The Dying Wish


1. 30...

"When you wish upon a star

Makes no difference where you are

When you wish up on a star

Your dreams come true..." I whispered to Molly as her eyes fluttered shut and she drifted off to sleep with a smile on her face.

I'd done an awful lot of wishing on a star recently, wishing that Molly's cancer diagnosis hadn't been true, wishing that she'd get better, wishing that someone would tell me it was all a joke and my best friend wasn't dying. But she did, and she won't, and she is. And that's just something that I'll have to live with.

I looked down at her, sleeping so peacefully, so quietly and not feeling any pain. I smiled down at her, brushed her blonde curls off of her face and climbed off the side of her bed, tucking her in her sheets as I went. I walked across the hospital floor, took one last look around her brightly decorated room, before flicking the lights off and pulling the door to lightly behind me.

"Sleep well Amber, see you tomorrow?" Jane called from behind the reception desk, flashing me a bright smile, brighter than usual.

"Indeed you will!" I sighed sleepily, walking along the corridor and waving goodbye as I went.

"Bye Amber!", Doctor Jones said cheerfully as I went past him.

"Oh Bye!" I called, a little taken aback by his cheerful tone. Have I missed something here or...?

My shoes scuffed along the squeaky clean corridors as I stared at the familiar, bland walls of the hospital, walking to the same spot where the same taxi driver picked me up at the same time every day. But I don't care, it means I get to spend time with my best friend and that's all I really need right now. I push open the door as the cold air snatches my breath away, tightening my coat around me. I stared out into the darkness, expecting to see Pete sat in his taxi, he wasn't. I'll give him two minutes, he'll probably be around the corner.

So... Two minutes past and Pete was now where to be seen. I got out my phone to give him a call. Missed call on my phone from an unknown number, do I call it back? Do I not call it back? Oh what the hell... I decide to call them back.

"Hello?" A male voice calls down the phone.

"Hi, erm, I have a missed call from you?" I frowned, not recognising the voice.

"Oooh is this Amber?" He asked excitedly.

"Erm, yep, can I ask who's speaking please?" I replied warily.

"Yes, of course, how rude of me! My name is Jonny Mercer and I'm part of Modest Management, currently working with 5 Seconds of Summer!" She explained, I couldn't help but let out a little squeal at the mention of their name. My heart began to race, but what were they calling me for?!

"Do you have the right person?" I laughed nervously down the phone.

"Oh, yes, most definitely! Basically, it's in regards to your letter, the boys loved your story, in fact, it was Callum who called earlier to try and get in contact with you but they're currently on stage with the 1D boys!" He chuckled, I squealed at the thought of Callum trying to ring me, Jonny laughed harder.

"Ca... Cal... He tried to call... Meeee?" I gasped excitedly. And then I remembered my letter to Modest Management. It was because they're Molly's favourite band and part of her bucket list. It was a log shot but I tried it.

"Yeah, yeah, the boys want to meet you both! They can't wait in fact, Ashton has been on the phone to Molly's parents and Mikey called the hospital. It's all settled. The boys want to take you and Molly on the road with them for a month. The hospital have agreed that they can work her treatment around it and her parents know how much it means to her, it's a go ahead, what do you think?" Jonny asked, I could hear him smiling down the phone. So that's why the hospital were so happy and smiley before, Molly's getting to cross something else off her bucket list.

"Thank you so much..." Was all I could whisper down the phone.

"It's their absolute pleasure honestly, I was going to try and sort a meet and greet for you, but this was the boys idea, Luke's actually. They've stuck the picture of the two of you that you sent to us with your letter, it's up in the tour bus, they're massively touched by both of you..." Jonny explained down the phone.

"This is amazing, I can't thank you enough.." I whispered down the phone.

"Don't be silly. We literally can't do enough for you! But listen, we don't want Molly to know what's going on yet. We want you to meet be outside of the hospital at 11am tomorrow and we'll go from there, can you do that for me?" Jonny asked.

"Yeah, perfect..." I smiled.

"Brilliant, thank you amber. Well these four rascals are about to come off stage so I best go and tell them the good news, they'll honestly be made up!" Jonny laughed.

"Thanks again Jonny, I'm made up, I can't wait for Molly's reaction!" I grinned at the thought.

"Thanks Amber, have a good night and we'll see you tomorrow..." The phone hung up. I stood in the cold, shivering and shaking, wiping the tears from my eyes.

"Oi softy..." Pete's voice called from across the street.

"Pete!" I laughed.

"I wanted to leave you to take the call before you came snivelling in my taxi! Your mum called me as I as was on my way so I hung back round the corner" he smiled.

"You're amazing!" I laughed.

