Beside You (Luke Hemmings Fanfiction)


13. Halloween

Iris's P.O.V.


It was finally Halloween, and the boys and I were invited to a Halloween party that Aliyah's friend was throwing. "What are you guys going to wear?" Ashton asked. "Matching outfits?" Michael teased. "Maybe." I laughed. "That's cute." Ash smiled. "Where's Cal?" Luke asked. "He's all nervous and trying to find a good outfit, so he stayed home to get ready." Michael explained. "Why is he nervous?" I asked. "Isn't it obvious?" Luke replied. "If it was obvious, why would I ask?" I said. "She has a point." Ash agreed. "Shut up Ashton." Luke murmured. "Respect your elders." Michael laughed. "Okay, okay, can someone answer my question, please." I giggled. "Calum thinks Aliyah is so pretty, and he wants to ask her out but he's nervous." Michael explained. "WHAT?! HE LIKES HER?!" I exclaimed, screaming. "This is fantastic." I let out, once I calmed down. "Don't tell her." Ashton said. "Of course not." I smiled. "I'm just happy." I added.

"Okay, so what are you guys wearing?" I asked. "I'm going as an alien." Ashton answered. "Like a green morphsuit and the matching green alien morph mask." He added. "You know that stuff is really tight, right?" Michael asked. "Yeah, and also brilliant." I answered. "Show off what you got to offer to the girls, Ash." I added. Luke looked at me and I pecked his lips. "Love you, dude." I said. He smiled. "How about you, Michael?" He asked, getting into it now.

"I'm spiderman." He answered, simple and quick. "So original." Luke said. Ash, Luke, and I started laughing and Michael blushed. "What? You assholes. Spiderman is the best superhero." He defended himself.

"Language." Ash muttered. Michael rolled his eyes and I laughed

"You'll look great, Mikey." I smiled, him giving me a high five. "Okay, well the party is soon, you'll see our costumes at the party." I hugged Ash and Mikey, and they left. "Since we're surprising each other, I'm going to go to my house to get ready, and I'll meet you there." I suggested. He nodded, and pouted. "Stay just a little longer, love." He whimpered. "Fucking bitch." I said under my breath. He pulled me into an embrace, and I had to give in, crashing my lips on his. "Just 10 more minutes, you clever bitch." I smiled. He picked me up and we were now on the couch. Liz cleared her throat, and Luke, getting flustered, threw his hands up, stopped kissing me, and pulled away; now sitting, away from me. "One, no intercourse till you're married. Two, especially not on my couch." She calmly said. "We were just making out, mom." Luke replied. "Yeah, but you boys start feeling more... how can I put this without making it weird." She started. "Horny." I suggested. Luke gave me a death stare, and started to blush. "Well, yup. Boys AND girls are extrememly... horny at this age. Sweet pecks lead to making out, which leads to se-" She continued. "OKAY MOM! THANKS! SHE'S LEAVING TO GET READY ANYWAYS." Luke loudly stopped her. I nodded, laughing a little, and getting up. "Love you, darling, be safe. Call me when you get to the party. Luke, go get ready." She smiled. I nodded. "Love you too, thanks Liz." I replied, walking out the door and to my house, since it wasn't far.

In a few minutes, I arrived at the door. I hadn't been to this house since my parents died.

My heart shattered at what was written on the door. "Your parents died because of you" "Your parents deserved to die" "Attention whore has no parents to get attention from" "Your parents didn't even want you, so they died." And countless others. "Are you fucking kidding me." I muttered.

I opened the door, and walked inside, closing it, and sliding my back against the door. Tears were streaming down my face, and I felt as if I was drowning; I couldn't breathe. Honestly, who would be so fucking cruel to do that. I sat there, blaming myself for everything, and crying so fucking hard. I realized that 20 minutes passed, and Luke was calling me. I breathed in and out, wiping off my tears, and put on a smile, answering. "Hey, darling." He said. "Hey." I replied, trying my best to sound okay. Of course my voice decides to crack. Shit. "You okay?" He asked. I closed my eyes, trying my best to force the tears back but they just pushed out. "I'll be there soon." He added, hanging up.

I heard the door open, and Luke came in. He pushed away what the door had on it, and went straight to me, pulling me into his arms.

I let it all out, absolutely breaking down. I was falling apart. He stroked my hair, and constantly wiped away my tears. Once I gathered myself together, he kissed my forehead. "Do you know who did that?" He asked. "No." I answered. "I'm so sorry. I promise, we'll find the person or people who did it." He replied, rocking me back and forth.

