Beside You (Luke Hemmings Fanfiction)


12. Funeral

Iris's P.O.V.

*a few weeks later*

Today was my parent's funeral and here I was, sitting on Luke's bed, waiting for something to happen.  It's been a few weeks since my parents died, and since then all I have really done was cry and cuddle with Luke and have the boys come over and play games and take me out to McDonalds and then to the park. I haven't talked to my brother for months and he didn't bother to call or answer when I called to check up on him. Not only do I not have parents, I also don't fucking have a brother, apparently. I sighed, standing up and looking at myself in the mirror; I looked pretty nice for a girl who lost her parents a few weeks ago. I was wearing a black vintage v-neck backless strap lace dress, ankle boots, my hair was in a braided bun, and I had on red lips, smokey eyeshadow, and waterproof mascara. I was also wearing the necklace my mom gave me when I was 7 and one of her favorite bows she used for funerals. I heard a knock on the door and sighed. Liz's face peaked from the small crack she made, and she flashed a smile. "Are you ready?" She asked. How can anyone be ready to talk about their parents who died and  also get pity from people who didn't even care about their existence before they died? "Yeah. I'm ready." I flashed a quick smile. I walked to them and she gave me a hug. I felt her and Luke's sympathetic filled eyes on me. We walked out the door and to the car, Luke and I sitting in the back. I looked at Luke, he was wearing a black suit and god did he look extremely attractive. He looked at me and grabbed my hand, squeezing it a little. "You look beautiful." He said. I blushed, a small smile spreading across my face. "Thanks, babe." I replied in a soft voice. "You'll be okay. Remember I love you and I'm here for you." He whispered in my ear.

I love that even though I've been dimming the mood, him and the boys always try their best to make me happy and show me that I'm loved and lighten up the mood. "I love you more." I murmured, him pecking my lips. "Let's keep the PDA down at the funeral, please." Liz giggled. Luke rolled his eyes and I smiled. "Thanks for letting me stay longer than I was supposed to, Liz. I really don't know where I'm supposed to go, honestly." I mentioned.

"Oh, of course, dear. You are always welcome. You're like a daughter to me, maybe one day you'll be my daughter in law." She winked. Luke smiled. "I'm sure of it." I heard her add.

We finally arrived at the funeral destination and there were a lot of people I've never really seen before, dressed in black, here for my parents. We went inside and I saw my brother inside with Justice. I instantly got mad and Justice looked right at me and made out with my brother. This is a fucking funeral, my parents funeral, and she wants to play around with MY fucking brother who has been a disrespectful cunt whilst attending their funeral when she never cared about them. I looked at Luke and sighed. "This is already too much." I let out, biting my lip, hoping that tears wouldn't fall out. "No, no, look at me. We owe it to your wonderful parents to do this." He said to me, his hands caressing my cheeks. He placed his lips on my forehead and Liz went to go talk to some of the people around. Luke and I walked around, hand in hand, while getting attacked by hugs and people crying and being all sympathetic; which was all bullshit. We found Michael, Calum, and Ashton, and they all gave me hugs. "How is our favorite girl holding up?" Michael asked. "I'm doing as good as I could be doing." I answered. Ashton pouted. "Damn right, funerals are too dull." Calum said. "I want mine to be a party." I replied. "We got you, love. We'll throw you a super rad funeral with fireworks and bands playing and everything." Ashton smiled. I laughed and Luke looked at me, smiling. "I love your smile, baby. Try to show it more often." He whispered. "I'll show it when I mean it." I replied. My brother and Justice bumped into us all and I rolled my eyes. "Iris." He said, giving me a hug. He spelled like pure alcohol. "Have you been drinking?" I asked. "Of course." He answered. "Did you hear about our parents?" He added. "Clearly, shit head." I replied. "Such a bummer they died so early, they were great parents. But the ground is totally where they belong, they're garbage." Justice said. "You should, um, oh yeah, shut your whore mouth before you end up right here with them, and the next funeral will be yours. The only difference will be the amount of attendance because no one likes your ass." I replied. "Slay." Michael coughed. The other boys started laughing. She started walking away with my brother and I smirked. "Nice baby bump, hun." I yelled out. "Thanks, its your brother's." She replied. I was about to run and stab her ass, but Luke held me back and calmed me down with his beautiful voice.

Who the fuck goes to a funeral, makes fun of the people who died, and walks away with pride?

I walked to the buffet with Michael and left Luke with the other boys. We grabbed a whole bunch of food and sat down. "Don't let Justice get to you, she's just being a bitch because she doesn't know what else to be. Her personality sucks ass, and that, my friend, is going to get her nowhere." He explained. I giggled. "I love ya, Michael. Thanks." I replied. "Of course. Plus if we all five pitch in with some teamwork, we can kill the b-" He started. I laughed and cut him off. "No need to stoop as low as her." I said. "I guess not." He sighed.

After eating, I saw my aunt and uncle talking to Liz. "Iris! You look absolutely wonderful." My uncle said, calling me over. "Oh, and is that my sister's bow?" My aunt added, sniffling.

"I hope you're doing okay, darling. I always thought they'd live a long, happy life." She sighed. "Yeah. Me too. Well it was nice seeing you." I replied. I walked away as quick as I can and spotted Luke. My aunt and mom hated each other, they'd always fight and they held a grudge for many years. Of course she'd be fake and show up.

