Our best friend

Me and my friends play some music and we became a little bit famous and more


7. Chapter 5

At pizza Hut

We all take a sit i choose to sit beside Cal and Juliette we all ordered pizza.I choose an all dressed pizza an michael was like:"what an all dressed pizza it's like the worst pizza ever!!" we were arguing about that Luke me and juliette was thinking all dressed is a great pizza, Mikey and Cal were like NO and Ash didn't care at all, he was on twitter! finally we finish to eat our pizza (yes we all eat one entire pizza)

and then Luke bring me in a corner and kissed me. After that he run in the streets as I stood there in shock.

I became normal when I hear yelling it was Ju and Mikey, and don't even now why they were yelling they're always yelling for no reason. we drove to michael's house I was only with Ash bc Luke run I do't know were and it's scare me and the others. i didn't tell what happened bc i dont want them to know that.

Im so confuse right now


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