"You don't deserve any of this. You aren't the reason they died. No one deserves to die. You aren't an attention whore or a slut or unwanted. Your parents loved you so fucking much. Ignore everything that door says on it." He whispered. I nodded. I looked at his costume and smiled. "You feel better?" He questioned. I nodded. "We have the same costume." I murmured. "Seriously?" He stood up, and spun around, laughing. I giggled and nodded. "Hey, thank you for always being there to put me back together and always making me smile. I couldn't ask for anyone better, and I don't want anyone else." I smiled. He blushed. "Of course. It's my pleasure and my job, plus, same to you; you're the only girl I love." He replied. I pecked his lips, and then he smirked. "Let's get you ready." He said. We went to my room, and I took off all of my clothes besides my bra and panties. "Help me get into this bodysuit." I laughed. "I fell a few times trying to put it on." He admitted. I laugh. "Clumsy. You should be called fluke, not superman." I replied. He nodded. I put on the bodysuit and looked at myself in the mirror. "My body looks nice in this." I said. "Not to mention that ass." He added, grabbing it. I blushed and bit my lip. "Hands off for now, gotta fix my hair and face." I laughed. I went to the bathroom and left my hair down, it was wavy, and it looked really good, actually. I put smokey eyeshadow, red lips, waterproof mascara, and the perfect winged eyeliner, with a nice blush to compliment my structure. I walked out of the bathroom and we were superman and superwoman, with bodysuit costumes with attached capes. "I love how we didn't even plan this, but it still happened." I smiled. "You're clearly the more attractive one." He added. I pushed him and laughed. "Stop lying." I blushed. He laughed and rolled his eyes. "Alright, let's go." We finally left to the party, and when we arrived, the place was fucking packed. Oh great. Parties. My favorite thing to do. We walked in the house and there was a whole bunch of booze, varieties of costumes, lots of candy and decorations, and countless people making out.

"We don't have to be here." Luke whispered in my ear. "I want to be here. It'll be.... interesting. Plus, Aliyah is here." I replied. I spotted Aliyah in a sexy nerd costume and I walked up to her. "Woah, you look smashable!" She exclaimed, hugging me. "Really?! Me? You look so sexy, dude. I thought you were innocent." I replied, laughing. Luke joined us. "OH MY GOD YOU GUYS ARE MATCHING, THAT'S THE CUTEST." She screamed. "Hey, Aliyah." Luke smiled, giving her a hug. She mouthed "otp" and I giggled. Ashton, Calum, and Michael walked towards us and hugged Luke and I. "Guys, this is Aliyah, Aliyah this is Calum, Ashton, and Michael." I introduced everyone. "I love your costumes." She said to them. "Same to you." Calum replied. "We'll um, leave you two to talk." Michael winked at Cal. "Talk to you later, Aliyah." I said to her. She waved and started talking to Cal about his costume.

He was Donatello, the purple ninja turtle. Luke and I were dancing and I was peeping at Cal and Aliyah time from time; they were really hitting it off. "Aren't they the cutest?" I murmured, smiling. "No. We are." Luke replied.

I laughed and nodded. "True, true, you're right." I agreed.

"I'm going to get something to drink, I'll meet you by Ash and Mikey." I informed him. He nodded and pecked my lips, walking to the boys. I walked to where there was punch, with fog , and got some in a cup. I took a sip, and sighed, just standing there. I felt someone touch my ass, and when I turned around, I saw a group of guys. "I want a piece of that." One said. "Too bad you can't have one, with your fuck ass. Touch my butt one more time, you unworthy shitfucks, and I will take out your eyes from their sockets, with my bare hands." I replied. "How about you take your mouth and put it on thi-" Another one started.

I laughed. "Put it on what? Your nonexistent dick? Yeah, no. My mouth can't be put on stuff that small, plus I would never give you guys the pleasure." I slayed them all. I walked away and one grabbed my arm. I twisted it, and brought him to the ground. "Touch me one more fucking time and you'll see what happens." I whispered in his ear. I walked away, successfully this time, and walked to the boys. I bumped into this girl dressed as a sexy maid, and she looked at me with a stank face.

"Watch where you're going, bitch. I bet if your parents watched where their plane was going, they wouldn't have died." She muttered, not even saying it to my face. "Excuse me? Say it again to my face, please." I replied. She did, and I did a slow 360 degrees turn with laughing.

Luke came to my side and looked at me. "What happened?" He asked. "You need to keep your girlfriend on check. Her ugly, pathetic ass is bumping into people. Where's her parents? Oh wait...." She answered. "I don't need to keep my girlfriend on anything. She's a free person, she decides what she does. If she bumped into you, oh fucking well, the world doesn't revolve around you. Call her pathetic or ugly again, and I will ruin YOUR pathetic life. Where the fuck is your parents? You're barely wearing any clothes, you've screwed more than half of the guys here. Stop fucking making fun of her or bringing up her parents because she is so much more prettier than you and she clearly has a lot more self respect, you're pathetic. Bye." He got all in her face. We walked away, and he looked at me. "You okay?" He asked.

