The Dying Wish


5. 26...

"I see my life

Flash across the sky

So many times have I been so afraid"- Footprints In The Sand

Ambers p.o.v

I stood outside the One Direction tour bus, can I bring myself to go in?

"Nervous?" Mikey teased from behind.

"No, course not? What's there to be nervous about?" I laughed, trying to disguise my nerves. Just as I finished, something flew through the air, hitting Calum on the head.

"What on earth?!" Calum scowled, rubbing his head and looking at the ground.

"Those bastards!" Ashton gasped, picking up a nerf bullet from the floor and looking around nervously.

"What's going on?" Luke asked, climbing out of the van.

"There seems to be a mysterious flying object... Appeared from nowhere!" Mikey exclaimed, pointing to the bullet. We all stared around confused and then...

"FIREEEE!" A voice shouted from nowhere and nerf gun bullets came flying from all directions and we tried to take cover behind the van.

"What's going on?" I squealed, following the boys around the van and hiding.

"We're under attack! We like to play pranks on each other on tour and they've clearly been planning ahead! The bastards!" Ashton laughed.

"Do you surrender?" A northern voice called out, he spoke like Molly...

"Harry, we surrender this time!" Calum called back in reply. Harry... Harry Styles?!

"Alright, then I guess you can come onto the bus... We've ordered pizzas!" Harry called back.

"Awh yeah!" Calum called, turning to high five Mikey with excitement.

"Have you brought Amber and Molly?" Harry called back. Harry knows my name?!

"Yeah, they're hiding round here, they're very confused!" Luke called.

"Bring them out, we can't wait to meet them!" An Irish voice called, Niall?!

"Well girls, the boys want to see you! You ready?" Aston teased. I looked to Molly and she looked to me, she looked nervous but very excited.

"Lets go!" I smiled cooly but just about erupted inside. I stepped out from behind the van, following Mikey and Calum as I did so, Luke, Ashton and Molly went the other way, and there they were...

Liam, Niall, Zayn, Harry and Louis....

I tried to contain myself but I could feel my heart racing and I have no doubt in my mind that my mouth was probably gaping open.

"Hey! You must be Molly, and you must be Amber?" Liam smiled and turned to me. I nodded.

"It's so, so good to get to meet you guys! The boys have talked about you none stop since they heard your story and you both sound like two incredible girls!" Niall smiled.

We hugged each of the boys in turn, they gave little introductions, although they weren't needed, and I introduced myself too, although they knew who I was.

"Pizzaaaaaaa!!" Louis and Mikey called simultaneously as a car pulled round the corner and parked up at the side of the bus. The man began to unload boxes and boxes of stuff... But I guess there were 11 of us eating!

"Cheers mate!" Zayn smiled and handed in the money.

"Should we go inside?" Liam asked, hauling the tour bus door open.


"Eugh! That was such a good gig lads, loved it tonight!" Calum laughed, flopping down onto the couch.

"Me too mate!" Niall sighed, rubbing a towel on his hair.

"Should we make a move?" Harry asked, taking out his bun.

"Yeah, think we're all shattered... Should we call taxis?" Liam asked, spraying deodorant.

"I'll ring!" Harry smiled, stepping out of the room with his phone.

I looked over at Molly, she was sat on a black leather sofa with Luke. She just didn't look as happy as normal today. Luke had noticed too, that's why he was glued to her side. She didn't even seem to watch the concert properly or anything. I caught her eye...

"Are you okay?" I mouthed. She nodded sadly and looked away.

"I'm just nipping to the toilet" she said, giving Luke a weak smile and getting up.

"Do you want me to come?" Luke asked.

"No, I'll be fine!" Molly smiled, rubbing his knee and walking off. This was my chance, I rushed over and sat with Luke.

"Hey!" I smiled, sitting on the couch next to him.

"Hi Amber, you okay?" Luke asked, giving a little smile.

"Yeah are you?" I asked.

"Hmmmmm..." He sighed.

"What's up with Molly?" I asked again.

"I dunno, she's been quiet for a while. It's horrible Amber, I don't know how you do it, I really don't.." Luke sighed.

