Beside You (Luke Hemmings Fanfiction)


4. Love Birds

Iris's P.O.V.

I awoke in Luke's arms and smiled. I looked at him and died inside at how much more cute and peaceful he looks in his sleep. I didn't want to wake him so I closed my eyes again. "Hey, beautiful." He said, his sleepy voice sounding very hot. "Hey." I laughed. He looked at me and smiled.

"What time is it?" He asked, breaking our embrace and running his fingers through his hair.

I stood up and did the same, fixing my outfit, taking my hair out of a bun and running my fingers through my hair. "6:21." I answered, checking my phone. "Shit, I gotta go." I murmured, grabbing my stuff and running out of the house before he could say something. He caught up to me before I could get to the next house. "You know I would never let you walk home alone, right?" He asked. I smiled and looked at him. "Right." I answered. "So why is little miss American in such a rush?" He questioned. I gently pushed him and started to explain. "My dad is all about good grades and good choices and being a good girl and shit. I can't get a B or a B+ or anything. I must get straight A's or I'm grounded for life."

"You could do your homework tomorrow." He said. "He doesn't let me go anywhere unless I do homework first." I replied.

"That's not living!" He exclaimed.

"Your dad needs to let you live, he needs to stop being so overprotective, and let you do crazy things." He added. "Just because he doesn't let me live, doesn't mean I don't. Trust me when I say this, good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught." I said. I saw him shiver a little and his cheeks started getting red.

"Does your dad even let you date?" He asked. I was pretty surprised to hear that question since he's dating my best friend, but since he's my best friend already, that is a very relevant and good question. "Yeah. Trust me, even if he didn't I would. The only thing is that no one wants to date me and I'm actually perfectly fine with that." I laughed. "Oh please, look at you." He smiled. "What?" I asked. "Your personality, and your smile, and your eyes and your dimples, and just everything about you is beautiful." He answered. I stopped in place, smiling and he continued to walk until he noticed that I stopped. He turned around and looked at me.

"Did you just?" I asked. "All I said was the truth." He replied. It started raining and Luke and I started to run to my house. "Well thanks for walking me home." I laughed. "No problem, enjoy your homework." He smiled, turning to leave. "Get your ass inside, you aren't walking home in the rain." I said. "As long as you got home okay, I'm totally fine." He replied.

"Get in Luke." I laughed. He did as I said and my mom greeted us. "Hey kids, how was the movie?" She asked.

"It was fun, very interesting." Luke answered.

"That's great! Glad you guys had fun." She smiled. "Yeah, well its raining and Luke walked me home so is it okay if he can stay at least until it stops raining?" I asked. "Yeah of course. Thank you, Luke for walking her home. Such a gentleman." Mom replied.

"My pleasure, Mrs. Rivers." Luke smirked. "Call me Emily, Mrs. Rivers makes me sound old." She suggested.

I laughed and looked at Luke. "Thank you, Emily." Luke smiled. As we walked up, I smiled. "First name basis, huh?" I asked. "I'm just that charming." He answered. "Possibly a bit too much charming." I laughed. I brought him to my room and he sat on my bed as I took out my homework. "Welcome to my room." I said. He looked around and smiled. "This room is amazing." He replied. "Ya think?" I asked. "Yes, oh my god." He answered, looking at all the posters that covered my walls and my CDs and vinyls and my book of all of my tickets from concerts and shows and movies. "You like this kid of stuff?" I questioned. "A lot." He smiled. "Yeah, I like this kind of music, and others of course because why limit yourself to just one music genre. But I'm really into vintage and old stuff too. I have a polaroid camera, and a whole bunch of vinyls and a really old record player." I explained.

"Where have you been all my life?" He asked, laughing. I blushed and smiled.

I got a call from Justice and I picked it up. "Hey, I just got home from the mall with one of Luke's friends. He's really handsome and your type, I think you guys would really hit it off. Can I come over?" She asked. "Ooh. Maybe we will hit it off, and yeah of course you can come. Luke is here." I answered.

