Summer Love

Karma was never really that popular in school. She laid her head down low an just wanted to finish her senior year as fast as possible. But when the whole class decides to take a summer trip to Australia Karma decided to go not realizing what she was about to get herself into...


5. Telling Emma


I walked through the airport looking for the only face I knew so I could tell her what just happened. After about five minuets of searching I had finally found her.

"OMG you will never believe what jut happened!" I said


I filled her in on everything that just happened as she stood there in shock not believing a word that came out of my mouth.

"Wait slow down, what did you say his name was again?"


"Okay what did you say he looked like?"

"Brown curly hair, red bandana, cute dimples, wait why is this all so important?"

"Umm, Karma I could be wrong but I think you just scored a date with Ashton Irwin!"

"Am I sapost to know who that is..."

She looked at me with a confused and disappointed face. "He is the drummer of 5 seconds of summer duh."

Oh god is all this true. What if it was him. What if I had just gotten a date with the famous Ashton Irwin. This cant be happening not to someone like me...


Sorry it's been awhile I had a lot of school I also had to try and recover from the good girls music video btw again just another filler

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