"It's tough, but I've got to be strong for everyone else, especially Molly!" I smiled.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, it's her next stage of treatment tomorrow, I said I'd take her if that's alright, you're welcome to come..." Luke began.

"No, no, no... I can't, not again..." I cut him off.

"Is it that bad?" Luke sighed.

"It's horrible, I just, I can't go. I hate it." I sighed.

"Awh man, I'll go on my own with her then, can I just ask, so I'm pre warned, what makes it so bad?" Luke asked nervously.

"The pain in her eyes, and when she holds your hand, her grip slowly tightens and you just know it's because she's in pain..." I gulped.

"Right..." Luke nodded and swallowed the lump in his throat sadly.

"What time are we going?" Molly asked, wandering dazily back into the room.

"Taxis are on their way my dear, you look shattered!" Harry smiled, placing a comforting arm around her shoulder. She nodded and rubbed her eyes, he placed his other arm around her and pulled her into him.

I watched Luke smile sweetly at her as she closed her eyes and rested her head in the crevice of Harry's neck. He really does care for her.

"You like her don't you?" I asked, pulling him from his daydream.

"Like who, Molly? Course I do!" Luke frowned. I raised my eyebrows. "Ohhhhh, noooo! Don't be silly! You've got it quite wrong Amber!" Luke stammered, his cheeks turning red.

"I'm sure I have!" I smiled.

"Hey, you should be focusing on yourself anyway!" Luke smirked.

"What's that supposed to meani?!" I laughed.

"It's supposed to mean you and Mr. Hood!" Luke laughed and jabbed me in the ribs.

"What about us?!" I blushed.

"The colour of your cheeks tell me you already know!" Luke teased.

"Taxis are here!" Zayn smiled.

"Well, I guess we'll see you in two days then?" Louis smiled.

"I mean, unless you guys want to come round tomorrow if you don't have a lot on?" Liam smiled.

"Molly and Luke are out in the morning for a few hours but the rest of us could come?" Ashton smiled.

"Oooh, on a date?" Louis smirked.

"At the clinic..." Luke sighed.

"Ah, sorry Mol, do you want one of us to come?" Harry asked, I could see Louis was upset by making the comment, I smiled reassuringly at him. His smile back told me that he appreciated it.

"No, no... The two of us will be okay, won't we?" Luke smiled and winked at Molly. She nodded sleepily.

"Come on Luke, get this poor girl to bed!" Niall laughed. Luke raised his eyebrows at Niall.

"Not like that Lucas... Come on!" Ashton added mockingly. Luke shook his head and hauled himself up from the couch. He turned round and held his hand out for me to take, pulling me out of my seat.

We said goodbye to the boys and it sounded like me, Calum, Ashton and Mikey were heading round there tomorrow. We got back to our rooms.

"Luke, why don't I take Amber in with me tonight and you can go in with Molly? Just so you don't wake us all up when you head out in the morning?" Calum suggested. My cheeks flushed.

"Plus... She might need some help getting ready and things mate... She's practically asleep on me here!" Ashton chuckled as Molly lolled against his shoulder sleepily, eyes closed.

"Yeah alright? Is that okay with you Amber? Luke asked turning to me.

"Yeah, course?" I just about managed to force out of my lips at the thought of sharing a bed with Calum again. "I'll come in and get my stuff and then head out?" I smiled and unlocked the door. Luke took Molly from Ashton and him and Mikey headed to bed, leaving the four of us in my room. I gathered my toiletries, pyjamas and change of clothes and then wandered to the adjoining door with Calum.

"Sleep well you two, Luke, let me know if you need anything?" I smiled, opening the door.

"Course I will!" Luke smiled gratefully at me and I shut the door. Me and Calum were left in the darkness together. I could only tell he was there by the sound of his heavy breathing.

All of a sudden I felt his hands on my waist, spinning me round, I was face to face with him.

"You looked beautiful tonight! I could barely keep my eyes off you!" Calum whispered into the darkness and then I felt his lips collide with mine. I was shocked at first and quite taken aback but I felt myself kissing him back.

Luke was right...


You don't mention death when it's hovering near someone you love. You don't want to attract the reaper's attention.- Amie Kaufman

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