Beside You (Luke Hemmings Fanfiction)


10. Cheater

Iris's P.O.V.

Justice got off Matt's dick, literally, and wrapped her naked, sweaty body in a blanket and walked to me. I just stood there, shocked because I was shocked that she'd do this to me. "Say something." She said. "I'm giving up on you." I sang. She laughed and I smiled. "No but seriously, I'm giving up on you. Who the fuck would cheat on Luke? He was such a great fucking boyfriend, what the fuck is wrong with you?" I screamed. She was about to open her mouth and I put my hand in her face. "I'm not fucking finished, don't you dare say anything until I'm done or I swear to god I will slap the hell out of you. Okay. Honestly, you always get the fucking good guys and shit, and you aren't even that fucking pretty, but no, you choose to cheat on them with dicks who arent even as cute or good as the guy you had." I added, still yelling. "Are you done?" She asked. I slapped her. "Bitch did I say I was done? No. And that was for 1, cheating on Luke, 2, being the girl Matt cheated on me with, and 3, making me think you could actually possibly love Luke, causing me to back off of him when I truly did like him, you inconsiderate prick." I answered. "I'm sorry." She said. "You're sorry? Oh, you're fucking sorry? Wow, yeah, that does make it all better, dumbass." I replied. "Please don't tell Luke." She murmured. I laughed, turned around, running my fingers through my hair, and then calmly turned to face her, and slapping her again. "I liked Luke since the day I fucking met him, he was the guy who I wanted to tell you about. But you always win, I always let you win. I could've been dating him this whole fucking time, but no, I'm loyal and I'm a good fucking friend. You cheat on Luke with his friend, my boyfriend and you don't want me to tell him? You are so fucking pathetic." I screamed.

I walked up to Matt who was just standing there, also wrapped in a blanket. "And you. You are worse than her, and she is such a fucking slut, you have no idea. This isn't the first time she cheated on her boyfriend. You, lead me on, lead me to think that you would do whatever to have me, and then I let you have me; I give you the pleasure of being my boyfriend. Once we started dating, you were pretty good, but you would yell at me sometimes and make me fucking cry, and Luke or my friend Aliyah would have to fucking comfort me. You're not a man, you're a fucking prick, a low life piece of shit who is probably going to end up having a baby or STDs before you're 18. You made Luke and I fight, you're such a bitch. I hope you rot in hell." I aggressively said, losing my voice from yelling. 

I threw the necklace he gave me at his feet, on the floor, and when he went to pick it up, I punched him.

"That's for cheating on me, and soon you'll realize you cheated on the best thing that ever happened to you." I whispered. "Iris?" Justice muttered. "I also fucked your brother." She smirked. I walked to her, grabbing her hair and throwing her on the floor, kicking her once.

"You clearly have problems. Your fucking dad walked out on you and your mom because your mom was a whore, and he knew you were going to be one too. You fucked my brother? Good for you. I don't give a flying fuck, but I know for a fact that you didn't fuck Luke, and I bet you wanted to. So I'm going to screw your ex multiple and multiple times, because he actually likes me. You can go buy your pregnancy tests, because I did overhear you talking about pregnancy tests but you said it was for you mom, and I will go live my fucking life the way a normal 16 year old would live it. " I said. I left, walking out the house with so much sass. I started walking to Luke's and I started crying. When I arrived, I opened the door with the key he gave me. He was sitting on the couch. I closed the door behind me and looked at him. "Hey - Oh my god, what did he do now?" He asked, about to get up. I walked to him and put my head on his shoulder, him laying down and wrapping both arms around me, one on my hair, and one rubbing my back. "What happened?" He asked with a gentle whisper. "Matt and Justice have been cheating on us with each other. I caught them screwing at his house." I answered. Luke didn't say anything, he just made sweet "shh" sounds. "I attract guys who cheat, I don't know what's fucking wrong with me." I let out. "You chose the wrong guy a few times, you don't attract guys who cheat." He replied. "I guess. But it's whatever, I'm glad I had a reason to break up with him." I sniffled. "Then why are you still crying?" He asked. "I lost my friend who has been there for me for a while, Luke. She is such a total slut and a bitch, but she was still my friend, and she slept with Matt and convinced me that she slept with you and she slept with my fucking brother." I answered. 

"She slept with your brother?" Luke's eyes widened. "Right, same." I replied. "You deserve better." He said. I looked up at him, and he wiped away my tears. "Well I can't keep it in anymore, and right now seems like it's the time to say it..." He started. "I love you, and I don't know what to do about it." He added. "I guess we're both lucky that we're in love with our best friends." I replied. 

"Wait what?" He asked. "Ever since your dorky self bumped into me in the hallways, I couldn't stop thinking about us. More than best friends." I answered. He looked at my eyes and then at my lips, biting his bottom lip. One of his hands went to my cheek, bringing my face to his. His lips pressed against mine and the moment that I've been waiting for since I met him, finally did. Our lips moved perfectly together and I felt him smile during the kiss. "I've been waiting to kiss those beautiful lips of yours for a while." He said. "Oh god, Hemmings, you're so cute." I replied. "Cute enough for you to be my girlfriend?" He asked. "Of course." I answered. His lips slammed mine and he was now hovering over me. He licked my lips for entrance and I allowed him access. I gently bit his lip and his hand went to my thigh. The door started to opened and Luke quickly pulled off, and we quickly cuddled and closed our eyes, acting like we were sleeping.

Liz walked in and made an "aw." "Is that Iris?" A guy's voice, I'm guessing it's one of Luke's brothers, asked. "Or Justice." Another guy voice asked, having to be the other brother. "That's Iris. She's staying here, her parents aren't going to be here for a while." Liz explained. 

"She's cute." The guys muttered. "She's good for him, he's always smiling because of her. He always talks about her too." Liz replied. They walked to their rooms and I smiled. "So you always talk about me." I smirked. "I do." He replied, biting his lips and scratching his back awkwardly. I smiled and pecked his lips, he's so fucking cute. "Question. How does bros before hoes work with us since we're both." I whispered. "We're basically bros with kissing and cute stuff, so you're still priority." He explained. "Good." I smiled. 

"Your brothers are hot." I murmured. "Iris!" He replied, a little bit loud. "Hey, you look like them, you're hot too." I smiled. 

He booped my nose and I smiled. "I'm going to your bed, Luke." I said, getting up and walking to it. I got under the covers and Luke jumped on the bed. "You gigantic fucking giraffe." I basically screamed, laughing. He got under the covers and hugged me. He started singing, and I turned to face him. He was still singing and I was examining his beautiful features and listening to his very attractive voice. He looked at me and I smiled. "Your voice is absolutely mesmerizing." I let out. "You're absolutely mesmerizing." He replied. I raised an eyebrow and smiled. He laughed, which made me laugh. He sloppily kissed my neck, saying "muah" each sloppy kiss. I giggled and then he stopped, and I brought his lips to mine. "I love you." I said. "You're lame." He smiled. I poked his dimples and laughed. "You suck." I sighed. "Matt said you suck." Luke whispered, winking. I widened my eyes and laughed. "Yeah, not him though." I said. "Love you so much." He smiled. I closed my eyes and he kissed my forehead. In a few minutes, I fell asleep in Luke's arms, where I always meant to be. 

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