Our best friend

Me and my friends play some music and we became a little bit famous and more


4. chapter 3

Please say if I have things to change or just comment about what you think of this

J: OMG! You guys are so good! I have to put this on my YouTube channel!

S: Are you sure?

L: I don't think I should play on the video, Michael could do it. I'm not good at all. Sophie yes, but not me.

J: No you are perfect together!

Luke start blushing like mad and probably me too

C: it's sounds really weird!

J: You know what I mean, but, they still cute together

C: it's my sister and my best friend! They aren't cute together!

M: I agree with Juliette

A: me ...

S: Hey stop talking like we're not here!!! I can hear you!

J: think at what I said So

I rolled my eyes and sigh

S: let's do the cover another time and stop talking

( the video)

Sorry I make shorts chapiter I don't have the time to do it in one chapter

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