Beside You (Luke Hemmings Fanfiction)


2. "I Got a Boyfriend"

Iris's P.O.V

It was the 4th week of school, and I missed like 6 days already. "So what did I miss?" I asked my closest friend, Justice, as I was walking to school. "Well I got a boyfriend." She answered, giggling a little through the phone. "Of course you did, you usually get the boys and I'm just there like a potato." I laughed. "Oh shut up! I think you'll like him, he's such a nice guy. I hope you guys become friends... But not that close." She replied. "Yeah, maybe, well I'm walking into school right now so I'll see you in 3rd period." I rolled my eyes.

I hit the end button, and sighed. I was wearing an oversized "You can't sit with us" sweater, and high waisted shorts, today, and a lazy bun. Justice likes when I wear buns, she says I look like a unicorn because you can see my hair going into a lavenderish purple in the bun.

I shoved my stuff in my locker, and walked to my first class. I had one earphone in, listening to everyone else's conversation. I sighed loudly and walked out of the class, going to the bathroom. These four guys were running down the hallway, chasing a ball. The ball and this blonde guy with a lip piercing bumped into me, quite hard. "What the fuck, watch where you're going." I said a little bit louder than I should've. The guy that hit me turned around, and walked to me.

"I'm sorry, did I hit you while running?" He asked, his voice and face making me speechless. "Y-yeah, ya did." I answered. "Are you hurt?" He raised an eyebrow, looking concerned.

I couldn't help but smile. The real answer was "Yes, gosh, you're completely mesmerizing that it hurts my heart." But me being shy, replied "No, I'm fine, thanks for checking." He smiled, showing dimples and I literally screamed. "Are you okay?" He asked. "Yeah, sorry, I just have a weird fetish with dimples, and you have fantastic dimples." I answered.

"You're cute." He laughed under his breath. "I'm Luke, Luke Hemmings." He said, putting a hand out. I placed mine in his, shaking it. "I'm Iris. Iris Rivers." I introduced myself. The bell rang and his friends called him. "I'll see you around, Iris. And sorry, again, for bumping into you." He said, walking backwards, bumping into a few people while staring at me. I laughed, looked down, and looked back at him. As his face disappeared in the crowd of people, I walked back to my first class. I couldn't stop smiling for some reason. I couldn't wait to tell Justice about Luke.

The other bell rang, and the teacher came in, and started writing stuff on the board.

She opened her mouth, about to say something, but someone ran through the door and huffed. "Sorry; I got distracted and went the wrong way." He explained to the teacher. The class laughed and I smirked as his blue eyes met mine. "Just sit down, Hemmings." The teacher said. He sat down next to me and he smiled.

"So we meet again, Iris." He said. I laughed, looking at him and then looking down. "I wonder what your distraction in the hall was." I replied. "Just a really pretty girl." He explained.

"Yeah, I think I saw her." I agreed. "Luke, Iris, stop talking before I write you a detention." The teacher said. "I'm surprised you can write at all with those wrinkled fingers of yours." I murmured. Luke laughed, and I smiled, enjoying the sound of him laughing.

The teacher gave us detentions and Luke smiled. "Looks like I'm spending my Friday here with you."

"Oh sorry to ruin your plans." I replied. "That was my plan for Friday anyways." He confessed.

"Give me your phone." I said. He gave me his phone, and I put in my number, and took a selfie for the camera. I gave it back to him and he put in my name, and smiled. "There ya go. We're officially friends." I announced. I turned to the teacher, and tried my best to focus on her and not Luke.


I got a pizza, and sat down in the table with Justice. I pulled out my hot cheetos and soda from my book bag, and started eating. "3rd period is so boring, it makes me want to croak." Justice said, looking at me. "I know how you feel, mate." I agreed. "So where is your boyfrie-" I started asking.

Luke hugged Justice from behind and pecked her lips. He looked at me and smiled. "Am I allowed to sit here?" He asked me, due to my sweater. I laughed and nodded.

"Here he is." She smiled. "His name is L-"

"Luke Hemmings, yeah we met." I cut her off. "Oh really?" Justice asked, looking at him for an answer.

"Yeah, i bumped into her in the hallway, and I apologized, and then we have all of our classes together except 3rd hour." He explained. "In fact, we have detention on Friday together because we were talking to each other most of the 1st hour." He added. "So you guys are friends! Good." Justice said.

"You're right, he's really nice." I replied. "Ugh, isn't he the best?" She asked. "The greatest." I answered. Luke called his other 3 friends to come sit with us, and they did.

"Ashton, Calum, and Michael, this is Iris, my friend, and Justice, my girlfriend." Luke introduced all of us.

"Nice to meet you." Calum smiled. "Any friend of Luke is a friend of ours." Michael said. "That's great because I'm low on friends." I laughed. "Not anymore." Ashton smirked. "Wait, Iris, didn't you say that you had something to tell me about this gu-" Justice started.

"Nevermind, Justice." I sighed. "So, any hobbies?" I asked.

"Luke sings really good and can play guitar." Michael answered. "So can Iris, she's very good at singing and playing any instrument, really." Justice explained.

"But I actually have a youtube channel, and I have a lot of subscribers. I have 621k." I added.

"Damn, you gotta sing for us or something." Calum smiled. "I'd love to." I agreed. "We're actually throwing this party on Saturday and we'd love for you both to come." Michael offered. "Not really a party person. I'm too.... what's the word." I replied, trying to think.

"Socially awkward." Justice suggested. "YES! That's what I meant. I'm too socially awkward for anyone to invite me to a party." I laughed.

"Well then you'll fit in just fine." Ashton said. "I'll take her, I'm sure she'd love to have fun for once." Justice replied. "Hey, I'm always having fun. The jokes I say in my head are quite funny. Just because I don't go to parties as often as you, does not mean I don't have fun." I smiled. Luke looked up at me and smiled. I caught his glance and smirked. "We'll see you both there, then." He said.

I nodded. "Sure."

When lunch finished, Luke walked with me to my locker. "You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend." I said, getting books. "I think it's cool you're dating my best friend. She always wants me to get along with them and I only got along with 4 and she has had about 4 times as much in her lifetime; you're one of those 4 I get along with." I added.

"I'm very likable." He said, smiling like a 3 year old. "I'm aware, Hemmings." I laughed, walking to our next period together.

I got in the class, and sat down, sighing as I read Justice's text. "You still haven't told me about that guy." Was what it read. "No shit, that's because the guy was Luke." I thought.

Instead, I typed "Never mind, don't worry about it."

"You okay?" Luke asked me. "Uh, yeah, why?" I answered. "I can tell you're not okay." He added. "I swear, Luke, I'm totally okay." I replied. "Pinky promise?" He asked. I almost started bawling once he said that, it was so cute. I entangled my pinky finger with his and nodded.

The teacher came in, and the class started. I sighed as I had to endure a few more hours of this torture.

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