"There's a lot of that question today." I answered. "Do you wanna go home, love?" He suggested. "I don't even know where home is." I replied. He grabbed my hand, and he guided me outside, right in front of the house; there was no one. He looked down and then looked at me, our hands still together. "Listen, I know that everything sucks right now. You lost your parents, you basically lost your brother, and you lost your friend. I have no idea how you feel, and I hate that because all I want is for you to be happy and smiling and positive and yelling at me like usual, and making fun of my shyness and when i get flustered. Once again, I don't know how you feel, but I do know that I love you, and I really do want you to stay in my life for as long as possible. You make me really happy, and I know we're young, and what not, but I've learned that home is where your heart is; my heart is with you. You're MY home, and I know the place where you've been living at for a while with your parents is now ruined by dumb asses, and there's no one there... but, you have Michael, Calum, Ashton, Liz, and I; we love you." He said, nervously. I shed a tear and looked down. "Thanks." I muttered, flashing a small smile. "You can try to push me away, but it won't work. I will never leave you at a time like this. I am always here for you, okay?" He added. "Okay." I nodded. He wiped my tears with his two thumbs, and kissed my forehead. "I love you so much." He whispered, his lips still against my forehead. He then brought me into an embrace. "I love you too." It came out muffled, my face buried in his chest. "Now since I'm done being superman and saving my superwoman, how about we go find our fellow mates." He suggested. I laughed. "I'm surprised they haven't burned down the whole house yet." I admitted. We walked inside, his arm wrapped around me. The boys were chilling by Aliyah. Well, all of them besides Michael.

"Hey, is everything alright?" Aliyah mouthed to me. I nodded. "Perfect." I mouthed back. She smiled. "Did you guys to a quickie?" Calum asked. "I'm about to do a quickie punch to your face, Calum." Luke answered. We all laughed. "So how is everything going on here? What'd we miss?" I questioned. "If you're asking about how Cal is doin with Aliyah, I'm pretty impressed." Ashton replied. Aliyah blushed. "What do you mean?" She asked.She's really clueless when it comes to boys. She has this friend named Brandon who is totally hot and totally into her, but she refuses to accept that he likes her. Tragic, really.

"Cal has something to ask you." Michael came out of nowhere and pushed him closer to her. "Tell me how it goes." I mouthed and winked to Aliyah. "Let's give them space." Luke smirked. We walked away, letting them talk.

I faced Michael who smelled like alcohol. "Where were you, Mikey?" I asked. "I was dancing with a few girls, and then I went to get a few drinks and I'm dizzy, lets cuddle." He answered, slurring his words. I giggled. "Want me to take you home, buddy?" Ashton suggested. "No, no, I want Iris and Luke." Michael said. "Well, I guess we're leaving." Luke laughed. I hugged Ash. "You make a really cute alien Ash, nice showing off the body." I said. "Thanks, Iris, you really showed off yours too. Please drive safe, and give Michael lots of water." He replied. I nodded. Luke grabbed my hand, and wrapped his other arm around Michael. "Let's go." He sighed. We walked out, and got in Michael's car. Luke drove and I sat in the back, Michael in the front, next to him. He was sleeping. "Sorry we didn't do much at the party." Luke whispered. "It's fine, I had fun." I smiled. "I always have fun with you." I added. "If you want, once we drop Michael off, we can go trick or treating... u-unless its too kiddy." He suggested. I giggled. "Nothing is ever too kiddy. I'm always down for bouncy houses or trick or treating or a Disney marathon." I replied. "Perfect then. We can go trick or treating, and then go home and watch High School Musical." He said. I nodded. We arrived at Michael's house and we woke him up, and he went inside. We parked the car and started trick or treating from his house to Luke's. By the time we got to Luke's house, we had a full bag and then a 1/2 filled bag.

I knocked on Liz's bedroom door, and she said to come in. "Hey Liz, we're home. We have candy if you want some." I informed her. She smiled. "Thanks for telling me, Luke usually forgets to. I think I'll pass. Don't eat too much at this time, it's late." She replied. I nodded and giggled. "Of course, of course." I agreed. "I just want to say thanks for everything. Again." I added. "It's my pleasure." She said. "Well we're going to go watch all the High School Musical movies. Good night." I gave her a hug and left, closing the door behind me. I jumped on the couch, right next to Luke -- who was eating all of the candy, by the way. "HEY! I TOLD YOU TO WAIT FOR ME!" I exclaimed, throwing a chocolate bar at him. "One day I'm going to eat all of your vegemite." I muttered.

He threw candy back once he heard what I said about eating all the vegemite. We started a candy fight, and I gotta tell you... it was intense. At one point, we both stopped and we were just laughing.

"Let's just watch the movie before we make a mess of candy we could be eating." I sighed. He picked up all the candy and gave it to me, and then pressed play. We sang along to every single song they sang, and it was really fun trying to sing with a mouth full of candy. After the second movie ended, we decided to put away what was left of the candy and call it a night. I was laying down, and trying to sleep, now in the bed. I felt Luke finally get in the bed, and he wrapped his arms around me. His lips were softly placed on my cheek. "You're the most precious thing to me, Iris." He whispered. I didn't want to just scream and ruin the moment, so I closed my eyes tighter and fell asleep with a huge grin on my face.

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