"Let's get you home, you're shivering!" He laughed.

"I know, but I think it's a mix of excitement and nerves for tomorrow!" I squealed.

"You don't say, well you need to get home and get to bed but I can imagine you won't be sleeping a wink!" He smirked.

"You're right, I won't..." I giggled.

"You both deserve it Amber, you really really do..." Pete smiled starting the engine.

"Thank you Pete!" I smiled, trying not to cry as I had just managed to stop.

I didn't speak much for the rest of the journey, I just sat there with a smile plastered across my face, anticipating Molly's reactions and her face in the morning when she gets to find out.

"Thanks Pete!" I called, walking in and slamming the door. Mum and Dad were in the lounge beaming.

"Are you excited?" Mum asked, pulling me into a tight hug.

"Very!" I squealed.

"I'm so proud of you Amber, you're such a good friend! But now, you best go and sort some clothes out and things to pack and take with you?" Dad suggested

"What... Now?" I sighed, Dad nodded.

I frowned and stomped up the stairs.

"I like this one? What do you think Ash?" An Australian voice called from my room.

Oh my God...

"Ooh Mikey, it matches your hair!" Another Australian voice laughed.

Oh my God... Oh my God... Oh my God!

I flung open my door to see 5 Seconds of Summer in my bedroom. My hands flew to my mouth and my heart raced.

"Surpriseeeee!" The four of them shouted in sync. Luke was lay in my bed, Callum was sat spinning round on my desk chair, Ashton was on my bean bag and Mikey was stood in front of my mirror with my hand bag on his shoulder and his hip dropped. I burst out into a mix of hysterical laughter and tears, all at once. I didn't know what to do with myself as I shakily hugged the four boys.

"Wh-what are you doing here?" I gasped.

"Well, we kinda thought we should pop in and pay you a surprise visit too? Plus, we wanna sort out a plan for tomorrow..." Callum smiled, putting his arm around me.

"Okay, well I have a brilliant idea!" I began.

"Ooh, I like the girl!" Ashton laughed.

"Okay, here's what we're gonna do!" I laughed, sitting down cross-legged on the floor with 5 Seconds of Summer in my bedroom, as if!


Once we had sorted everything out, I said goodnight to the boys who were driving back to the tour bus and agreed to meet them outside the hospital tomorrow. I can't wait to see Molly's reaction.

Molly's p.o.v

I woke up and to my surprise, Amber was perched on the end of my bed.

"Well good morning sleepy head!" Amber smiled, well her spirits were high this morning.

"Amber! Good to see you, didn't think you were coming until 7 and I'm pretty sure I haven't been asleep for that long?" I giggled, aching sitting up in bed.

"No, no, I thought id pop in, I've been thinking about your bucket list anyway" Amber smiled.

"Oh yeah, have you thought about something else that we could do?" I smiled looking down the things we still hadn't done.

1. Lose my virginity

2. Run a 10K run for charity

3. Go to a concert

4. Sleep under the stars

5. Fall in love

6. Meet 5 Seconds of Summer

7. Go on a late night drive

8. Kiss a boy

9. Fly in a plane

10. Travel abroad

I mean it's achievable? Isn't it? I looked at Amber and awaited what she was going to say.

"Molly, I hate to be the one to say this, but some of these things I just don't think are achievable..." Amber sighed.

"What do you mean?" I asked, my voice cracking as I grew sad.

"Well, I think we should just cross some things off..." Amber sighed.

"Like what, Amber you know that those things are the way that I maintain any glimpse of hope?" I choked on my tears now fighting them back.


I looked up to the door.

Ambers p.o.v

I tried to fight my smile back as Ashton and Callum appeared at the door wearing white masks and doctor coats.

"Come in?" Molly croaked, I hated doing this to her, hated it, but I knew this was going to be worth it.

"Hello, I'm Doctor Arwin and this is Doctor Cood" Ashton began in his best English accent.

"We've just got to go and get our trainee medical assistants Doctor Lemmings and Doctor Mifford before we proceed..." Callum said in a posh accent. Molly furrowed her brows at me in confusion but I just shrugged. Ashton looked at me and winked as Callum filed back into the room with Luke and Michael behind. The four of them removed their masks in front of Molly and I just wanted to cry.

She was shaking, her hands flew to her mouth and she was grinning from ear to ear. I watched as the tears spilled over her eyes. Like bent down and hugged her straight away.

"Hello gorgeous! We've heard so much about you!" He smiled, pulling her into a tight hug. She knelt up on her bed in her pyjamas and hugged him tightly as she cried, the other boys and myself watched over in awe...


I'm not afraid of death; I just don't want to be there when it happens.- Woody Allen

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