Our best friend

Me and my friends play some music and we became a little bit famous and more


2. Chapter 1

Yes! It's Saturday. I wake up and check what time is it. 9:50 not that bad. I have a missed call and two text messages

The missed cal was from Mikey

And the 2 texts messages from Juliette

They said:

•Hey! Can you come at my house at 10:30? Cal has to come too.

•Band practice!!!😜

Oh! I forgot to say that we all play at least one instrument so we decided to make a band.

I choose to wear my white ripped skinny jeans and a black and white hoodie, my hair are in a ponytail.

At Michael's and Juliette's house with Calum:


–Come in! It's unlocked! Yell I think Ashton

–Hi everybody, say Calum.

–Let's go in the music room! Say Juliette

Their parents made a room with all our instruments and amplifiers.

Who play what?

Me: Electric piano

Calum: Bass guitar

Luke: Guitar

Michael: Guitar

Ashton: Drums

Juliette: Saxophone

We all sing

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