she who i love.

the story follows a young boy who finds his true love in hih school. i wanted a change of pace for story writing so i decided to do a romance book


2. helping out.

After the introduction everything went back to normal but i couldn't stop thinking about Ester, she was so beautiful but soft like a cloud. our teacher doesn't pay much attention during class so everyone was out of their seats and all the guys (baring me and my friends) were crowding Ester and asking her personal questions, i could tell she was like me, not liking big crowds, as she was nearly in tears through nervousness. i wanted to help but i couldn't, what could i do? i decided that i couldn't just sit here and watch as the basically tore her apart from the inside so i went over there and asked them to leave her alone, things quickly escalated and they were all pushing me around so our teacher got up and shouted at all of them to sit down while i helped someone with the work. After i was finished helping and went over to Ester, i said, "hi, my names Oliver. i was just wondering if your'e finding the work ok?" she softly replied, "i'm fine..." followed by, "but those others were scaring me a bit."  i could tell she was scared so i offered to sit with her so they don't bother her again and we carried on with the work. we didn't talk much but when we did i always found a little more about her and from what i could tell she is a very nice, caring girl with the heart of an angel. while we were in silence i couldn't stop thinking about her beauty, her long, cascading blond hair fell around like a ray of sun shining on the earth and her sea blue eyes shone and melted me with happiness whenever i saw them. she was the most beautiful person i'd ever seen.

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