Beside You (Luke Hemmings Fanfiction)


9. Cable Beach

Iris's P.O.V.

I woke up to knocking on the door. "Come in." Luke murmured, sleepily. I slightly opened my eyes and saw his mom standing at the doorway. "Luke, is that a girl in your bed?" She asked. Luke's eyes opened and he climbed out of his bed. "It's Iris, the one that's staying with us." He explained. "Oh! Hi Iris, it's so glad to finally meet you." She said. I smiled at sat up in his bed. "The pleasure is all mine." I smiled. I saw her looking at Luke and then at me. "Why are you basically naked?" She asked him. "We didn't do anything if that's what you're asking. We were tired so we got comfortable and fell asleep." I answered. "Alright. I trust you wouldn't be like that from all the great things I've heard from Luke, your parents, and the boys." She smiled.  "Ooh, what has Luke said?" I smirked. "How pretty and how you make him f-" She started. "Mother, I think that's enough." He laughed, cutting her off.  "Okay. Just remember what I told you about waiting till marriage." She said. I looked at Luke, once she left and laughed. I laid back down and smiled. He got in the bed and hugged me. "I apologize for my mother."He laughed. "I like her." I admitted. "I think she likes you. She doesn't really like Justice." He said. I started laughing, but I pulled it off with a cough.  "Well, I think I should go." I murmured, trying to get up but Luke's arm pulled me back down and more into his arms. "No, no, just lay with me for a while." He whispered, playing with my hair. "Call your girlfriend." I joked. He laughed and shook his head. "Bros before hoes." He said. "Always." I replied.  He kissed my nose and I smiled. "Just for a little bit, Hemmings. I have stuff to do like pack and annoy my brother and stuff." I said. "Okay, okay, just be quiet and lay here with me." He replied. I did, and it was the best.

*1 month and a few weeks later* 

My parents left on their trip, and i was staying with Luke. I've gotten to know his mom pretty well in the first few days, she's a teacher, and she embarrasses Luke a lot which is why I like her. Luke informed Justice that she couldn't come over because I was here, but he could go out with her, but he seemed to dodge every time she wanted to hang. "I feel like I'm taking you over from Justice, she's going to hate me." I said, laughing. "You're my guest, I don't want to just leave you here, all alone." He explained. "I guess, but what if I want to go out." I smiled. "I haven't seen Matt in a while." I added. "Then go, I'll be here, waiting for you." He smiled. "I was just joking, psh, Matt is an ass." I said. "Then why do you date him?" He asked. "I guess I might like him more than I think." I answered. "He makes you cry though, that's not what boyfriends are supposed to do." He sighed. 

"They're supposed to love you unconditionally and always be by your side and make you laugh and feel safe." Luke said. "Love. That word gets me mad." I replied. "How do you know when you're in love?" I asked. "You just feel it. You always want to be with that certain person, and when you aren't with them, you feel empty. You look at an attractive person but all you see is that person because its the only person you want in life." Luke answered.

"Great explanation." I smiled, looking at his beautiful eyes. "So what should we do today?" He asked. "Lets explore." I answered. "Are you serious?" He asked. "I am so cereal right now." I replied. "Cereal? Don't you mean serious?" He questioned. I laughed. "I like saying cereal instead of serious because serious is overused and cereal is delicious and a fun word to say." I explained. "You're special." He muttered. "Aren't I?" I smiled. "Let's go to cable beach." He suggested. "Sure. Wanna invite the boys?" I asked. "Yeah." He answered. He called Michael and told him about going to the beach and in a few seconds, he hung up. "They'll be on their way here in a few." Luke informed me. I nodded. I walked to the bathroom, and took off all of my clothes, putting on my bathing suit. I grabbed the clothes I took off and put them neatly in my bag. I pulled out my "born for trouble" fade out crop tee, and my vintage high waisted denim shorts, and put them on. "I'm ready." I said. I picked up my hair in a ponytail, and then Luke looked at me. "You look gorgeous." He murmured. "Thanks." I smiled. He was already ready, and in a few minutes we heard the boys knocking on the door. I opened and the boys smiled, hugging me as they walked in. "You look beautiful." Michael muttered. "And you look totally handsome, Michael." I replied, smiling. "Are you ready?" Luke asked, walking next to me and giving me my beach bag. "Looks like it." Ash smiled. We got in the car and started to drive to cable beach while jamming to Nickelback. We arrived after a while of driving, and there wasn't as many people there as I expected it to be. We grabbed our stuff and put it in a great spot, not that far but not that close to the water, and I took off my crop top and shorts.

"Gosh, relaxing is exactly what I need." I murmured, laying on my towel. "Do you know what I need?" Calum asked. "A girlfriend?" Michael answered. I laughed, for a good minute or two. "That was a good one, Mikey." I smiled. "And I thought we were friends." Calum said. "I'm quitting the band because of that, Michael." He added.

"Oh come on, you know I love you." Michael replied, hugging him.

"You guys are great." I laughed. "I'm going in the ocean, who wants to come with?" I asked. "I'll go." Ashton answered. We walked in the ocean and I smiled. "Y'know you're really talented. I can't wait till you guys are famous and the fans see you as the daddy of the group." I said to him. "You think they would?" He questioned, his face lighting up. "Oh totally, no doubt about it." I smiled. "I'm glad you're here to support us." Ash replied. Luke came in, splashing us. I laughed and pouted. "Ruining the moment." I murmured. "What moment?" Luke asked. "I said that the fans would see Ash as the daddy of the group. Like Liam is daddy direction." I answered. "I see it." Luke agreed. "He's protective and probably the nicest." Luke added. I nodded. "Thanks guys. I'm going to go back with Cal and Michael. Bye." He said. "Ash is a cutie." I whispered to Luke. "Is he cuter than me?" He asked. "I haven't decided yet." I laughed. "You all are super adorable, its like woah." I added.

"That's the first time hearing that." Luke muttered. "That is probably a lie and if it's not, that's really surprising." I said. We were in the ocean for a while, and then we got out, got pizza, and talked for a while. When it got late, I sighed. "Hey, you guys go home without me, I think I'm going to see Matt." I suggested. "How will you get there?" Michael asked "Taxi. It's fine, I'll call you when I get there." I answered.

"Be safe." Ashton said. "I will." I smiled. I gave them all hugs, put on my crop top, shorts, and sandals, and grabbed my bag. I walked and got in a taxi. I gave him the directions to Matt's house and when I arrived I used the key he has under the mat. I opened the door and closed it softly. I head moans coming from his room and I walked in, to the sight of Justice and Matt's bodies colliding. "Justice." I muttered. They stopped and looked at me.

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