"I hate funerals with a passion." I sighed, grabbing champagne and drinking it. "No drinking, you got to be stable." Luke grabbed it from me before I could finish. I sighed and started crying silently. "Do you remember how at the Green Day concert, they called me and I ignored it because I thought I would talk to them the next day?" I said softly, in a low tone. He nodded. "They were alive and then suddenly not. Do you know how painful their death probably was? I'm all alone now. No parents, no brother, where do I even live?" I added. He brought me into an embrace and rubbed circles with his thumb, on my back. He shhh'd me and kissed my cheek. "Stop thinking so much. You're not alone, this isn't your fault, you're not the one to blame, they love you and I'm sure they don't blame you for it. You're beautiful and the most amazing girl I've ever met. You have me, and the boys, and my mom, and I'm sure you'll make better friends than Justice at school. You'll live with my mom and I until we figure everything out. I love you, and I'm sure as hell glad to have met your parents before they passed; they loved you and they did one hell of a job at being parents." He told me.

He wiped away my tears and pecked my lips. He got a little flustered and blushed.

When it was time for the speakings about my parents, my aunt was first.(A/N: OFC THIS ISN'T ALL THEY SAID, THESE ARE JUST PARTS OF WHAT THEY SAID.) She was the best sister the world could ever have, and now that we've lost her.... it seems as the world got duller. Her husband was such a keeper and such a gentleman, I've never heard them fight before. Yeah, because everyone believes that bullshit. After her was my brother. My parents were really great, thoughtful parents. I've never done stuff to show them that I appreciated it, but I did. How am I taking this? Well, I'm drunk. Realest quote of the year goes to......... drum roll please................ MY BROTHER. Liz spoke and hers was absolutely beautiful. I've only spoken to Iris's parents a couple of times, but I could tell that they were the type of parents who loved their children, no matter what they did, unconditionally. When my son brought her home, first just as a friend, I was very excited. I knew she would obey me and respect my rules, and she did. When I found out about them dating, I knew that my son and I were blessed to be gifted such a wonderful person to treat as if family. I wasn't excited about my son's previous girlfriend, but when she came, I knew that he was in love. Her parents made her into such a lovely, beautiful, lady, and I'm glad to have you stay with us for as long as you'd like and to have Luke and you together.

I might have cried. Leave me alone. After Liz's beautiful speech, Luke went.

Was I ready for what he was going to say? Totally not. My mom is extremely correct on everything she said. Iris and Troy's parents loved them unconditionally. I am in love with Iris, and all I can say is thank you to her parents. They were her everything, she did what they wanted for her, she treated them as every daughter or son should, and her parents are what made her into what I can call the girl I love. Her parents treated me as a son, knew that we fell for each other even though we couldn't admit to it. They were great parents, wanted the best for their children, tried their hardest, they did a great job on raising their kids. It's such a disappointment to know that their gone. But I know that they'll always be with Iris and Troy, and all of us, in our hearts. Oh, yup, that's the sound of my heart shattering into a million pieces. Is that crying or is that just a waterfall coming from my eyes?

He ran to me and pressed his lips against mine, immediately licking my lips for entrance, and I totally gave him it. After a few seconds, we pulled away and I smiled. "Love you." He let out, panting for breath. "Love you more, Hemmings." I replied. He wiped the tears off of my face and I went up to the stage.

"Well let me start off with this. Some of the speeches were extremely true, and others were bullshit. But let me just stop there. So you're all here to give me sympathy on my parents passing. Most of you didn't care about their existence before they died, but of course, when someone dies, they become so much more important. My parents deserved all of your attention before they died. They were great people. They loved each other, they were faithful, they worked lots of hours, and they still had the time to teach me how to be a good kid. I wasn't out having sex with my best friend's boyfriend or brother, or getting pregnant, I was home, studying, and when I got permission to do stuff -- like going to Luke's house or to the park with the boys -- I'd go. They deserved longer time than what they got. They deserved a better son. But they got what they got. Sadly, there's nothing to do. I know they loved me unconditionally, I know they cared about me, I know they did everything they had to do to make me happy and make sure I got what was needed. They were awesome parents, loyal friends, and extremely smart. The fact that I didn't get to say goodbye or didn't hear their voice before they died gets me so fucking mad. They called me whilst at a concert a few hours before the plane crash, and I didn't pick up because I said, 'I'll talk to them tomorrow.' What a great daughter, right? Well that is all. I'm sorry, mom and dad, and I love you and miss you." I spilled my guts.

There's no point in bullshitting any parts. Everything I said was right, and I meant everything.

After the burial and everything finished, Luke, Liz, and the boys all agreed to go get ice cream. I felt some weight lift off of my shoulders from letting out what I needed to say, and I felt less guilty and a little bit more happier. While walking to the car, Troy stopped me and I rolled my eyes. "Please, talk to me." He begged. I punched him. "Talk to me when you get your ass together." I replied.

I got in the car and we were on our way to one of my favorite ice cream shops. I got a vanilla cup with rainbow sprinkles, because I'm clearly colorful. "What funeral were you guys at?" The guy said under his breath. Everyone looked at me and shook their head no. I nodded yes. "Excuse me, sir. We were at my parents funeral. How about where would you like your funeral to be at because I'm wearing all black already and I'm down to attend another person's funeral." I said, standing up and grabbing their sample tray, throwing them all at him. "Clean up on isle 7, bitch." I murmured. "Language." Liz and Ash told me. "Sorry, sorry." I sighed. We got in the car and ate. Green Day was playing. American Idiot, of course. "Reminds me of the concert." Luke smiled, looking at me. "That was the best night of my life." I confessed. "Still can't believe she bought you a ticket." Calum murmured. "Yeah, why would you buy him a ticket?" Ashton agreed, laughing. "I need a girlfriend like that." Michael said to himself. Luke and I quickly, but passionately, kissed and that pretty much answered it for them. "Oh, yup, thanks. Lost my appetite." Ashton gagged. I gently pushed him and he smiled. "I'm joking, you guys are cute." He confessed.

The rest of the night consisted of ice cream, movies, video games, and a long, relaxing, and really needed sleep.

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