Beside You (Luke Hemmings Fanfiction)


14. Double Date

Aliyah's P.O.V.

*at the costume party, when Calum was called out on wanting to ask me something*

"So um." He started, scratching the back of his neck. He sighed, and giggled. "I'm just going to be straightforward here. I like you. Not as a friend, well I do but-whatever, I like you more than a friend, and I would love to take you to a date. If you don't like me, I understand, but since these shitheads want to call me out, I had to ask unless they would've bothered me to death. So, uh, would you like to go out... with me-go out with me?" He asked. "Wait what? You like me?" I answered, very fucking surprised. "Yeah. You're amazing and beautiful and just... wow." He explained. I smiled, blushing. "I'm flattered. Although you're wrong *says under breath*. But, uh, yeah, I'd love to go out with you." I replied. He bit his lip, and I died inside, totally 100% freaking out that I got to go on a date with such a cutie like Calum. "Good! Great! I mean, that's good, cool. So I'll pick you up at Luke's at around 3 tomorrow?" He suggested. "Sound fantastic." I agreed. "You better be ready, Iris says that you take forever." He laughed. I rolled my eyes. "Already demanding shit and we aren't even official, huh?" I smiled. He nodded. "Damn right. You gotta get used to it, especially when we-" He started. "Shhh." I cut him off. "See you tomorrow then?" I laughed, not wanting to go back on the subject he was going to go to. He giggled. "Yeah. I can't wait." He replied. "Me either. I've gotta go, my friend's my ride and she's leaving. Bye Cal." He kissed my cheek, and brought me into an embrace. "Bye." He whispered.

*next day*

Iris's P.O.V.

*12 PM*

Luke and I were cuddling, me being the big spoon and him shirtless because I stole his black sweater. I was in his black sweater, and panties, and Luke was just in underwear. No, we didn't do anything, we just like to sleep like that. "You know we have a double date with Cal and Aliyah in a few hours, right?" I asked. "Can we ditch it?" He whined. "No!" I exclaimed, laughing. "Wouldn't you rather lay here with me? I could tell you knock knock jokes and we can make mac and cheese or hot dogs and make a YouTube video or something." He explained. "Shit, very convincing." I winced.

"What are we doing with our lives? We dropped out of school and we're dealing with life in the bed at 12 PM." I laughed. "I'll be famous one day." He said. "Buy you everything you want, princess." He added. I smiled. "I know." I said, kissing his bare shoulder. "Let's get ready, we can take a bath together and use that bath bomb that makes the water looks like the ocean." I suggested. "W-what?" He asked, rolling to look at me. "Bath together?" I suggested. He was getting flustered, this would be the first time he has seen me fully naked. "S-seriously?" He continued. I giggled. "Yes, Lucas." I smiled. "B-but you'll-you'll uh be nak-naked." He said. "Actually, I bathe fully clothed." I rolled my eyes. He smiled, and then looked down. "Um, you can just go ahead, I don't have to t-take a sho-bath, a bath with you." He said. "I want you to." I pouted. "I'm a large man, we wont fit." He said. "We'll make us fit." I smiled. "Then s-sure." He finally agreed. "Woot!" I smiled, almost screaming. "I'll get it ready." I added, jumping out of the bed. I turned on the water, making sure the temperature was perfect. I grabbed the bath bomb I was talking about, and I dropped it in the bath. I looked at myself in the mirror. "Babe, is it okay if I wear this sweater to the date? " I asked, voice loud so he could hear me from the bathroom. "Of course." He answered. "What's mine is yours." He added. I smiled. I took off his sweater, putting it on the towel hanger, and took off my bra and panties. "Babe, we're ready!" I yelled. "Coming!" He replied. He came in naked, a faint redness in his cheeks. He looked at me and his mouth slightly opened, his eyes getting bigger. "Wow." He let out. I eyed his body and blushed. "It's that easy to make you hard, babe?" I asked. He nodded, getting flustered. "Get in." I added. He got in and we fit perfectly. He was in front of me, me sitting in between his legs on the opposite side of him. We both started laughing. I was admiring his eye scrunches and him covering his face, and stopped laughing.

"I won at life." I muttered to myself. He stopped covering his face, and his laughs went to a huge smile. "Why is that?" He asked, clearly knowing the answer. "I felt so fucking shitty yesterday because I lost my parents and felt like I had nothing, but shit, I have you and Liz, and the boys, and Aliyah, and damn I'm so lucky to have you." I explained. He made this stupid silly face that made me laugh. "I'm so in love with you." He let out after giggling. I splashed him with water. "So punk rock of you." I teased. "Oh so you wanna be like that, huh?" He asked, splashing me back and making a tough face. "I revoke my statement about being in love with you, I'm punk rock." He added. My mouth formed an o-shape and I pouted. He brought me in his arms and stoked my hair. "I'm joking. I'm in love with you." He smiled. "and all your little things." I muttered. "Saw it coming." He shook his head.

