she who i love.

the story follows a young boy who finds his true love in hih school. i wanted a change of pace for story writing so i decided to do a romance book


4. the first lunch

It was almost lunch and i remembered the I promised Ester she could eat with my friends so I got out of lesson and waited for her outside of her classroom. She finally escaped and that warm feeling flowed through me again like when you drink a warm drink and the felling made me smile, softly I asked, "you ready?" and we walked down the hall together to go outside. I waved as I saw my group of friends, Lewis, David, Rose and Lilly all sat in our usual spot under our tree, we placed 'eternal dibs' on this place in year 7 when our minds were ripe and childish but now we can look back on it and laugh. I offered Ester a seat next to me and she gracefully descended like a falling star and we began to talk to everyone, "you all remember Ester, right?" I asked when Lewis replied, "how could we forget someone as pretty as her." and I blushed as a surge of jealousy and annoyance flew through my body like a storm devouring the boats at sea. Lilly asked why my face went red and Ester looked at me and i blushed even more, partly because of embarrassment but also because she looked even more beautiful with the rays of sun shining on her through the gaps in the trees and everyone started laughing, Ester just hushed them all and said in that angelic voice of hers, "I think its sweet..." which forced me to blush even more making me look like a ripe strawberry. I thanked her and we began speaking and finding out a bit more about her. While they all chatted I couldn't take my mind off of her performance in music this morning, the cute smile on her face and the elegance of the music all just made my heart fill with happiness... "OLIVER!" David yelled, "Ester just left. She said she had something to do." I sighed and said sorry guys, just in a world of my own." and I started humming the tune Ester played in music without realizing  which of course, Lilly, being Lilly, recognized it almost instantly. "someone likes Ester." she said as they all turned to me, "n-n-no I don't!" i yelled and instantly began to blush. Honestly, I do but i could never trust anyone with that information. Not anyone.

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