Beside You (Luke Hemmings Fanfiction)


11. Green Day

Iris's P.O.V.

*Two months later*

Luke and I have been dating for 2 months now, and those 2 months have been the happiest days of my life. I woke up, attacked by kisses on my neck and I smiled. "Good morning." He said. "A good morning it is." I giggled. I put my hands on his cheeks and brought his lips to mine. His mom knocked on the door and interrupted us. "Come on in." Luke said, pulling away. "I'm going out, alright? Tell me if you leave the house." She informed us. "Of course, Liz." I smiled. "Love you, mom." Luke said before she left. "So what're we doing today?" He asked. "Remember when I said maybe I'd get you Green Day tickets?" I asked. He nodded and his eyes widened. "You're joking." He smiled. "There's a concert today nearby anndddd I got two tickets." I announced. He jumped on me and smashed his lips on mine, and I immediately kissed back. He got on top of me and I rolled over, me now being on top. He smiled and I gently bite his bottom lip during the heating up make out session. He moved his hands to my butt and we laughed during our kiss. "God you are the girl of my dreams." He said, staring right into my eyes. I smiled, blushing. "Shut up, you dork. You only like me for the tickets." I joked. "Obviously." He winked. I laughed and got off of him. I took off my pajama pants and when I was about to take off my shirt, he started getting flustered. "W-what are you doing?" He asked. "Getting undressed." I answered. "I'm not fully naked under my clothes, it's called bra and panties." I added, giggling. He laughed and rolled over, his face against the pillows. "I don't know why I date you." I said under my breath. "Excuse me?" He asked, looking towards me again. "Shut up." I answered. "Oh yeah? Make me." He replied. I took off my shirt, and took off my panties and bra. "And you're shut up." I smirked. I walked to the bathroom, and got in the shower. I heard things fall, him probably being all clumsy after what I just did. I laughed in the shower and started to wash my body and hair. Once I finished, i got out and sighed. "You fucking giant, I still can't reach the towel!" I yelled. "I hate you." He grinned, coming in the bathroom. "That beautiful grin of yours tells me otherwise." I winked. He gave me a towel and I and took it wrapping it around my body. "Love you, dimples." I said. He smiled and pecked my lips. "Love you more." He replied. He was already ready for the concert, and it was only 11, the concert being at 6:30. I put on my black "let your smile change the world but don't let the world change your smile" crop top t-shirt, sheer tights, mid wash ripped denim high waisted shorts, and lace up platform motorcycle chunky high heel ankle boots.

"Babe, can I use a flannel of yours?" I asked. "Of course." He answered, giving me a red flannel. "Mind if I make it look awesome?" I questioned. He smiled. "Should I trust you?" He murmured. "Yes, of course." I replied. "Yup, yup fine." He gave in. "I'm going to need paint and a paint brush, not thick, something to write letters." I said. "Oh god." He laughed. He got me the two items and I painted the words "American Idiot" in all caps, in white, on the back of the flannel. "I wasn't expecting this." He admitted. "Is it cool?" I smiled. "It is, very awesome." He agreed. I smiled, and jumped on him. "I'm so excited. Let's get going." I said. "It's only 11." He replied. "Don't you want to be first row?" I asked. "It's general admission." I added. "You got a point." He agreed. I grabbed the drawstring bag that I had packed for the past few months already, and we ran to the car. "I'm driving." I yelled. We got in and I started driving to the venue. Once we arrived, we were 2 people away from the front.

Michael called me on FaceTime and I smiled. "Sup, Clifford." I said. "How are ya, Mrs. Hemmings." He replied. "So funny, Michael." I giggled. "Where are you guys?" He asked. Luke got in the picture and he waved. "We're waiting to go in to the Green Day concert." Luke answered. "Oh, co- WHAT YOU GUYS ARE AT THE FUCKING GREEN DAY CONCERT, HOLY SHIT DUDE, DID IRIS BUY THEM FOR YOU?" Michael started screaming.

I laughed and nodded. "Yeah, she did." Luke replied, looking at me and laughing about Michael.

"Dude, marry her. Marry her or I will, I swear to fucking god, this girl is an angel sent from hell or heaven, or whatever the fuck, marry her." Michael said. "Hopefully one day." Luke smiled. I looked at him and he blushed. "God if you were my girlfriend I would marry you on the spot and screw you right when we got home from the concert." Michael murmured. "Michael, back off, she's mine. Get your own smoking hot, awesome, girlfriend." Luke replied, getting defensive and competitive. "Michael, we should date instead of Luke and I." I said.

"Iris." Luke quickly turned his head to me. "I'm joking babe, I love you." I giggled. "I'm going to hang up before you flirt with my girlfriend one more time." Luke muttered. "Love ya Mikey." I said. "Bye! Have fun! Love you both." He replied.