"Now kiss me you fool." I whispered, a few inches away from his lips.

He sloppily kissed me and I laughed. I acted grossed out, an ew escaping my lips, and he continued. "I love you." He smiled, finished.

"I love you too." I replied. I pecked his lips, and we actually start to bathe together. "This bath bomb is the bomb." Luke said, smiling like an idiot. I rolled my eyes. "Oh my god, I'm in love with a dork." I muttered. "Your dork." He replied. "My dork." I confirmed. Once we finished cleaning ourselves and being stupid, we got out and let the water go down in the drain. I wrapped myself in a towel, walked to his room, and got a pair of bra and panties, putting them on. Luke threw the sweater to me, and I caught it, putting it on. "Thank you, babe." I smiled. "You're welcome." He winked. I put on beachbum high waisted shorts, tucking in the sweater although its still big on my arms and torso. "Should I put on knee high socks or show my legs?" I asked. "Show your leegggsssss. And those thick thighs that I loooveeee." He answered. I rolled my eyes and smiled. I put on Doc Martens, and brushed my hair, leaving it down and wavy. "Yay! We're ready." I smiled. "You look gorgeous as always." Luke said. "And you look handsome as always." I replied. I grabbed my phone and sat down on the bed. I clicked Aliyah and I's convo, seeing that there was a notification from it.

Aliyah: I'm so excited for this double date.

Aliyah: Mostly nervous, but very excited too.

Me: Just be yourself, he fell for you, this won't make him not like you.

Me: Everything you do is cute, you'll be fine.

Aliyah: My eyes just rolled to the back of my head and back.

Me: You need confidence.

Aliyah: Wo0ps, sorry I'm not as gorgeous as you and not as self-confident.

Me: Shhhhh, you fooking soggy lamp. You're beautiful and have every reason in the world to be self-confident.

Me: Calum thinks that too so ((((:

Aliyah: fk u

Me: I love you tooooo

Aliyah: Yeah, yeah, yeah, love you. See you in a bit, I'm on my way.

If you're wondering if our conversations always go like this, the answer is yes. "Aliyah is almost here." I informed Luke. "I figured." He mimicked the stupid faces I made while I was texting her. I rolled my eyes and he giggled. "You're a dick, and you're dumb." I muttered. He pinned me against a wall, his body on mine, making me feel short. My breathing picked up and he started getting flustered. He let out a chuckle, walking away; his cheeks starting to look rosy. "You can't do that." I let out, calming down. He looked at me real quick and then down, smiling. "You are mine, right?" He said. I smiled. The door sounded, Aliyah probably the one who knocked. I slowly walked up behind him, wrapping my arms around him. I kissed his cheek and let my lips rest against his skin; right by his ear. "Right." I whispered. I saw him shiver a little, and his breathing picked up.

I walked to the living room door, opening it. "Hey, gorgeous." I smiled, hugging her. "Stop." She blushed. She doesn't take compliments well. "You're the pretty one here." She added, coming in. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

Aliyah's P.O.V.

I arrived at Iris's house and got out of my car, walking to the door. I knocked and waited. It seemed like I was waiting forever -- okay, maybe that was an exaggeration. When she finally opened the door, I saw her standing there. She smiled and hugged me. "Hey, gorgeous." She started. Oh god, there she goes with her annoying compliments.

"Stop." I blushed. I always smile and look away when someone gives me a compliment; someone needs to teach me how to deal with them correctly.

"You're the only pretty one here." I added. I was expecting an eye roll, and god did I get one. Not to mention the sigh as well. "Where's Luke?" I asked, changing the subject before she begins her speeches on how I'm beautiful or how I need more self-confidence. "He's upstairs. He's probably calming down, he made himself flustered and then I made him flustered." She explained. "I think that's so cute, he gets so nervous and shit." I said. "It is cute." She agreed. We walked to their room and I saw him sitting on the bed. "Hey Aliyah." He turned, sitting on the bed. "Hey Luke! How are you?" I smiled. "I'm great. Hey, I hope you're excited for this date. Calum has been bothering about you and he's really nervous; he really likes you." Luke replied. I blushed. "I really like him too. I just hope he'll like me after this date." I said. "How can anyone dislike you?" Iris questioned. I smiled, rolling my eyes. "Cal is here." Luke announced, looking at a text on his phone. We all walked to the door and Luke opened it. "Hiya Cal." Luke said, smirking. His eyes went straight from Luke to me, his mouth slightly opening. "You look beautiful." He murmured. "Nice." Luke muttered, backing up so he could come in. "Me? Oh god, no-I mean, thank you. You look-um, really fucking hot-I mean handsome!" I started. "A+" Iris said. Calum giggled."Oh, hi guys." He said to them. "Prick." Luke coughed. "Let's go." Iris pleaded. "Yeah, please." Luke added, laughing. We got in the car and Cal and I sat in the front, Luke and Iris in the back. I kept eying them because Luke had his hand on Iris's inner thigh and they were playing the "don't laugh" game. "So where are we going?" I asked, looking at Calum. "Do you like puppies?" He answered with a question. "Who doesn't." I replied, smiling.

