she who i love.

the story follows a young boy who finds his true love in hih school. i wanted a change of pace for story writing so i decided to do a romance book


1. the first sight.

It was just a normal day, or it seemed like it, so I acted as it. I got on my bus and began my uneventful Tuesday at my academy, I went through my lonely bus drive staring out the window into the vast void of nothingness pondering what could make my life more interesting and fun. An hour later i got off the metal beast and slowly paced to my maths class, I sat in my seat diagonal to an empty one which I often imagine someone sat there when i realized that today, someone actually was sat there, nobody sat next to her but I didn't know her. I turned around and softly stated to my friend behind me, "do you know anything about her?" and lifted my hand to point at her, he told me he didn't know but our teacher started to speak, I don't like her voice as it changes in pitch and tone constantly and all over the place which annoys my OCD. she stated that we have a new student named Ester, she asked her to come to the front to introduce herself and the girl i saw slowly rose and as she got to her destination I saw her face... she was as beautiful as a Lilly and had the voice of an angel as she shyly said to herself but at a volume which everyone could hear,"my name is... Ester..." and she sprinted back to her safe haven.  

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