys, him driving away. I decided to call Luke. "Hey." I said. "Hey, Iris!" Ash exclaimed through the phone. "How was the date with Matt? Did you get a little smoochy smoochy?" Michael asked. I laughed. "No, we kissed twice but it wasn't a full on make out or anything." I explained. "Looking for Luke?" Ash asked. "Yeah." I sighed. "He's kinda in bed with Justice, doing something; I don't even know what." He replied. I felt a lump form in my throat and I closed my eyes. "Oh, alright, just tell him to call me tomorrow morning." I answered. 

I walked inside my house and locked the door behind me, running upstairs. I took off my jeans, and my make up, climbing in bed and hugging my jumbo stuffed stitch. I really liked Luke, and he's dating my best friend. I clearly have no chance, and I shouldn't feel this way but I do. I closed my eyes as tears fell from my eyes, and shortly I fell asleep.

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