Summer Love

Karma was never really that popular in school. She laid her head down low an just wanted to finish her senior year as fast as possible. But when the whole class decides to take a summer trip to Australia Karma decided to go not realizing what she was about to get herself into...


1. The Trip


The bell rang just as I slipped into class last minuet. I don't know why but I always have issues getting to my history class on time. I quickly walked to my seat in the left back corner next to the window. I pulled out my journal and began to doodle and think of some song lyrics.

I enjoyed writing songs, but I would never let anyone hear me sing them. Ever since my mom passed away, I had to go and love with my dad which I hated. I've never really liked my dad I mean how could I he left me and my mom when I was only nine years old.

My song writing was interrupted by the sound of my Mr.L's voice.

"Okay class I have some very exciting news for you today." Let me guess a last minuet end of the year project. That was Mr.L's definition of exciting to be honest.

"The whole class will be taking a senior trip this summer to Australia." The whole class erupted into a sea of exciting comments.

"Settle down class. I will be sending you home with these permission slips for your parents to fill out and return with a payment of $200. Is there any questions?" The class remained silent. "Okay then pick up a form on your way out."

The finale bell rang and the class began to scurry out of the room. I was the last one out, like always, and grabbed a form on my way out. I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to go yet but I grabbed the form anyway, I mean what the hell it could be fun. I just had to get my da to say yes....

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