In a few short moments, we arrived at a pet store. "Oh my god." I smiled. "Predictable." Luke laughed. "Shut up, Luke." Calum rolled his eyes. He parked and we all got out. Once we walked in, I covered my mouth, smiling at the varieties of cute pets. "Gosh you're so cute." Calum muttered, smirking a little. I looked at him and looked away, smiling, feeling my cheeks get hot. "She doesn't take compliments well." Iris said. "Shh." I replied, giggling. "We should get a puppy." Luke said to Iris. "Aw, I'd love one." She replied. They went to go look on the other one and we went straight ahead. "Oh my god, this one is so cute." I smiled, pointing to the one that was so small and fluffy.

"They call those teddy bear dogs." Calum informed me. "Would you like to play with one of them?" A worker asked. Calum looked at me and I looked at him.

"Sure why not." He smiled. They took one out and we walked to the play area they had so the dog wouldn't just run out. We sat down and the puppy was placed on the floor. It walked to us and licked my face. "Aw you're so cute." I smiled, petting it. "Hey there, little cutie. Don't lick her that much. *whispers* She's mine." Calum said.

I looked at him and smiled. He picked him up and he fits in his hand. "You're so small." He smiled, kissing it. "I want a puppy." I muttered, petting it. "I love them." He replied. He looked me in the eye and I swear his eyes sparkled. "Want to hold him?" He questioned. I nodded, smiling. He handed me him and I held him with so much care, his whole body in one hand. "Gosh you're so precious." I whispered. Calum and I played with multiple puppies for the next hour, it was quite fun and Calum was very cute with dogs. We walked out of the pet store and got in the car. "Bad idea, Cal. We fell in love with dogs and we can't get them." Iris pouted. "It was fun!" I exclaimed. "I liked the idea." I added. Calum smiled.

"So where to next?" Luke asked. "This isn't fucking Dora, Luke." He answered. I laughed. He smirked, like me laughing was his goal and his mission was accomplished.

"We're going to eat." He giggled. "Where?" Luke asked. "A pizzeria." Calum smiled. "Woot! I love pizza!" I danced in my seat. "Why are you so cute?" Iris muttered. "I was about to say the same thing." Calum laughed. "Shh oh my god." I blushed, smiling like an idiot. "Thanks." I later added. "You're welcome." He replied.

We arrived at the pizzeria a few minutes later and park. Once we got out of the car, we walked inside. "Table for 4." Calum said to the lady. She grabbed 4 menus and sat us down at a booth. Luke and Iris on one side, Cal and I on the other. We ordered our drinks and the lady went to go get them as soon as we sat down. "You know you guys make a really cute couple." Iris said. "That's what I'm sayin." Cal agreed. I giggled. "We're good together, I think." I smiled. "Aw." Luke muttered. I blushed. "So um, what are we getting?" I asked. "Large pizza, bread, and pasta sound good?" Cal suggested. "To fucking die for." Iris agreed. "This is the best date ever." I smiled. "Really?" Cal asked, smiling. "Yeah." I answered.

The lady came back with our drinks, and we ordered.

Cal and I started talking. "You play bass right?" I asked. He nodded. "I love the bass. Such an important instrument. The deepness is so fucking beautiful and you can feel it whenever you listen to songs." I smiled. "I play a little guitar. Not absolutely good at it, but I'm learning." I added. "I can teach you." He suggested. "I'd love that." I nodded. "I've heard you sing. Your voice is absolutely mesmerizing." I said. He smiled, laughing a little; a big smile on his face. "Thank you. I just really love music." He explained. "Me too." I smiled. The food came and we all started eating.

*after eating and dropping Luke and Iris off*
Cal and I were parked at my house, the both of us getting out of the car. He walked me to my door and I smiled. "Thank you for this." I said. "I enjoyed being with you." I added. "Me too." He agreed, putting his fingers through his hair. "You're like everything I like in a guy, I just want you to know." I said. He pressed his lips against mine, his hand on my waist, gripping it tight, and the other on my cheek. Mine went to his hair, and I smiled during the kiss. When we pulled away, I laughed. "So when's our next date?" He asked. "Getting cocky already, huh?" I answered. "I'm pretty confident." He smiled. "Plus I go for what I want." He added. "Next weekend, Saturday?" I suggested. "I will cancel everything and it's a date." He agreed. "You don't have to." I said. "Priorities, right?" He smiled. He kissed my cheek and walked to his car. "Bye, beautiful." He called, pulling out of my driveway. "Bye, Cal." I blushed.

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