"Well I'll be right there." She said, hanging up. "Oh my gosh, you saw Green Day?!" He screamed. I laughed. "Yeah, they were fucking amazing." I smiled.

"I really want to see them ugh." He said.

"Maybe your great best friend will get you tickets to see them." I replied. He looked at me and smiled. "Would you really?" He asked. "Maybe." I winked. He got so happy and ran to me, hugging me from behind. "You're the greatest!" He exclaimed. "I know, I know." I smiled. He looked at me from my mirror, and I looked back. Where he touched me felt hot, and I felt me blushing. A knock sounded from downstairs and he released me from the hug. "That's Justice. Open the door for me?" I asked. He nodded and walked downstairs. I sat there, and my brother came in. "You like him." He said. "No I don't." I replied. "Yeah, tell that to the redness of your cheeks." He laughed. "Get out, dumb ass." I rolled my eyes. He did as I said and Luke and Justice walked in hand in hand. "Hey girl!" She screamed. She let go of Luke's hand and hugged me. I hugged her back and smiled.

"I was surprised when you said Lukey Pookey was here." She smiled, looking at Luke and rubbing noses with him.

"Yeah, she helped me with all of my homework. There was so much, which is why I'm here still." He explained. "Yeah. So we both finished our homework early." I added. "Awh, thanks for helping him with homework. Now we can hang tomorrow at the party, and on Sunday too." Justice smiled.

"My pleasure. So what do you guys want to do?" I asked.

"We should order pizza and skateboard in the rain, duh." Luke answered. We high fived and I grabbed my phone, getting ready to order. "Luke, I don't know how to skateboard, can you teach me?" She asked. "Of course, darling." He kissed her nose. After I finished ordering, I got all of my skateboards, longboards and my two penny boards. "The tie-dye penny board with acidic washed wheels is mine." I said and picked it up.

Luke and Justice picked theirs and I smiled, putting on a beanie and my vans. We walked downstairs where my brother was sitting, playing video games.

"Where's mom?" I asked. "She went out with dad." He answered. "Well we're going to be outside, okay? Don't go anywhere and if the pizza deliverer gets here, pay him or her with the money I put on the counter." I explained. "Hey Troy!" Justice smiled, giving him a hug. "Hey Justice, and yeah yeah whatever. Have fun." He replied. We walked outside and I got on my penny board and started cruising. I heard Luke trying to teach Justice behind me and I laughed a little. "Look, get on with the foot that feels more comfortable and place the other one behind it." He said. "Good, now use your back foot to push yourself." He added. "Will I fall?" She asked. "Possibly, but I'll catch you, I promise." He answered. I rolled my eyes and stopped in place. "You guys good?" I asked. "Yeah, I think I'll get this soon." Justice replied. I turned around and she pushed herself and got on, screaming because she needed to balance. "Babe, you gotta balance. Keep your posture straight." He said. She did as he said and she was doing it. She screamed and got off of the board, jumping on Luke and attacking him with kisses. "Thank you, thank you." She kept on saying. Luke looked so happy at how happy she was and I looked down. "Lets go then, guys." I said. I got on and started cruising again; singing along to Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day. I heard Luke sing along as he started coming up next me. I felt my cheeks get warm as he started smiling at my singing. We weren't paying attention to our boards and we hit each other, landing on the wet grass; Luke on top of me. Luke and I kept on laughing. "You have a beautiful voice." He smiled, still laughing. I couldn't even laugh anymore because his laugh made me melt. "Your laugh and voice are completely mesmerizing." I blushed. He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye, a little bit longer than friends should look at each other in this situation.

"There you guys are, I was behind, are you guys okay?" She asked. "Yeah, perfectly fine." I answered. Luke got up and got me up. "The rain messed up our concentration." I added.

"Alright, well I think I got skateboarding. Let's fuck shit up." Justice said, smiling.