Luke hung up and looked at me. "Just so we've got this covered, you're mine, not Michael's. Mine." He stated. "I'm aware, babe. I don't like him like that. Even though he is pretty attractive." I said, murmuring the last part. "Hey." He rolled his eyes. "Just teasing." I giggled. He pouted and I started feeling bad. "Aw, Luke." I smiled. I brought his face to mine and pressed my lips to his. He immediately wrapped his arms around my waist, one hand pushing me closer to him, the other on my butt, and kissed back. "Mine." He murmured against my lips, causing me to smile.

*6 hours later*

They always let you in an hour early than the actual start time, so they were letting us in now. Once they scanned our tickets, Luke and I ran to the front. "The front!" I screamed. "The front!" He cheered. Well not all the way in front, we were behind 3 people, but that was still the front. The crowd started singing Basket Case, and Luke and I joined along. The crowd was singing Green Day songs for about 50 minutes until each member, one by one, started coming out. The crowd roared, and I looked at Luke's face which gleamed of happiness. They started with American Idiot and the whole crowd, which goes so far back, sang the lyrics and screamed at the top of their lungs. Luke put me on his shoulders for a few seconds, turning around to show them the flannel and then he put me back down and kissed my forehead. Luke's arm was wrapped around my waist, extremely tight. After American Idiot finished, Billie said hi to Australia and welcomed us to the tour. They started playing Jesus of Suburbia and I got so fucking excited. Luke put me on his shoulders once again and I was leveled to the band members. I screamed the lyrics at the top of my lungs and when the song ended, I kissed Luke and remained on his shoulders. They introduced the next song, which was Holiday. I screamed and yelled "I love you guys" and sang along, of course. After Holiday, they went straight into Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. It was one of my favorites, just like American Idiot, and Jesus of Suburbia, okay, okay, every song is my favorite honestly. They stopped and blew kisses to the crowd. They explained that they've been a band for 19 years now, and they said we looked amazing and we were a great crowd. When Billie made a comment about "the flannel that said American Idiot" on the back, Luke and I screamed. They introduced St. Jimmy and started playing Are We The Waiting. Okay, I think Are We The Waiting, American Idiot and Boulevard Of Broken Dreams had to me my all time favorites. The crowd sang back "are we we are, are we we are the waiting" and I got so emotional because it was so beautiful how a group of people who love the same band are here in a bundle of sweat, singing back to the people who inspire them and make them feel like they aren't alone.

When they played Give Me Novacaine, Luke put me back down on the ground and hugged me. "I love you." He mouthed. "I love you more." I smiled. He kissed me, and our lips moved together, sloppily but it felt perfect. Our tongues slid across each other, and I felt as if this was the best place to be -- a Green Day concert with the person you love so fucking much, singing along and making out to their songs. We pulled away and I smiled. I pulled out my phone too take a video of Green Day -- or should I say to have Luke take the video, since he's a fucking giant -- and I was receiving a call from my mom. I totally forgot that they left on their plane in a few minutes, since they get back soon. I couldn't pick up and I smiled at Luke. "I'll just talk to them when they get back." I yelled so he can hear. He nodded and we went back to singing along. After Give Me Novacaine, they introduced She's a Rebel.

Luke was saying how this song is clearly written for me, and I was laughing because, I mean, it makes sense. After She's a Rebel, they sang Extraordinary Girl, Letterbomb, Wake Me Up When September ends, Homecoming, and Whatsername. In between Extraordinary Girl and Letterbomb, we bought some merch. The concert ended after Whatsername and Luke was so happy. "Holy shit, I finally went to a Green Day concert." He kept on saying. "He noticed our flannel!" He added.

"God thank you so much, you're the greatest." He smiled.

"You're welcome. I am after all, the greatest girlfriend ever." I giggled. "You are, you are." He agreed. We drove to his house and ran to his room, jumping on the bed. "Post concert depression shall kick in soon." I sighed. "Fuck post concert depression. My life is complete, all thanks to you." Luke smiled, nibbling on my cheek, playfully. "You're so stupid." I smiled.

I turned on the TV and it was on the news. It showed a plane crash. The smile on my face was wiped off, instantly, and my heart sunk. I stood up and walked right in front of the TV. "That's not my parent's plane." I kept on murmuring to myself. They confirmed that the plane was going to Sydney, Australia, and it left from the same airport my parents were using. "You're fucking kidding." I said. "This has to be a joke." I added, running my fingers through my hair. When all passengers were confirmed dead, I fell to the ground. Luke looked at the screen and ran to my side. "It's going to be okay." He whispered in my ear, rocking me back and forth. I shook my head, tears pushing out of my eyes. It's not going to be okay. My parents are gone. Not temporarily, but forever. "I didn't even get a goodbye." I let out. "I ignored their call because I thought I'd talk to them when they came back." I screamed. "I'm sorry." He kept on saying.

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