Our best friend

Me and my friends play some music and we became a little bit famous and more


3. chapiter 2

Okay I do that for simplifying all the reading and writing thing

L: Luke

A: Ashton

M: Michael

C: Calum

J: Juliette

Me: Me

L–Which song we are playing today?

Me–Maybe "best friend" by Jason Mraz?

J–It's a good idea but we can't all play.

C–She's right I can't play in this song, her too and in this song there is just one guitar so Mikey too can't play.

Me–we will play it and another time it will be you

M–Okay I go search the lyrics and the partitions, you decide who sing what

C: I can't find the drums partitions...

L: Sophie and I will play together if anyone else can play.

(the song)

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