We all got on our boards and started rolling. Luke was teasing Justice, acting like he was going to crash into her or jump on her board, and Justice was screaming. Being the third wheel is always fun. I continued cruising, not paying attention to where I was going because I was on my phone. I almost ran over this guy by Justice's house and I fell off. I cringed, knowing I was falling, but I didn't hit the ground.

"You okay?" The guy asked. I opened my eyes and realized he caught me. "Yeah, yeah. Thank you so much." I answered. He placed me on my feet on the ground and we stared at each other for a few seconds. "I'm sorry for staring, you're just gorgeous." He said, half smiling. Justice came up before I could reply; hugging him. "Matt! Hey. This is my friend Iris; the one I repeatedly told you about. Iris, this is that handsome friend of Luke that I also told you about." Justice said, after the hug. Matt grabbed my hand, brung it to his lips and gently placed his lips on it. "Its a pleasure to finally meet you." He smiled. "Pleasure is all mine." I replied, absolutely breathless by his presence. "Hey Matt." Luke said, messing up his hair. "Hey man." Matt laughed. "You caught my bestie here, huh?" Luke asked, hugging me. "Yeah. Glad I did." He answered. "Flirting already?" Luke raised his eyebrow and smirked. "Maybe." Matt blushed. I smiled and Luke looked at me. "She is beautiful." Luke said. "Right? That's what I've been telling Matt." Justice agreed.

I rolled my eyes and stood there. "Yeah, yeah, I'm flawless, I know." I blushed. They laughed. "You are very flawless." Matt smiled. "Not as flawless as you though, okay, you're fucking gorgeous." I replied.

"Okay, love birds, that's enough. Matt, why were you at my house?" Justice laughed.

"I just came to give you this, you left this in my car." He said, giving her a bag of items from shopping. "Thank you so much! I knew I didn't have all of my stuff." She exclaimed. "No problem. So I'll see you at the party tomorrow then, Iris?" Matt questioned. "Yeah, of course." I answered.

He smiled and said "see you then, my lady."

He hugged Justice and approached Luke, having a conversation (which I couldn't hear). They hugged and then he left. "We should go back to the house and eat our pizza before the gremlin eats it." I suggested. "Alright." Luke said. We went back to my house, on the boards, and walked in. "Great, the pizza is here." I smiled, grabbing plates and putting slices on them. I grabbed mine and gave Luke and Justice theirs. "So what do you think about Matt?" Justice asked. "He's handsome and seems like a gentleman." I answered. "That's it?!" She exclaimed. "We just met, there's really not much I can say." I replied. "True, true." She said. "I think she likes someone else." My brother yelled from upstairs. "Do you?" Luke asked. My cheeks felt hot and I knew I was blushing. "You do!" Justice exclaimed. "I can't explain my feelings about a person to another person; I can't tell if I like someone right away." I explained. "Ugh fine, I'll give you time to tell me about this mystery guy; if there even is a mystery guy." Justice smiled. I washed the dishes and threw away the box of pizza, since we were finished. I walked back in, seeing Justice and Luke making out in the corner. I walked upstairs, to my room and blasted All Time Low's Don't Panic: It's Longer Now album.

Throwing myself on the bed, I sighed as I was looking at all of my posters, and singing along. Luke walked in and laid down next to me. "Hey." He said, turning his face to see mine. "Hey." I replied, doing the same. "Why were you so quiet after we saw Matt?" I asked. "Maybe you were so talkative with Justice that I couldn't speak." He answered, making a funny face.

I laughed and we sat there in silence staring at each other; Luke playing with my hair.

"You know you can tell me anything, right?" Luke whispered in my ear. "Of course." I smiled. We were interrupted by a knock on the door, and Luke sat up, releasing me from his embrace and not playing with my hair anymore. "It stopped raining, wanna go?" Justice asked. "Yeah, sure." Luke answered. "Can I stay over?" Justice asked. Luke nodded and smiled. He gave her the car keys and told her to go in the car. "See you tomorrow, mate." Luke smiled at me, giving me a hug. "See ya." I sighed. I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep.

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